Global Rules

These rules apply to all boards. As yet, there are no board-specific rules.

  1. CP and anything else illegal will result in a ban.
  2. Off-topic threads belong in /ot/. They will get deleted; repeat offenses will result in a banning.
  3. Posting any of the following on any board will get you banned: Troll posts, racism, guro, scat, furry. The moderators will use their own discretion when deciding whether something is bannable or not.
  4. Any form of board/site invasion will get you banned.
  5. NSFW content is allowed on all boards.
Last update: 17th of January 2009

IRC Rules and Tips

Please follow these rules when using the #uboachan chat.

  1. No trolling, racist, sexist, homophobic, or prejudiced behaviours.
  2. Passive-aggressive behaviour is considered trolling.
  3. Don't act extremely violent or sexually explicit.
  4. Don't flood the channel or spam the bots, don't paste the same link over and over again.
  5. Don't spam memes (be creative if you're going to quote a meme you dingwing).
  6. Keep linking NSFW content to a minimum, and provide a warning.
  7. Keep personal business between you and the other party. /query someone if you need to tell someone that only they need to hear.

Take into account these tips while chatting to improve discussion.

Don't interrupt a topic if it's currently being discussed.

Arguments are fine, just keep them civil and try to make a decent point. Let each other make their points and finish their statements before you start yours.

Not all topics of discussion are fun; talking about politics or religion is just asking for someone's jimmies to get riled. Use a bit of common sense before starting discussion about something.

Pay attention to the staff. If they tell you to stop something, then stop.

Why we almost never talk about Yume Nikki:

The idea of a chat room is to gather persons together that have a similar interest. While we won't bite your head off for talking about Yume Nikki, 2kki, or any other YN related game, we've already discussed most everything that could be discussed. This makes it quite boring to even speak of the subject. Instead of thinking that it's a chat "about" Yume Nikki, realize that it's just a normal chat, with the common denominator in the users being they somehow enjoy something about Yume Nikki. We just like to talk about other things instead of being obsessive over a game for years.

Splitoff channels: These are not in accordance with our rules and you may be trolled to hell and back if you go there. This is your only warning.
#crackhouse - gathering place of crack and crack accessories
#F7 - nationstates general
#keion - hime/koko's music club
#mlp - my little pony fan club
#ubasement - for talking about moeshit and stuff that is banned in #uboachan
#ustudy - NEET channel for learning moonspeak

Last update: 11th of September 2011