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ITT: We mspaint creatures from our dreams/nightmares.

Pic related, this bastard was approaching me in pure darkness, and for some reason made me think of meat. I guess he has a meaty colour.

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File: 1315625948037.png -(4837 B, 340x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You're at a strange movie theater city, you're standing on a platform, and in front of you, there's another platform, with this person, you feel as though he's the coolest person in the universe, he jumps to the next platform, you follow, but accidentally fall to your 'death'.

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>Lord English?
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File: 1316070154206.png -(22.3 KiB, 1067x756) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm terrible at drawing, and I'm using my touchpad, so please bear with me.

My dream was going fine until the last part.
The last part had that 1980's famicom style with creepy orange and light green colors, and more dark and white colors here and there.
It had what looked like Sabitsuki dressed as Remilia, and some other unknown girl dressed as Flandre.
They were (somehow) covering over each other's eyes, until a few seconds later when they uncovered each other's eyes to reveal white, giant eyes. (see picture, albeit it's not as correct as I'd hoped - her eyes where pixelated)
Their mouths were also wide open, with lots of jagged teeth. (see picture)
The music had changed too, of course, into something that sounded like a bunch of screams synchronized into a "song" of sorts.

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That's creepy awesome. Not the picture, the description. You should describe the other girl, though, so we could get some clues. How long was her hair, what color was it, etc.

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File: 1315792512204.jpg -(57.9 KiB, 1000x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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At once I had three consecutive dreams where I woke up from each one and went about my life.

Please help me.

Last edited 11/09/11(Sun)18:55.

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What you are experiencing are false awakenings. If you have these frequently, this is actually a pretty damn good thing, because adopting the habit of reality checking will help you have lucid dreams.

There are quite a few reality checks. The old cliches such as pinching yourself or the light switch test (except for YN fans :P) don't actually work unless you actually believe them to, and even then they can be dodgy. Try...

  • Reading. You just can't read in a dream. Also look at some text, then look back. If it changes, you are dreaming.
  • Look down. What are you wearing? Can you see the finer details of the palm of your hand?
  • (I don't recommend this one) Mirrors. Look at yourself in the mirror. You will look quite... different in a dream.
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Explain the mirror thing, I've heard that looking in a mirror warps your image of yourself in a dream. It intrigues me.

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>You just can't read in a dream.

Not practically or typically, but yeah you can in some cases.
People don't recommend looking into mirrors in dreams because they can reflect anything you think of the moment you glance away and look back at it, meaning if you just so happen to think of yourself with a weird, scary, inhuman, distorted expression, it will probably pop up on the other side of the mirror when you look back at it, startle the crap out of you, and wake you up. As if seeing something horrid on the other side of the mirror isn't enough, the moment you glance at it, you'll probably hear a loud sound like a gunshot or a scare chord that startles you even worse, just because your mind likes to screw with you when you're scared.

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File: 1315483588531.png -(138 KiB, 407x405) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I've been doing a lot of D&D work lately. In my dream, I was reading a homebrew entry for... Cloud Strife. I remember thinking "OH BOY HERE WE GO" when I clicked. It was ridiculous. Cloud was level 46 (when level 20 is the "maximum" for almost everyone), had a +15 keen vorpal greatsword of all sorts of random-ass shit for a buster sword, yadah. I was getting madder and madder as I read: "NO! This is WRONG! Cloud is NOT that powerful! FUCKING FANBOIS!!" And in a fit of pique I started pounding out my own player class based off ol' pointy-top. I remember exactly how I designed it and everything, then I woke up.

...should I actually make this? Slingshot myself past the Otaku Event Horizon for not only making a D&D conversion for something from Final Fantasy, but FFVII?

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>u only like it becoz nostalgia


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>eet haz suhch uh dahrk storelein an gewd karuktur duhvelopmant yu just hav NO TASTE11111


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The nostalgia argument is one of the worst excuses for belittling other people's fun that I've ever seen.

And seriously, having a hatedumb for something just because it's popular? This site really is full of fat preteen chick anti-conformists conforming to anti-conformity. Refer to link.

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I can understand being sick and tired of Final Fantasy (and JRPGs in general). They’ve victims of their own success, overexposed and overused, to the point where I personally feel “enough already, lets see something else.” I actually feel the same way about Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect.

But I think HATING popular games like these is ridiculous. It’s one of those things about gamers that bother me — a weird, deep-seeded and overblown resentment towards anything popular. If you always thought Star Ocean, Dragon Quest, etc. were stupid, that’s fine. But I’m willing to bet when they first played them, the vast majority of the people now brimming with Final-Fantasy-hate actually thought the games were pretty cool.

Consider that most gamers are from outcast stock, though, so it makes sense.

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File: 1295751517510.jpg -(44.1 KiB, 600x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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ITT we tell about our really fucking WEIRD dreams. I'll go first.

There was some kind of tournament for the fate of the world going on, kind of like in Warriors of Tao, only we didn't get anything nearly so cool as superpowers integrated into our body. Just combat partners. I was selected as one of the fighters for my world. I drove to a grocery store, as I had been instructed, and was immediately warped to 15th century england, where they still had grocery stores, porcelain toilets, and the Internet (by way of scrying the toilet). They had never cleaned the toilets though, and they looked disgusting. I remembered being revolted every time I had to touch the surface of the water to scry. Anyhow, I was cast as a squire, my partner was cast as a knight - and such an idiot. He didn't wear a helmet, he wore a cape and cowl. And he seemed obsessed with picking up maidens and carrying them around. And he was equipped with plastic salad tongs for a weapon. All seemed lost.

We then met up with our opponent, a "Dark Knight", fortunately as thoroughly stupid as my own partner, and a pathetic little fat kid that I'm convinced was just Porky from EarthBound wearing blackface. "Great", I thought, "They get a legendary schemer, we get an idiot and a geek." We then went on to find out that their job was not to kill us, but to simply prevent us from carrying out our task - this included inserting a glowing red box into a socket at the top of a mountain, getting something else I don't remember accomplished, and then removing the box from the socket before it served the purpose it was meant for.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 11/01/22(Sat)22:35.

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i never remember whole dreams, just little bits that stuck out as being really odd, such as a banana coloured snake and family of sharks living under my bed, fleeting thoughts like "I might go and change my facebook status to superby's" i don't know what a superby's is but apparently my subconscious does.

there was another one where a TV was trying to sell me videotapes of random peoples birth scenes, yes, it was the TV and not a voice coming from the TV. there was another one where i crawled through this concrete duct into a room with a whiteboard and some small yellow girders in it, i wrote some shit about politics and other stuff i can't understand or remember well, then i noticed these mercury-coloured aliens with balloon heads in lab coats staring at me with these huge multi-coloured eyes. strangely this didn't unsettle me at all, I just looked away. after that I think I just left to chase something with red hair.

i remember another one where it started off as me and a friend trying to sneak across this field trying to not set off the sprinklers, right at the very end my friends just fucks everything up and i end up running into this house being chased by my other friends who keep trying to fight me for some reason. i ran into the back of this house to avoid them, and jump up onto this ledge like a cat and sit there for a bit. next thing I know i'm lying in a pile of clothes in my underwear and a shirt, I pull my phone out of a pocket that shouldn't have existed, i look at the phone and see that it's 5am and think to myself "shit, i better get home or mum is going to flip" so I walk out the door and it's dark. then i wake up.

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In the first part of my dream I was apparently on a highway driving a car, apparently looking for my dad. And at some part, there was this dude throwing candy bars at me and laughing at me.

Eventually I came to a stop in front of some ruins in the middle of some desert in god knows where, and some organization was looking at some bones and sticks, which they apparently needed for world dominance.
And for whatever reason, I stole them from them.

Later in the dream I went into some kind of underground dome, where I was trained to become a giant qwilfish. They had me go through training exercises, until I had become just the right shape.

Lastly, I was in a Borderlands-themed landscape, walking around. Until eventually I came across a cliff, and I saw Butters (from South Park) hanging on the side of an inactive volcano.
He screamed for help, and for some reason I decided to look into this random skull lying on the ground next to the cliff side. I looked into the dark back of it, and numbers were going by like some kind of lottery machine. The final number it showed me was 11. Butters asked me what number it was, and I said 11.

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There was also another one I've remembered for some time now.

I was walking around in my local mall, just doing normal stuff for a while. Then suddenly a Woody doll hanging onto a hotdog balloon came flying down from the sky. When it landed, Woody grew larger, and the hotdog balloon exploded into a gigantic white mess of what looked like whipped cream and cheese. Here begins the "apocalypse" part of my dream.

Me and a few other survivors were taking shelter inside one of the other nearby malls. Of course, we knew that the mall door wouldn't last for long. So we decided to take one of those jumping playcastles (you know what I mean - those soft castles kids jump in at carnivals and so on) in front of the door to help us protect against the outside dangers. Eventually we were gonna have to get supplies, so they sent me, a purple-haired lady, and a short red-haired girl with a giant spear out to get some.

We went to one other nearby mall, and there were things that looked like huge white gorillas walking around. And apparently they could hear a leaf fall from 2 kilometers away, so we had to sneak like fist of the north star to not get detected. At this point in my dream, I was chased by one of the things and killed. However my dream didn't end. Instead, it started over from the beginning. So of course, I knew what to do.
However that clearly wasn't the case as I died 2 more times before something different happened.

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And last but not least, I once had a dream that was pretty much BANANA GHOST (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDRgmnm00lQ) but with different characters and not-so-catchy music.

To give you ideas of what it was while you watch the video, it had different anime and manga characters, and some Nintendo characters thrown into the mix. The music sounded like an orchestrated version of the Oompa Loompa song.
And at one point a horribly morphed version of Stu came up to me and said "It's too late for me to be doing this, I have to clock clock clock clock". I don't know either.

Last edited 11/09/15(Thu)00:28.

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File: 1293977912382.jpg -(28.4 KiB, 360x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Do you guys have things that are said in your dreams, and then stick with you long after you wake up, regardless of whether they make any sense or apply to anything?

For example, today as I was waking up, the sentence "Do you know what a prayer cage is?" came to the front of my mind and stayed there.

I just thought it would be interesting to see what kind of things surface like that for other people.

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Here's one:
"You tell me about the waffles, and I'll tell you about the holes."
Means that the person you're asking about a subject will be able to elaborate upon it in great detail.

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"Aren't you forever?"
This kind of echoed as I was exiting one dream, the only thing I remember about it. It was a chilling voice. Quite unnerving.

>> No.1548   [Delete]   [Edit]

"Well, it's not a very plesent day, but then, it's not supposed to be." (Something about a rainy day)
"Christie Santa Anna, wish you were here." (I haven't the faintest clue what that dream was about...)
"I usually don't watch that part of the episode anyway, why is it so long?" (From a dream that was a claymation episode of Doctor Who that looked more like Amnesia The Dark Descent)

>> No.1550   [Delete]   [Edit]

"Can I take something back to the real world?" That dream happened years ago, I'm not sure why I vaguely remember that one (and a few others) when I forget all the rest.

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File: 1315270049018.jpg -(7001 B, 234x258) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Last night I dreamt a giant black giantess sat on me and entangled me in her legs. What does this mean?

>> No.1542   [Delete]   [Edit]

It means that you have a dirty little secret that you're not comfortable discussing here.

"giant black giantess" was what gave it away, I assume you were originally going to say "giant black girl", but then thought, "I don't want to use the term 'giant' to describe a female," and you really wanted to throw the word "giantess" in, so you did, but you accidentally forgot to get rid of the word "giant".

Hey OP, you should play Shrink 'High. I think you'd enjoy it. Heh heh.

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File: 1288659246083.jpg -(223.6 KiB, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I had a dream just this morning. It was in a setting I remember dreaming before. I was a handsome 40-something European teacher. I had an office inside a demountable located on concrete with autumn leaves blowing about outside. The office was cramped, was just a compartment of the demountable separated by thin drywall painted beige-yellow. The door was locked by sliding this thin bar of aluminium. My office only had a computer table, and two chairs facing each other.

As I was walking to the office, I saw Ned Flanders standing outside. I got stuck just outside my door because the aluminium bar was inside the catch. I was confused as to how I locked the door when I previously left. Somehow I get in anyway.

I find myself sitting opposite a female student in my office. She's an oppressive force, a full grown adult with large breasts and long black hair. She silently stares at me with eyes like a tiger, about to pounce on me at any moment.

Suddenly she jumps on me and we start making love. I say she looks too mature to be a student. She rips open my shirt and sucks furiously on the scar on my chest (I have a scar on my chest IRL) and I say that it hurts. I could feel the pain physically.

Then I woke up to the sound of my parent's argument.

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File: 1313891790427.jpg -(13.2 KiB, 250x191) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

She looked like this version of the actroid (the Akiba one). Decided to post a pic in case someone thought it was the freaky one that looked like a mother.

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Something lame about me being in some country hick town. With no water. And I had to piss in these cups with scented candles in it instead of a toilet in some noisy racist bar, abd I accidentally touched my dick in the urine so I did and agonizing walk to the water spigot hold my dick so the pee wouldn't touch the inside of my underwear.

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A pretty nonsensical one this morning. I know i forgot a lot but I'll try to write as much as I can down.

Part one: in high school library. The librarian was Italian for some reason, lots of red greasy pasta type food. I was some kinda eccentric retard kid and having a hoot cracking jokes with this class sitting at the desk area in front of the computers. They were laughing at me not with me but I was either oblivious or knew but didn't care.

The teacher was this short fat brown haired woman with black clothes, she taught me science in year seven. A blonde girl in the class called Amanda yelled "haha, sino!" after a joke which had nothing to do with me, and I was like "why'd you shout out my name?".

Suddenly this brown skinned fob kid who looked like Crump started drumming on the desk and shouted while pointing at some Asian guy that everyone knew he fancied the Asian girl (who happened to be sitting a few spaces away from him). The whole classes turned to him and started eggibg him on to make a move. He was this aorta nerdy brown skinned thin guy with a cool hairstyle, wearing a hoodie and has moustache stubble. The girl was pretty attractive, almost the size if the guy with white skin, long black hair wearing some kind of trendy black dress.

>> No.1540   [Delete]   [Edit]

Part 2: now I'm at some kinda huge party which tons of Asian teens? There's a huge white stairwell going up a hill to the party house which was a white castle or mansion. At the bases to the left was a green lake. I was waiting in line to go in. The line went from the castle almost the length of the stairs.

Some people seeing the lines liength tried to push in in front of me. Some white guy, then an Indian girl. They persisted in pushing for so long I just let them, but to prevent any more I turned back and threatened any others who tried with I dunno. The threat had something to do with the secateurs/pliers hybrid that was in my hand for some reason.

Now I'm in the party house and it's my old house for some reason? It was winding down. There was this room where some of the teens were list or waiting fir their oarents or whatever: mainly the lame sheltered type were there. I went there cause I thought I might see that girl I like. I didn t see her (man, why can I feel her prescence in so e dreams but not see her face?). I did however see C! She didn't cut her hair for long time, so she sorta had sideburns.

I looked at her, we met eyes for a bit, looked at. Then I looked at her again and she was looking at me. This time I decided to smile and then took off my helmet and do a thumbs up (dunno why I had a helmet on.) she was sorta like facepalmibg after that. I guess she still doesn't like me.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1312242756636.jpg -(623.7 KiB, 1200x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I've traveled many a url and I believe I have finally reached my destination to write down all my Touhou dreams that I have accumulated over the past year and a half. Dreams had been censored on /jp/ so this seems to be the most appropriate place to wright. I currently have 53 dreams to wright down during the creation of this thread, but I do expect and hope to have many more to jot down here. Feel free to ask questions, discuss these dreams, or wright down your own dreams involving Touhous in this thread.

I shall begin next post.

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Glad to see you approve. I can drop a few more if that's fine.

>> No.1530   [Delete]   [Edit]

Whats so funny about it?

>> No.1536   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yes, please. I'm still having a bit of bad luck having any new ones myself, so some fresh content is always welcomed here.

>> No.1537   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sure thing.

4. This one was a bit odd and less directly touhou involved. I was apparently part of some sort of future post-apocalyptic school program or something. It constantly snowed outside. Many of the other 'students' where touhou or youkai of some sort that I was unfamiliar with. Now that I think about it I don't think I saw many that where clearly human. Nothing special happened that I could remember besides me trying to strike up a friendship with a younger Ran which was successful albeit a bit awkward and discussing rumors with a few unfamiliar youkai.

5. Rather boring dream about walking down dozens of corridors and opening various doors looking for a battery or something. Next thing I know I open a door to find the eyes of a gap glaring at me. Was actually kinda scary since I didn't expect it and something told me bad things where about to happen. Good thing I woke up.

6. Mauled half to death by Mamizou Futatsuiwa while talking to some guy in a suit about business. He pulls a shotgun out of his briefcase and shoots us both with an insane grin on his face.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1315312762030.png -(852.5 KiB, 838x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I had a very strange dream a couple weeks ago, and I still can't get it out of my head. The dream was very zig-zaggy, going back and forth between settings. Most of the dream takes place inside my house, which for some reason has large holes in the walls and ceiling, making it so you can see outside. A flood happens in town due to...something like a dam spill I think, and I lay on the couch of my living room and observe the water rise in my place. As the water rises, and I feel myself submerge, my eyes open, and I spring out of a bathtub. Suddenly, I'm in a bathhouse, similar to the ones seen in Spirited Away. In the corner is a good friend of mine, Cindy, with her teeth ripped out, lying on the floor in front of her, and her eyes gouged out. She tilts her head in my direction and says "I forgive you." I rush out of the room, and end up in a dark alleyway after opening a door, where I'm surrounded by 3 other girls. We walk the empty street when a man and his friends try to pick us up, clearly having sexual ideas in mind. I try to make it away, and I'm grabbed by the wrist, causing me to trip and fall. As I hit the ground, I wake up in the middle of the desert, a tree bursting out of my stomach....and then I wake up.

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