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I've recently come across binaural beats, so I've decided to try and see if I can't incorporate it into my current practices. Anyway, I tried last night and this is what I got:


Hmmm, well I tried using a theta binaural beat but I've found it's effects upon me... strange. I felt my teeth literally vibrating, and my eyes moved rapidly (I would assume the eye movement is an effect of the theta waves produced by the beats, theta is the wavelength the brain uses while dreaming.) It felt like my body was moving or spinning, which is nifty because I was trying to reproduce that same effect upon myself the other night through force of will; heightened effect of current state of thought. I began to feel deeply.. paranoid? I looked at my walls, which are covered in horror posters, and then I realized my head was towards a closet (an irrational fear -_-); the beat intensified any minor feelings of unease and I felt a need to call off the experiment, if I were to have a dream with a great sense of fear then I am almost guaranteed to have a nightmare. Screw that x.x.

On second thought, bring it on o.o


Well, I don't remember anything particular about my dreams last night, although I was correct in the general feeling of unease felt throughout the dream. I remember a dark forest, which isn't anything new, and I know for a fact I ran into people sometime in the dream, I remember someone saying "You've gained some weight." Ick, lame. I'm going to try the theta waves again tonight, this time with a less ominous overture I hope.

Also, as a side note, the theta binaural beat that I'm using is 10:01 in length and on the third or fourth time is were I fell asleep.


I was wondering if anyone else has tried/uses binaural beats, and what it's effects are upon them. Also, the one I'm using: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKbNybhSDs8

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Tried, got nothing. I'm skeptical that any binaural sounds actually work, and they could be just as strong as any placebo, but who knows?

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