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okay i have some strange dreams i'd love to let people know about

so it starts out with my family and me going to some sort of trip. we're going to go see a movie but eat at macdonald's before we do. except when we get there i notice i'm barefoot, so i panic for a bit then just walk normally without shoes and nobody notices/cares after this for some reason i decide i don't want to go with them anymore. so i say "can you drive me back to grandma's" and lo and behold the second later i am at grandma's (don't think they actually drove me there, i just sort of warped there). anyway turns out shit is going down and she's not even going to cook next thing i know i'm still barefooted but i end up in some really empty area. anyway i can somehow recognize the place being part of my old school's playground (only the indoors part). there's a dude i don't even recognize doing god knows what. the outside is really different. there's a wall and sea that reminds me of a beach, although the land looks like a park. the place is really, really stormy. no rain or wind or anything, but the clouds are really low and dark and the air is heavy.

anyway, for some reason the other guy goes away. i enter, and i just sort of find a mirror. i start trying to moonwalk and manage to do it a bit. then, i see a glimpse of the guy again. i walk out for a bit and notice really big fucking birds. i try walking towards them but they just fly away.

i don't remember what happens next.
interpretations are welcome because i have no idea what the fuck was going on. i don't even recognize the guy i saw and i'm not sure the brain can make up random people during dreams.

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>>i'm not sure the brain can make up random people during dreams.

Yes it can

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Any facial/bodily features you've ever seen in your entire life can be combined with any other facial/bodily features you've ever seen in your entire life while in a dream. Your mind can create people that don't exist, and I'm sure it has does it quite often in past dreams that you've forgotten about.

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Research has stated that the mind is incapable of creating faces. Every face you see in a dream is of someone you've seen before, even if only in passing.

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I think you meant to say, "research indicates that the mind is incapable of creating facial features."

With all of your brain's complexities, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth aren't exactly difficult for your brain to randomize between the thousands of variations you've seen in your lifetime.

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