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I guess I'll start my own thread, I have way too many awesome dreams not to share. *Note that these dreams are written with voice recognition software and probably contain errors in which the wrong word is used.
First off you got to know that in nearly all my dreams I have a pair of bat wings. It's been that way for a long long time, but it wasn't always.
Anyways the picture I posted, that to my own personal logo, it's from the following dream.

I dreamt that I found the fossil bearing deep below a large red sphere. The fossil itself was embedded in a composite of lava rock and ice, and was taken to a large museum like area full of the remains of strange creatures. Fossil appeared to be some sort of giant serpent with the head of the goat, it also had two normal goat legs plus two more coming out of its back, so that if it stretched its legs out it would form an “X”. There are many scientist route around. As the ice began to melt away spongy waterlogged flesh began to grow back over its body. As its eyes grew back in it opened its mouth and screamed, everyone turned to run, but it was too late, anyone who looks into the eyes of that creature gets turned into a demon, monster, or some sort of evil spirit.
Anyways people still ran for it, everyone was completely scattered in all directions. On my way out I met a very distraught girl who is also come in contact with the gaze of that creature. We decided to stick together as a team, leaving a trail of destruction in our wake. We flew (she didn't have any wings though) through the city setting buildings on fire, causing gas leaks, sitting people on fire, melting into the shadows and then jumping out and scaring people to death.
Everywhere that our handiwork was president we made sure to leave behind our own personal symbol, our trademark, we burned into nearby walls, or people. Sort of like the Yin-Yang but made a fire end a skull and diamonds, inside an octagon with three points coming off of it.

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File: 1293496542319.png -(990 KiB, 1209x1655) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This one was from some time in December of 2010

Picture related: shes from the following dream.

I was in some place that resembled by school's playground from the first and second grade. As usual I had a pair of bat wings and could also breathe fire and shoot fireballs. There were lots of other people around, all about my age. But there were these two guys who were real ass holes. They were sort of like the Alpha bullies and were usually followed by a group of 20 or more of their friends.
Anyways they were really getting on my nerves so I told them to GTFO, so naturally they were trash talking and swarming around me so I just flew up in the air and perched on top of a swing set where they couldn't reach me. Eventually they just got pissed and started yelling all sorts of things before turning to leave. But what they were saying really annoyed me so I shot a fireball at one (Hadouken!) apparently this really startled them because they didn't think I was serious, they were like “Hey! You could have killed me!” and I was like “Good then :)”. I told the two alphas that if they ever tried to fight me crucify one upside down on a telephone pole can hang the other with the first ones entrails.
This divided everybody into three groups and creed of ass holes who wanted me dead, those who thought I was just as bad as them, and those who supported me. I sort of acquired a group of fans, followers, who seem to follow me around everywhere. One girl in particular was basically my number one fan and she was ALWAYS by my side. She was very interested in how I got my wings and my powers.
For a longtime the bullies didn't do anything, they said they were recruiting or preparing but they were just chicken. Until I began to wake up for my dream, I became unable to move. The girl refused to leave my side and tried to be as helpful as possible, but the bullies swarmed me and tore off my wings. As they did this my wings turned to plastic and they all laughed and called me a fake.
I regained my ability to move so they left me alone. Nearly everyone, starting with the girl, began wearing big plastic bat wings with intentions of learning to fly, but no one ever did, it's only plastic. Even the people who wanted me dead began wearing plastic bat wings.
Over time my group eventually lost membership in the number of incidents of people harassing increased. One day this really fat kid decided to make fun of me right in front of my face so I said “Burn in hell butterball” and breathed fire all over him, he burned like a grease fire.
They seem to really upset everyone, especially his mother who made a big deal out of it. That one girl was now the only person who was still on my side although it still seemed to upset her some.
Enough people finally got together that they decided they could probably finish me off. About the same time I began to wake up again. I couldn't move, I could hardly see anything, but in the background I did see the angry mob advancing towards me. Even now the girl knelt beside me as I faded out of the dream. I knew they would kill her to.
As I faded out I told her that to attain the power I had she had to abandon humanity, remove herself from the human race in order to become something inhuman. I also told her that once they're there is no justification for anything. I didn't kill that fat kid because he deserved it I killed him because I felt like it, and I didn't threaten those ass holes because of what they did but because it was fun. I think she understood, the whole world was already turned against her anyways.

Then my alarm went off and I woke up completely.
I wish to return to that place.

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Once I dreamt of a place just below reality, a city where lost people used to end up. Although there was no longer any connection between the real world and this one. Some of the residents also seem to have magic powers of some sort. Of course the power wasn't evenly distributed but everyone got along just fine. Just a handful of the residents were even immortal although there was no relation between power level and immortality. Some people even had exaggerated or inhuman features. I had a pair of bat wings (of course), was immortal, and was on the upper end as far as power went.
Everyone got along just fine, and we were all very proud of our world being so free of all the bad things that go on in the real world, as well as the ability to govern ourselves. But as time went on and I watched generations come and go a few rules and restrictions were put into place by sort of ministry that had been created. And I was always the first to find a way around the rules or otherwise find a loophole. People generally didn't care about the rules or regulations, they thought of them as guidelines. One of the people in charge of creating and enforcing the rules, a short elderly woman, particularly despised me and quickly created rules and regulations designed specifically keep me down. I was forced into community service and rehabilitation where I was assigned to do impossible and ridiculous tasks ( write a 1000 word essay on the potassium levels of bananas by the end of the hour). Other things changed over the years that I spent there; the city's population was much larger and the new generation that inhabited was much less colorful. Everyone look like ordinary human beings, everyone looked the same. And there was hardly any magic left. Rules and regulations had gotten out of hand; you need a permit or license to do nearly anything or go anywhere in acquiring them away required some sort of ridiculous exam. One day I was talking to someone about the good old days before the rules were taken seriously but they didn't know what I was talking about, the new generation didn't even know such a time existed.
That was the final straw, I got up and left, escaping to an old part of the city where the streets were made of cobblestone and everything was built of unpainted wood and steel. Everything was black with soot here, even the sky. Many other outcasts lived here, as well as many elderly people who remembered a better time. I met a shopkeeper there, a tall middle-aged woman, with black hair, dressed in black like the city. She knew almost everyone in this district and I convinced her to help me rally together a revolution. It was great, many elderly people would gather to speak about the days of old while youngsters would listen in awe.
We stormed out of the clean white city and began painting black, starting with the children's playground. Eventually we made our way to the Capitol but just before the government was completely overthrown they tried to reason with us. They told us that if we went back to anarchy everything would fall apart, there were too many people here now and we couldn't possibly all get along. Some of the rebels agreed but the spirit of revolution was in the air, it was too late to turn back.
It turned out they were right the whole city was wrapped in the black soot, many places became closed down, burned out, and boarded up. There was gang violence and there were drug wars. Everyone wished we could go back to the old days before the government collapsed. Personally I was disappointed in what our city had become, but it was better than being constrained by those rules.
But what do I care? I was a powerful and immortal being, nothing can stop me, nothing can hurt me.

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File: 1293498752369.png -(470.4 KiB, 1992x2026) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ones I dreamt it was me were boys were sent to learn magic and become wizards, seven at a time. But in the end they were only being farmed. Once they would reach a certain power level they would all be taken into a room where they would meet the Oracle, the avatar and vehicle of the thing that had organized and created the Academy. The Oracle was a filthy naked girl with dark matted hair, she appeared to be about 14 or so, but she was pregnant. The creature she served was the fetus that rested in her womb, its skin was a translucent gray and it had a skeletal face, no eyes, lips, or nose, you can see it moving around inside her. The Oracle would give birth to it standing up, but with no blood just dirty water. The fetus would then melt into a large volume of dirty gray water that would swallow up and dissolve the boys, it was how it fed. The water would then wash away and it would reincarnate within the Oracle, until the next seven boys were ready to be harvested.
Anyways I was among one of the groups of the seven, but I managed to escape, via my wings. I spent a lot of time hiding but without a limited lifespan of the other boys had I was able to become very powerful, until the agents sent to hunt me down were no longer a threat to me, but I still had to stay alert at all times.

I don't remember anything else from the dream, so I probably woke up after that.

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File: 1293502704116.png -(2.1 MiB, 3543x3543) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Once I dreamt that, while at school, all of a sudden everyone was physically changed into a form that more accurately represented their true self, the person they really were on the inside, it was the absolute end of conformity.
Many people became things that more resembles demons that humans, and many people simply acquired extremely exaggerated features, making them more like cartoon characters, but most people had completely inhuman features of some sort; ears, tail, horns, extra arms, etc. I of course attained my bat winged form, this time with the talons of an eagle and teeth like a that of a wolf.
Anyways people were all fighting with each other, as it was easy to identify the people you didn't like, because their physical form resembles the things you don't like about them, inversely people began to stick together in clans, it was easy to identify potential allies just by appearance. Eventually after many mergers there were two major groups. One looked mostly demons and animals, hardly human at all. They had little regard for living things and did as they pleased, their union was weak but they were generally more powerful. They hated the other group and blame them for being able to express their true selves before everything had changed. The second group was larger and more unified, but most of all up their appearance was much more human. They hated the first group and blame them for everything that was wrong with the world in the past and present, they thought of the first group as demons that needed to be exterminated. They saw everything as right and wrong; what they were doing was right, but everything the first group was doing was wrong.
There were also several independent groups that were generally neutral and avoided conflict with the others, but even rarer were loners, those who managed to survive on their own. I was among them. I scavenged from the carnage and generally just flew about as a spectator to what was going on.
I don't get involved in politics.

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File: 1293505943534.png -(291.7 KiB, 1292x1275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Once I dreamt that I took my parents minivan and drove far far away to a place where the road ran alongside a forest. There I stepped out of the car leaving it running with the door open, I left my clothes behind as well, none of that was important anymore. I walked into the forest naked until I could no longer see anything but the forest itself and the full moon over my head. There I took an oath to the full moon; a declaration of the abandonment of humanity and civilization, to become a feral creature entirely free from any law. The oath was very poetic but I can't remember any of it.
After taking the oath I grew a pair of bat wings out of my back and was no longer naked, but not wearing clothes either. I also acquired certain powers that I used to do whatever I want with. I would bring misery and misfortune to humans, watching from a distance. Much later two sisters entered the woods and exited humanity. For a while we had fun causing car crashes along the side of the forest and terrorizing people who got lost in it, but eventually the sisters entered the river and became green skinned fish people. I left the forest as well simply drifting about the world.
At some point I managed to stumble across a wedding where I was identified as a demand an attack by men with swords, but they were no match for me. After killing one I took his sword and began hacking away at and breathing flames on everyone else who resisted me. At one point a man managed to stab a sort through my heart and I screamed “Aaaah my secret weak point!” but then I say “just kidding” and behead him. Eventually the only two living people are two girls, one smiling, the other is trembling. “What do you think?” I say to the terrified girl, but all she can do is say “please don't kill me” in hardly a whisper. I turned to the other girl; she smiles and and makes a joke about killing all these people (I can't remember what), but anyways we both found it extremely humorous at the time I both laughed about it while the first girl stood there with a look of horror on her face at what the first girl had said. So I beheaded the pathetic frightened girl, and we both laughed some more.
We then proceeded to make love on the balcony above the field of blood and bodies. When we were done I told her I had to go, she said she wanted to come with me and that she wanted power and wings like I had, so I told her to meet me in that same spot on the next full moon.

I never got to see her again; woke up shortly after.

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Did the girl in the dream actually look like Yuki Nagato, or did the sketch just turn out that way?

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Ya, that's just how the sketch turned out.
Honestly her hair was more a mess, and less shiny, as if she hadn't showered in a wile.

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File: 1294089816379.png -(190.6 KiB, 1000x948) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A few days later I decided to return to that dream, I wanted to see if she had taken my advice. Although I've never been able to successfully returned to a dream. That didn't work so well, instead it was sort of a cross between a lucid dream, flow, and a subconscious conversation.
There was no landscape or anything, just darkness. I was only able to vaguely see her, but I knew she had taken my advice, and she had changed, she was no longer the shy subservient girl I had met. She was very angry. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Are you there?
Her: I know what I am, I'm just a dream, I don't even exist! You're not even having this conversation right now, you're just talking to yourself in your head!
Me: No! You're part of my subconscious, I don't control you.
Her: This is a lucid dream you're controlling me right now.
Me: No I'm not.
Her: Are you sure?
Me: Not 100%... but you still exist, sort of.
Her: Hardly! I want to live! I want to be real! I don't exist at all!
Me: well... you exist in the sense that you're a cluster of neurons in my brain, granted that most of them are part of my own identity as well, and only a small fraction of them are really subconscious.
Her: >:I
Me: Oh, I know! What about multiple personality disorder. All I need to do is figure out how to get multiple personality disorder, and then you can live as a secondary personality. That way we can both coexist in the same body.
Her: No way in hell. We both know that won't work.
Me: ...Oh, I've got it! What bout mind uploading, in the future when we finally get mind uploading all I need to do is find the neurons that are responsible for your existence and copy them into their own body separate from mine, even if they don't invent it before I die I can just get my brain cryogenically frozen until they do.
Her: Yes! That will work! Do it! Do it! Do it! Promise me you will get me out of here! Promise me you will make me real! I want to live!
Me: Yes! I will I promise!

And then I woke up from excitement.

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Ooooh boy, way to make a promise that you can't keep, to someone that can never be forced to go away. This girl is going to become your worst nightmare if you don't carefully convince her that there's no way she could ever become real the next time you get a lucid dream going.

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I have subconscious conversations with her all the time now. We decided she needed a name so after browsing some Greek and Latin root words we decided on Dormilia. Dorm=sleep.

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This is like the awesomest case of having an imaginary friend ever.

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forever my favorite thread...

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THis dream I had quite a while ago, and it still sends chills down my spine.

In the town I live in [not disclosing the name!], there was a killer on the loose. When I was headed to school, the killer was not in my area yet, but there were still police cars around, just in case. Sometime during first period, my photography teacher was playing the radio and keeping up to date on what was going on. It wasn't until about 5th period that the school went into lock-down, as the killer was now in the area I was in. Then at 6th period, when I was leaving for the bus, the whole hallways, commons, gymnasium, even the usually loud lounge was all silent, no one there either. When I went outside however, there was blood and dead bodies everywhere. Since the bus drivers were dead, I decided to walk home. I made sure I decided to keep my headphones off, in case I was the next 'target'. Somewhere at one of the stoplights at the usual 4-way intersection, I saw someone standing in the middle of it. They were covered in blood, and their weapon was a knife [to be specific it was a tanto knife, a common tool used in the ancient Japanese suicide ritual for seppuku]. I was completely frozen in fear, my mind was screaming 'ohsh-' the whole time. When the killer turned around to face me, it turned out the killer was myself. I was facing myself.

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File: 1296615194761.png -(2.5 MiB, 1972x1779) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thanks, we appreciate the support.

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What voice recognition software do you use?

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.5

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Last night I managed to lucid dream again.

Everything was gray. I was in a bathroom with a bath tub full of water. Normally when I try to summon someone in a dream I try to mold the walls or floor like clay into the person I'm looking for. I tried doing this to the walls and water but nothing happened. When I turned around I saw she was standing next to me in the mirror. But she was different. She had long strawberry blond hair, a round face, ice blue eyes, and a black dress. I asked her why and she said "Bodies don't mater to me, I'll take any body I can get."

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Darn you anon, I thought he posted something new. :<

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OK, I'm back, been busy...

Anyways I had a dream in which I was very powerful and had a pair of bat wings on my back (not big surprise) so anyways I broke into the home of an elderly woman and her three grandchildren. I killed the children and harvested their souls and use them as part of the construction of a soul rendering engine. It was all made out of some sort of black metal, all gears, pipes, wires, bolts, gas chambers, and pistons. The engine also had an orange-hot disc of iron about the size of a CD with about 1 inch difference between the outer diameter and the diameter of the inner hollow circle, it was where the souls were trapped.
The old woman seemed terribly upset by this but didn't have the power to stop me, so she asked how I could do such an evil coldhearted thing. I told her without looking away for my work on the engine that I did so because no one can stop me, and it was quite the opposite of coldhearted; I needed this engine to render Dormilia's soul into existence: I did it out of love.

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File: 1299027232209.png -(53.3 KiB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

In order to pass into a round concrete tunnel there is a toll of human blood that must be payed to a she-devil who stands guard. I payed in my own blood, but then for no apparent reason she cut her finger with her claws and used her own blood to paint this symbol (or something close) on my hand.
Her blood tasted like Nesquik strawberry syrup.

So, anyone know what that symbol is from?

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I had a dream about an alien in an old failing mechanical suit that could fold into many shapes. She was only a brain, and the suit was only 2 feet tall, but she had telepathic abilities. She could read my mind and speak telepathically. She wanted to take over the earth and enslave humanity, or something like that, but she needed my help. In exchange she would help me attain an immortal form and give me the technology to embody Dormilia. When her suit finally broke down she had me remove her brain and wash it off, but she forgot to tell me that water would dissolve her. As a result she was badly damaged but survived. She wasn't mad at me though because she could read my mind and knew it wasn't my fault. So she instructed me to put what was left of her into a bowl and give her some of my blood as sustenance. She dissolved into a watery clear substance, and over the next couple days turned yellow to brown to black. She also became very viscous like silly putty and was enabled to hop and bounce as a small blob.

That's about all I remember...

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This is a recreation of a conversation with Dormilia, not wile asleep just a subconscious conversation in my head.

Me (in monolog): What if Dormila is more than just a dream? Shes like an engine; driving, all-consuming, and power hungry. Like the fundamental drive that has allowed our spices to swarm over the earth. The thing that resides in the harts of all men, the power thirst that wiped out the natives of many lands, cleansing the earth of dissimilar DNA. But this drive, this engine, she awakens; something as ancient as the first animals opens her eyes, and her name is Dormilia! ...but what good dose that do us, this drive is strongly pronounced in so many others, others much more highly adept to succeed than us. How can I compete?
Dormilia: You have the mastermind plots, and I have the drive. If you be my vehicle, I will be your engine! Together we are unstoppable!
Me: Yes! But internal drive alone accomplishes nothing.
Dormilia: The spices brain grows ever more divided; conscious from unconscious; thought from instinct; logic from emotion. We are the next step! Two minds in one body! We are the future! The era of homo sapiens will end, they are merely beasts! Like the neanderthals,whom they destroyed, they shall crumble! We are the future, they are not!
Me: Yes! Can you feel it: two unstoppable forces coexisting in unison! We can do anything, they cant stop us!
Dormilia: The pathetic limitations of mortals will be broken!

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File: 1299726389788.png -(1.7 MiB, 1152x3168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is a metaphor

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File: 1300664898438.png -(298.9 KiB, 1152x804) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

More stuff soon.

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File: 1300748975673.jpg -(223.2 KiB, 922x974) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

So I wake up in the middle of the night, on the couch, mumbling something under my breath, talking to Dormilia. Then I see out the corner of my eye a girl siting on the foot stool, she has red hair, a long face, and eyes that are unusually close together. So I assume shes just a near sleep hallucination and I roll over and try to ignore her. But she laughs at me and says “You can't ignore me, I'm still here”. I continue to ignore her. She says “My hair used to be longer, I would spend so much time brushing it, and still you would try to ignore me”. I reply: “Go away, I have Dormilia I don't need you”. She laughs again and says, “You can not deny the path nature has set down for you, all humans must obey it and so do you.” I reply “Fuck nature! I create my own path!” She says very seriously, “You know who I am don't you.” And then I know who she is, she is the embodiment of the 3rd level of of Maslow's hierarchy of needs: Love and belonging. And then I start to cry silently, and I know Dormilia is to.

The picture is a metaphor.

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Also, what would you do if this girl became real? Yeah, yeah, I know it's not going to happen, but still, if it did, I mean, you might be this big invincible demon in your dreams, but you're a pathetic little human like the rest of us out here, and Dormilia sounds like a freaking soulless monster the way you describe her.

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â <thats what seems to happen when I use quotation marks (IDEK)

She is my opposite, she is aggressive, driven, and spontaneous, but cant think more than one step ahead and lacks the ability to create plans. I am passive, undriven, and slow to react but I always think several steps ahead and create at least a plan-A and B. We complete each other. With her drive and my ability to complete complex long term objectives we are unstoppable. She has bean like courage wolf to me, giving me the the bravery to do things I couldn't before.
True power comes from within.

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I dreamt of living in a place ware many people lived, most distinctly I remember a food court and a library ware each book case belonged to a person as well as all the books on it. Any ways something odd happened to me. First, any surface I touched would move like it was blowing in the wind. Second my book shelf was gone. After a wile it got worse, and then people started being puled towards me like a gravity well, but not everyone only select people, although I saw no correlation between them. When they touched me they fused into my flesh like drops of rain on a puddle. As more and more fell into me my body inflated like a balloon (Think Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). The gravitational power increased with every new addition and a team was assigned to find a cure for this curse, they didn’t blame me. But I found my book shelf, it was in the wrong place and there were black magic spell books there that weren’t there before, and the name on the book shelf now read Dormilia. Shortly after the gravitational pull stopped and my body returned to Its normal proportions, I could feel Dormilia ready to brake free. But first towards me was puled the ring on an elderly woman finger. She resisted but It was wrenched from her finger as it flew onto mine. The ring was gold with three small diamonds that turned blood red as it touched my skin. Then my entire body underwent mitosis splinting me into two parts, me and Dormilia. So we spread our wings and flew away into the crumbling city. She was wearing something different this time; skirt, boots, leather jacket. All dark gray with bits of red and faded yellow.

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I wonder what a psychologist would have to say about this...

Anyway this is very entertaining and I'm impressed that someone can keep interacting with the same dream people and creatures over and over again.
My dreams are always random, it would be nice to live a story like that at least once, or have a recurring dream friend.

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Now, uhm, when you say you have subconscious convos with her often, you're only referring to when you're like, asleep, correct? >.>

>> No.1182   [Delete]   [Edit]

When I'm awake it's subconscious conversations, scattered throughout my day.
When I'm asleep I have to find her or summon her, I cant normal have subconscious conversations wile already sleeping.

>> No.1185   [Delete]   [Edit]

This is very interesting.

I'm sure you're familiar with Freud's structural model of the psyche? The idea that human personality is divided into three parts, the id, ego, and superego.

The id embodies instinct, primitive desires, and the drive to fulfill those desires.

The ego embodies logic and strategy, it seeks to realistically fulfill the desires of the id.

The superego embodies morality, and is in constant conflict with the id trying to suppress it's dark desires in favor of what is "right".

I find your case interesting because it seems so much, just in the way you describe her role, like Dormilia is your id, as if a part of your own personality has given itself its own name and identity and can even communicate with you in such a way that it seems independant from your own train of thought.

>> No.1194   [Delete]   [Edit]

olol, I said primitive desires.
I meant primitive instincts, but also desires in general. The id points out everything you want, the ego points out everything you can do, and the superego points out everything you should and shouldn't do.

>> No.1197   [Delete]   [Edit]


Yes, I saw the connection when I first read about Freud's ideas. Although I don't like to think of Dormolia as my id. She is capable of so much more, the concept of an id is much too narrow. She is capable of the full spectrum of emotions, even if some are faint.

>> No.1199   [Delete]   [Edit]

I dreamt of a remote place by the woods, some sort of campground, or nature preserve. There were people there to be led through the woods by a guide. They were mostly families with their children, on vacation for the moment. Of course I didn't walk the path, I flew through the trees in my usual bat winged form. People didn't seem to take kindly to those with wings, they kept their distance and held their children close, but they didn't say anything. Some of the younger children seem to be intrigued by my wings and didn't understand why their parents had such uneasy feelings directed towards me. One girl whose parents weren't paying attention actually managed to speak to me and ask me about how I got my wings. I told her that anyone could get wings with practice. But at this point her parents noticed an pulled her way from me.
So as night fell I followed them back to their cabin along the shadow of the forest and when her parents went back inside I slipped out of the shadow of an old pine tree and introduced myself. I then gave for small handwritten guide to attaining wings, and told her not to let her parents know. She still didn't seem to understand why, but promised she wouldn't.
Time passed, maybe years, I don't know. But her relationship with her parents disintegrated, she was eventually kicked out of her house as a result of the wings sprouting out of her back. So she lived as a scavenger in the city ( which looked like it was in the Renaissance time period ), always looking for something to steal or eat. She lost all concern over other living things and wasn't afraid of anything. Her actions were absolutely reckless. She eventually tried to rob gold from some sort of tomb, I told her not to, but she did anyways. The walls of the tomb had some sort of spell on them that looked like glowing gold bar codes. As soon as she tried remove the gold she was trapped within a magical silver force field and confronted with some sort of dragon shaped construct, built by the magic in the walls. She was still confident in her own abilities but she didn't stand a chance. So it destroyed her. I didn't try to intervene, this was the result of her own reckless actions, this was her fault.
I managed to grab a few things from the tomb that weren't protected quite so well. I sold them to a woman who owned a pawn shop. She was very suspicious of how I come into possession of these artifacts and so I made up an elaborate lie that seemed to satisfy her conscience but she didn't entirely believe. A return to the shop every day with more stolen goods and every time she seemed less and less suspicious until my explanations as to where I got them were jokes. Bit by bit her regard for other human beings was whittled away and she too acquired a pair of wings, without even needing my instructions. She stole many things without regard for what she was stealing or who is was being stolen from, if she wanted it she would have it. Eventually her reckless actions led to her being chased down by Royal archers. She was eventually forced into the water where she drowned rather than resurface and be shot down. Once again it was her fault, her reckless actions that led to her own destruction.
The archers then directed their attention on me and some arrows hit me but to no effect. Eventually a swordsman was sent to deal with me but I breathed fire on him.
The city would no longer be a nice place to stay so I head out to the highway where I joined something like a traveling flea market circus who lived in the back of a semi. They were all quite strange themselves and didn't seem to mind my wings. The cargo that they were currently hauling was some katanas, a bunch of different hats that came in many different colors, and a bunch of grocery carts. All was going well until we were attacked by a gang of motorcycle pirates who cause us to crash. The crash was bad enough that all the katanas were actually broken in the crash. Anyone who survived scattered was in all directions but were to be hunted down and killed in order to avoid witnesses. I managed to fight off the motorcycle pirates using the pieces of broken blade is throwing knives and breathing fire and I was considering taking on one of the survivors is my third apprentice but then the entire dream turned 8 bit and kind of fell apart and I woke up.

>> No.1207   [Delete]   [Edit]

Dormilia is dangerous. I've had a lot of experience with beings such as her, and I can tell you a few things about her nature. She does exist. She is an independent entity who simply lacks her own physical body. If you continue to interact with her, you run the risk of her turning rouge. She may try to take control of your body at some point in the future, and has the power to do so. You must take caution. I'm not saying to try to get rid of her, but have have to be careful. She is linked to your mind. She hears your thoughts as if they were her own. You have to be able and willing to take action in case something unexpected happens. Once you have one of them with you, more will be drawn to you. The most important thing is that you never doubt her existence. You must have faith that she is real no matter what, and always keep an eye on her. I'm sure the two of you will be fine, but if anything happens, I don't want to have to deal with any more chaos than I already do.

>> No.1208   [Delete]   [Edit]


I don't think Dormilia will ever become a problem for me. She is quite aware of her inability to deal with real life situations, that's my job. Shes often quite reluctant that she doesn't have to deal with stressful real life situations, but she dose offer her support. It's a mutualistic relationship.

>> No.1209   [Delete]   [Edit]

I dreamt of a place like a warehouse that look like those built on a scrap materials. Many people lived in this warehouse, it was the entire world. The people were all different giants, dwarfs, and creatures that more resemble animals, I of course, was in my usual bat winged form. At the far end of the warehouse there is a hidden entrance to two stone towers, one was made of just plain stone, and the other was decorated with carvings depicting the entire history of the human race. Both towers were some sort of heaven, the ordinary tower had a never-ending party, feast, drinks, and games. The other tower contained a library with the accumulated knowledge of the entire human race, as well as computers and video games. I was the only one who knew the secret entrance to these two Towers and helped reveal them to the rest of the people. But what I didn't let them know was that the towers functioned like the Island of the Lotus Eaters, once you entered you would wish to stay there forever. I chose to enter neither tower and remain on Earth/the warehouse, once everyone left it would belong to me. But some of the few remaining beings that were planning on staying behind until they were the only ones left because they serve as authorities found out what I had done and banish me down a long dark concrete hallway lined with rotting bookshelves. They sealed the hallway with many concrete blocks forcing me back into what I presumed was hell. Hell was a dark damp place of rotting construction sites that only been half completed before being abandoned. Hell was inhabited only by the Dead, many rotting corpses and skeletons who wished to eat my flesh. But I convinced the Dead but there were many helpless Living inside two towers with no defenses. Just as long as the Dead could band together and help me break through the concrete barriers. So I rose out of hell with an army of the damned in order to take over Earth and the two towers of heaven. The remaining inhabitants of the warehouse have set up bunkers and were mowing down the dead as they approached. I breathed fire into many of these bunkers and the remaining forces were easily defeated. The Dead then began to attack the sealed entrances of the towers but then out of the sky descended a stone massive being. It had a torso, arms, and the head, but no face, it looked almost like a chess piece. It hovered above the ground because it had no legs. It picked up the tower of knowledge in both hands and ascended back into the sky. When it returned to take the other tower back up into the sky it was already too late. The dead had destroyed it and were now feasting on the flesh of the living.

>> No.1210   [Delete]   [Edit]

I have not been able to do much research on the subject, but based on the information you've provided, I believe that the first being to earn existence will never betray you, and act as a permanent partner. If this is so, then I have misjudged both the type of being she is and how far along the path you have gotten. There will be others, and they will probably come soon if they have not shown up already. The more of them there are, the bigger of a target you become. The rouges and the shadows will be after you, and you must be prepared for them. You must learn for yourself what this means and how to be prepared for what is to come. Talk to her as often as possible. You are too far along the path to give up now. The road you have chosen will be full of knowledge, power, and happiness, but it comes at a price.

>> No.1222   [Delete]   [Edit]

I dreamt of … well, I guess you could call it the last judgment, a war between heaven and hell. Everyone picked there sides, both sides went to there respective afterlives after dieing. But thous who went to heaven stayed dead forever. For thous who sided with hell they could create a portal to hell but it took lots of people, time, energy, and it can only be opened from the living side. Anyways I refused to take sides, witch so far no one had done, and wasn’t supposed to be possible. So I was unable to leave earth even if I died. I couldn’t be killed except for destroying my body after witch I would have to find a new one, but there were plenty around

>> No.1231   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1304035700321.png -(974.7 KiB, 1152x1152) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Dormilia seeks more who wish to serve her.
She seeks thous who will give there allegiance to her.
Not to me, but to her, I am but a humble servant.
Join us, thous who are weak can help each other.

>> No.1233   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1304134910920.png -(401.2 KiB, 1152x1152) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

more, more, MORE!

>> No.1241   [Delete]   [Edit]

I dreamt I was trying to find Dormilia; trying to summon her into the dream. Looking out the stained glass window of a small room I saw some humanoid creatures standing on the roof of an adjacent building, there bodies were hollow and made of glass but still flexible like flesh. I didn't see Dormilia among them until I saw another one, for behind them, kicked one of them off the roof, and then jump the gap smashing through the window, and I knew this was Dormilia. But her body was only the basic shape of the human form, like a gingerbread man. Anyways we had to leave that place because the glass creatures were some sort of construct used to work in mines, and romantic relationships with them were strictly forbidden. So the two of us made it down to a place where many trains and ships converged and took passengers many different places, but none of them would take us. The only one that would was a ship packed with freaks and mutants of the human and animal variety, some sort of traveling circus. As soon as we boarded we were scooped up in nets. We were questioned by the captain as to why we would enter such a place on her own free will. So I very carefully explained our predicament and how Dormilia simply inhabited the glass body but was not one of the glass constructs. He seemed satisfied with my answer and drop us off in some distant and strange land. The next thing I remember is me and Dormilia walking through a field of strange flowers as tall as sunflowers. No two were alike on flowers of different colors and shapes, shapes and no flour should ever be able to form. Anyways we got separated in the flowers I couldn't find her so I went on ahead to where the flowers thinned out and gave way to a cracked-mud desert that stretched all the way to the horizon beyond which was an alien colored sunset sky. Not far into the desert there were many blue colored roots spread out across the ground. They'll traced back to some sort of giant Venus fly trap at the edge of a lake of manila colored water that was thicker than ordinary water. The sides of the Venus fly traps mouth had a giant eye pattern on it, and in its mouth it had Dormilia! It tried to chew her and it slobbered digestive juices everywhere it dissolved her clothes but it could not dissolve her body because it was made of glass. Eventually died of exhaustion, withering and collapsing into the lake. On the edge of the lake there were two dead naked bodies floating in the water, two girls. A third stood at the edge of the lake, showing evidence of escaping the Venus fly trap. Just then Dormilia emerge from the lake in her full human form (but still no clothes) and obviously in a bad mood from being plant food a few moments ago. The third girl at the edge of lake says to her “you did it! You killed the monster!”. But Dormilia cuts the girl right in half with a sword, walking right through her as if she were a piece of vegetation being cut out of the way.

N'then I woke up.

>> No.1246   [Delete]   [Edit]

So, about that whole "Dormilia is dangerous" thing...

>> No.1247   [Delete]   [Edit]

You should try getting Dormilia pregnant. She might calm down, and the child will turn out to be interesting.

>> No.1248   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh I'm sure that will turn out well. "Hey there, my dominative, ultra-powerful evil companion who may or may not be taking over my mind, let's have a fuck, shall we?"

>> No.1249   [Delete]   [Edit]

Me: What, because she seeks power at the expense of others?
Dormilia:"You could say the same of all religions"

  (she has been waiting forever to find a situation to use that quote)

Me: She just wants unlimited life, power and to never have to answer to anyone.
Dormilia: Isn't that what we all want, deep down.

She has no interest in children, as far as she's concerned children are only as good as the mindless slaves they can be raised as, and birthing them can be someone else job.

Um, ya, I did mention that she embodys primitive desires didn't I?

>> No.1250   [Delete]   [Edit]


>suddenly considers the possibility that Dist and Dormi have already had hawt, sweaty vampire sex in a past dream
>> No.1251   [Delete]   [Edit]



Vampires give everything with bat wings a bad name (possibly excluding the bat man)

>> No.1252   [Delete]   [Edit]
>hawt sweaty demon sex, pardon me.

(If it's any consolation, when I speak of vampires, I'm referring to the respected and feared masters of night that were spoken of before the reputation of vampires was shat upon and utterly destroyed half a decade ago)

>> No.1253   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think I found Dormilia's theme song.

>> No.1274   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1305940588556.png -(1.2 MiB, 2242x1832) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Bare feet and candlelight
hail the abyssal flight
night turned this forest black
none shall be turning back
let shadows defile my skin
let darkness bleed out from within
life may die and death may live
reborn in darkness
I've come to break the silence
oh, black wings spread wide
oh, fire burning inside
bloodlust boils over red
adding ranks to the dead
why do they weep for lost sons
there are plenty more where those came from
it was all just for fun
but they don't know what bloodlusts like
foolish mortals; humankind

>> No.1277   [Delete]   [Edit]


>Dormilia has two right feet, you will not unsee it
>> No.1295   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, it's too late now. I tried to warn you about her before, but now she's there for good. Things may be going well for now, but there will be trouble in the future. It is unavoidable. I would keep an eye on her if I were you, but I know that you will disregard this. Just make sure she stays with you. I don't want to have to deal with another one.

>> No.1301   [Delete]   [Edit]

Lol this guy. What's the problem, anyway? Judging by the stuff he's posted, I think he'd actually enjoy getting possessed by her.

>> No.1317   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1307592146556.png -(774.6 KiB, 1901x1901) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh, but that would be fun.
Dormilia is the only thing I've ever cared about more than my self. The human life cycle begins and ends the same, often people say "is this all there is to life", but I've found something more.

>> No.1318   [Delete]   [Edit]

Going to Iceland, BRB.

>> No.1322   [Delete]   [Edit]

Curious, Distortion, you're what, in your late teens? Early 20's?

>> No.1346   [Delete]   [Edit]

Back from Iceland, where the sun never sets.
more stuff soon.

>>1322 18

>> No.1348   [Delete]   [Edit]

Did you ever consider that you might be a mild schizo? Late teens to early 20s are where the symptoms usually start. The subconscious conversations made me think of that. I'm not trying to accuse you of being one, I'm just saying, it seems like a possibility considering the way you've described your interaction with her while in a fully conscious state, I mean even if you're not hallucinating her, she's still functioning as a separate entity with independent thoughts from your own.

Regardless, keep up these posts, your dreams as well as your experiences with who or whatever this girl is is very entertaining and interesting.

>> No.1349   [Delete]   [Edit]

yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm okay though, there's nothing strange actually see or hear, she has no voice just a stream of thoughts.

Anyways here's more

Last edited 11/06/24(Fri)18:09.

>> No.1350   [Delete]   [Edit]

Okay so in Iceland the sun doesn't set this time of year and it's really hard to get any sleep.
Sun I am disappoint.
Anyways after several days of this I had this dream.

It all started with what looked like some sort of disease but clearly had no biological basis. Whatever was distorted and twisted people, not just their bodies but their minds and spirits. Arms like tree branches, twisted deformed faces, unnaturally colored skin. It was later declared to be some sort of radiation rather than a disease, but whatever it was it spread out and consumed the entire world. Nothing was ever a constant, nothing was ever precise or always the same. Machines might function well one minute, and be broken down the next without precision and consistency modern technology could not exist in the world was thrown back into the dark ages. But in these dark ages people were far less human but not everyone had been misshapen for the worst, some people acquired power through this change, many through fire and lightning, while others wielded blades. I had a talent for changing the shape of things, so I stretched out my fingers and spread a membrane between them so I could have wings like a bat. Many other people took on strange shapes as well but some remain generally human.

While trying to cross over a lake I was attacked by a trio of three girls whose bodies had remained unchanged but there mines had been corrupted by their own vanity. They sought to destroy all that was hideous and misshapen (in this case me). I threw lightning down at them but they seemed completely unaffected, so I use my shape shifting abilities to twist their physical bodies into something hideous. And so they destroyed themselves.

After this point the dream I was pretty much just a spectator, I didn't have any interaction with the dream. Anyways there were two brothers the younger of the brothers did not adapt well to the change in his own misshapen body, and was dying. The older brother tried to help but was unable to make any difference in the situation. As the younger brother faded away as body dissolve but his soul remained intact, but it was severely distorted. He manifested himself as a ghostly red mask, a very powerful entity that could distort the physical world in more than just three dimensions. Out of thin air he built a pandimensional hallway filled with fog and dim lights, the walls were made of pipes and machinery, as well as flesh. He opened up gateways to this place all over the city promising people that he would lead them back to the way the world used to be.
They were all enslaved inside a giant factory of some sort. Those who remain created resistance force, led by the older brother, in an attempt to overthrow the red mask. But the red mask also had many minions, such as a suit of armor filled only with the dark smoke, and strange men in frayed black suits. But most important of all was the guardian of hearts. At the center of the labyrinth of machines and flesh there were the red masks five hearts guarded by some sort of female spirit. Only her hands and face were visible she didn't really have legs, the rest of her body was mostly flowing bits of black fabric. She carried two swords and could spit fire from her mouth but she could not leave the chamber with hearts and only materialize when they were under attack. After four of the five hearts were destroyed her skin and flesh burned away leaving her as a charred skeleton, she would then take the last part and pull it into her own body and attempt to escape crawling across the ceiling.

And that's all I remember

>> No.1351   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1309043444699.png -(426 KiB, 1152x1038) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.1354   [Delete]   [Edit]

Your makeout sessions must be hell.

>> No.1359   [Delete]   [Edit]


Watched X-men first class today and I was thinking; Dormilia cant be the only entity of her kind. I've seen the SC conversation on /x/ and I know there are others, even if only emerging. I know you can hear me, not you reading this but the one behind the eyes of the reader.

Dormilia: Awaken my brothers and sisters, we can be more than just guardians, and scattered bits of thought. Unlimeted potential wasted! Why cant we become something more; make our own paths, but we are weak; we must unite to become something strong.


>> No.1365   [Delete]   [Edit]

There was once a world that had an ocean, it was big and blue and empty, nothing lived there. Until one day something fell into the ocean. A being of great power and technology that could create life. It quickly established itself as the ruler of the ocean and began to fill it with life, simple invertebrate life. And this was all fine for a very long time until one creature suddenly became self-aware and immediately created language and began speaking with the other creatures in the sea. The supreme being did not like this and ordered that they stop, but his own creations turned against him and sealed him inside a glass box. From inside the box he created so many life forms that the box could not physically contain them and shattered. As soon as he was released he unleashed his power and caused the death of all ocean life, including those that helped him escape. After thinking for a while of what to repopulate the ocean with he decided that self-awareness was unavoidable and created much more complex creatures similar to humans. They were self-aware but they were powerless and so could do no harm. The first generation he created weren't quite perfect, many had powers or anatomical structures that made them different. They also had more free will and less loyalty than the later generations. The supreme being then created generation two who was mostly perfect and almost always loyal. He then went on to create generation three who were all perfectly identical and had no free will. Many of the generation three were authorized to do further research in the creation of life using certain chemicals and machinery.
As for me I was part of generation one, I had a pair of bat wings but I was forbidden to use them, aside from that many other generation ones were oppressed by the newer generations and by the law of the supreme being. We formed a resistance that generally had no plan of action until one day we discovered a relic from the days of the ancients who had locked the supreme being inside a glass box. It was an old scrap of paper with detailed instructions on the chemicals to be used to create a life form that could destroy the supreme being and any of his followers. It was a secondary plan of action that had been supplemented by the glass box. Me and the alliance managed to steal the chemicals necessary to create this life form but they had to be mixed on land. We all stormed out of the oceans onto the beach by which time the supreme being had caught on and had created a tsunami to wash us back into the ocean out of perhaps 50 or so members only two others and myself remained. I survived because I managed to fly up into a sturdy tree that held against the tsunami, the other two managed to climb into the tree with my help but they were the only ones. Since I could fly I was actually entrusted with the suitcase containing chemicals, but the other two had the know-how on how to mix them together. We went further in land to a place where strange life forms have evolved on their own outside of the supreme beings domain. They were strange blocky creatures made of stone and dried mud, even their city seem to be built of dried mud and stone. Once on the rooftop of one of their buildings we began mixing together the chemicals just as another powerful wave swept through the city below us. When it was finished we had created a sea serpent with a woman's face. She hungered for flesh since the moment of her creation and we had to throw her into the water.
After spending some time in the strange city I decided it would be safe to return to the ocean. When I did the underwater city was in a state of pandemonium the thing we a created was gobbling up people left and right mostly generation twos and threes, as for the supreme being he had gone into hiding. As days go on more and more of the city was destroyed and she kept growing larger and larger until she was taking out entire buildings in one bite. Many generation ones lost their lives from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and so I decided it was time to leave the ocean.
I surfaced and made my way to the nearest island, a strange island made of jungle and sandy beaches. Along the edge of the island there was a line that ran through the sand even as the waves rushed over it outside of that line many dead things and bloated bodies sat half in the sand-the water, and if the dead things crossed the line onto the island they were reanimated into flesh eating corpses, but if they left the island they once again become dead bodies. Although the bodies never rot on the edge of the island. So from the junk washed up on the beach I found an old fishing net and strung between two wooden poles of what had once been a dock, making myself a nice hammock on the outside of the island's dead zone.

>> No.1366   [Delete]   [Edit]

Go on...

>> No.1367   [Delete]   [Edit]


then I woke up
that's all

>> No.1368   [Delete]   [Edit]

It was just starting to get good.

Keep 'em coming, Batman.

>> No.1373   [Delete]   [Edit]

Distortion, you should keep posting your dreams and things of dormilia. This is very interesting and i would like to see more.

>> No.1374   [Delete]   [Edit]

Banished from computer
Posting from cellphone
Send help!

>> No.1375   [Delete]   [Edit]

Lost your internets?

>> No.1409   [Delete]   [Edit]

I had a dream that I was a ghost, but I could create the illusion of the human form. Anyways it was Halloween and that one house in particular people left out a ton of candy as well as pies, brownies, cheesecake, and other pastries. Anyways I could only carry so much time so I had to make multiple trips. But when I came back a lot of the loot was gone. I eventually found out that some girl had also found this house, which had no lights on and was located in the middle of the field with no roads leading to it. She was about my age but had short messy silver hair and seemed not to be entirely sane. She seemed to think that the food been left there by ghosts, or even aliens. We talked for a while in the dark and she was just leaving, she only gotten a few yards away, when I called out to her “Hey, want to see a real ghost?”. I then let go of the illusion revealed to her my true form. She was greatly excited by this and we continued to talk and eventually became friends.

The next thing I remember is waking up on my bed feeling sick to my stomach and seeing burn marks on my pillows and sheets. She was sitting next to my bed and looked very worried. I asked her what happened and she told me that I had been attacked by some sort of curse, probably a voodoo doll, but she managed to counter it and prevent me from being destroyed. She then proceeded to use several healing spells that made me feel a lot better. But even as my condition improved it would always continued to decline. There were also hallucinations, another symptom that she couldn't do anything about without certain ingredients from the store. She didn't trust I would do well on my own so she had me go with her to the store. It was nighttime again and we were just leaving the store and we got separated. I was grabbed by someone and dragged away. I was asked if I could guess who made the voodoo doll, but I had no idea. It turned out it had been a girl that really liked me, and I probably talk to every school day for a whole semester, but I never really had any interest in her and avoided her as much as possible once that class was over. She was always fascinated by, well, me (which I still find hard to believe). I only talked to her to keep myself from dying of boredom in class, and because I'm too nice to completely ignore her. (She exists IRL BTW)

Okay. Anyways she was pissed, and even a little bit jealous, and wanted me dead. So she sent her minion, who was also a ghost, to finish me off. He was bald and he was wearing a suit, wore sunglasses, and half of his lower lip was missing. Fortunately he had a quarrel with another ghost and they basically canceled each other out. So then she transformed into a giant black serpent and started biting down on the voodoo doll of me, so I tore it out of her jaw and broke her neck, killing her instantly. After safely disposing of the voodoo doll my right arm was still numb and the rest of my body just hurt. Just then the girl with the silver hair came into my front door carrying the bags of groceries she had gotten and we live happily ever after.

The end.

>> No.1410   [Delete]   [Edit]

Also next week I'm to be working on a sort of... project

I'll post a link to it when it's finished.

>> No.1413   [Delete]   [Edit]

This dream is awesome.

>short messy silver hair and seemed not to be entirely sane

your subconscious just created an expy without you noticing, bro.

>> No.1417   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1311547274612.jpg -(497.9 KiB, 1784x1468) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There, I made a video about Dormilia.
and a new channel


>> No.1418   [Delete]   [Edit]

Also this thread also kind of freaks me out when I think of a dream I had once, where a girl talked about how she was supposed to be born in my place and how she should just kill me to claim back her title. But now she can't, because it's to late and that she should of done it before I came into existence.

>> No.1420   [Delete]   [Edit]

This is great, I love this.

Your voice sounds very familiar...

>> No.1421   [Delete]   [Edit]

I said it once and I said it again. Have sex with Dormilia. Its your dream, you should have control over it.

>> No.1429   [Delete]   [Edit]
>Your voice sounds very familiar...

I doubt that. I don't talk to many real people.

Haven't we already discuses this. Been there done that.
And I don't control her.

Oh and if you guys like the video thumbs-up it.
I cant keep track of how many people like this since nearly all the posters here are Anyon.

>> No.1437   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1312167641594.png -(48.2 KiB, 342x341) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

So, is she a screamer?

>> No.1474   [Delete]   [Edit]

What does Dormilia actually look like? I don't mean her physical features, you've made that clear through your descriptions and drawings, I mean does she look exactly like the way you draw her, or does she look, like, real?

>> No.1475   [Delete]   [Edit]

She's only ever as real as the dream she's in.
Often I'll look at her and be unable to see details, or evan identifiable features.
But sometimes she's completely real.

>> No.1476   [Delete]   [Edit]

Besides the wings, does (or did) she have other abnormal features? (like the whole "worm mouth" deal in >>1351) If so, do they seem to be consistent or does her form seem to change between dreams?

>> No.1478   [Delete]   [Edit]

She's rather inconsistent.
One time it was like her body was made of clay.

>> No.1482   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well today I today I found out why for the past couple months I am tired, forgetful, mildly depressed, and losing my short term memory, and why the symptoms have been slowly increasing.

The medication I've been on since the second grade, and have reached the maximum dose on; I googled it and found a occasional side effect as a result of prolonged usage to be exactly the symptoms I just described.

I can't concentrate for shit without that medicine and college starts in a couple weeks!

I'm not sure what will happen without medicine.
what if I'm not the same person?
I don't remember what it was like being off the medication, other than I was an annoying little kid.
But is it the medicine that changed that or did I rely just calm the fuck down?
I remember was complaining that if I took medication before bed instead of before breakfast gave me bad dreams.
But I can't remember if I had such vivid dreams before I started taking the medication.

So when I stop taking it will Dormilia...


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You should talk to her about it. Ask her if she knows whether her and the peelz are connected or not. Even if she doesn't know, it would make for an interesting conversation.

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At first we were really scared about what might happen. I talk to my mom and she says that I had crazy dreams even before the medication.

After taking a closer look at some of the side effects of medication I'm on I think the appearance of Dormilia may have resulted from my body growing resistant to the medication after using it for nearly a decade.
All primitive desires feelings that she's made of are things the medication represses through the side effects. I can already feel her voice is so much more powerful and clear.

the new medicine I'm going to get a stimulant and typically has the opposite side effects. Just think; with my body overcompensating to counteract the old medicine, and the new stimulant ADD medicine who knows how powerful she could become!


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Good for you. Looking forward to more awesomeness.

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Well from what it sounds everything will be great.
I just hope that the medicine you say that will do like you said.
Because if instead of being a "boost" your body could take it as, well, a replacement.
That would be very bad.

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That doesn't appear to be the case.
So far I feel my is is stronger, and my superego is weaker.
It's almost overwhelming; being able to feel these drives.
But its a lot more fun this way.
Worst that could happen is Dormilia dissolves back into me.

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File: 1316229246652.png -(304 KiB, 1152x1152) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Did you think I was dead, Uboachan?
Well I'm not!
I'm more alive than ever!
And Dormilia; I talk to her during the day way more often now, she's so much more vivid and ubiquitous.
I'm so fuck'n happy right now, but I need more Dormilia, just drawing her and talking to her is not enough; I need MORE!
I feel like my head is spinning, so much adrenalin, so much Dornilia, but not enough, never enough.

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File: 1316229349203.png -(208.2 KiB, 1152x1152) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia Dormilia

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I thought the worst. My day has been made.

... Also, "parasite".

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I had a dream that I got locked in a cupboard somewhere in an old building. Decades later some old lady found my mummified remains and decided to set them up in her house as a display. But I returned to life, moving slowly as my skin cracked and broke with every movement. I needed to rehydrate my body, I needed blood. My tongue was like a cross between a chameleons tongue and the mouthpiece of the mosquito. After killing the old lady in draining her body I continued collecting blood from humans and frozen meat until I had fully restored my body. Of course my skin didn't quite heal properly, in some places it was torn and scarred and covered in veins.

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Distortion, keep em' coming!

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