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Ever had weird, spontaneous emotions in dreams, or felt nothing when you should have been feeling something?

Example, one time I was dreaming that the flesh had been completely torn off of my face and my middle finger on my right hand was missing. I felt nothing. If this had happened to me in real life, I would have been running around in circles, bouncing off the walls panicking.

A few days before that I had a "nightmare" where I was talking with a friend on a chatbox, when suddenly some noname logged in and spammed it with endless walls of text until my computer shut off. This would have been NOTHING in real life, yet my mind treated as if I was falling off the edge of a cliff, I even jolted awake from the "shock" of it, I woke up completely baffled by the fact that I found that so scary.

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It's normal for people to react like nothing ever happened in dreams, even when very, very surreal things happen. I had a dream where a childhood friend of mine got eaten by a huge snake, but I still didn't really care. When I woke up, sure I was scared, but when you're dreaming, you usually percieve things as real.

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I remember that, once in some old dream, there was this red ghostly girl. Instead of getting scared I... just... got turned on and... raped her... O_O

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...Sometimes it's okay not to share your dreams.

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It's never okay to not share your dreams.

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Things like that have happened to me too. I've had close family members die in dreams and never give it a second thought until I wake up and it hits me like a freight train.

It's weird, though. It's almost as if when I'm asleep, my emotions and perceptions are connected by a one-way track. I have spontaneous emotions that can affect what happens in the dream, but what actually happens in the dream doesn't affect my emotions at all, at least until I wake up. My nightmares can consist of nothing scary at all, and my "good" dreams can consist of the most horrific things imaginable.

I'm just sort of curious whether or not this is a common thing, whether this is the case for everyone or just a select few.

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Yeah, I once dreamed that I somehow managed to bring a virus on the PC of my mother. And for some reason, that scared me a lot. In the dream it was like... if the virus came out of the computer and chased me. Whenever I realise I'm dreaming, something always chases me down...

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Actually, yeah. I was having a dream and I remembered to do a reality check. So I counted the fingers of my right hand, and stopped at five; I realized that there were two fingers I did not count. That meant that I had seven fingers.

I became aware that it was a lucid dream, and for some reason, the ugliest sense of dread washed over me and I couldn't enjoy the opportunity properly. It was random, considering the lucid dream was taking place in a very colorful (although dimly lit) version of my room. All I did was sit down and mope until I woke up.

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>very colorful (although dimly lit)

holy shit stop quoting me directly from my dream journal. :(

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One time (in a dream, duh) Is started vomiting up these wight worms but rather than freaking out I was overcome by the urge to spread them, they were my children, we would conquer this world!

:P scary things aren't so scary

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In my dreams I'm mostly lacking any emotion at all, and I just watch what's going on, and when I do show emotions, they're never big.

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Last night I had a dream. There was more to it, but I don't really remember.
What I do remember was that at some point I discovered I could break off pieces of my fingers at the knuckles. They couldn't be put back. What was weird about this was that there was no pain, blood, or open wounds. Just little pieces of finger.
I decided that breaking off the fingers on my left hand would be a fairly innocuous idea (I'm left handed IRL, what the fuck?). I removed my entire ring finger, most of my pinky and middle finger, and a little bit of my index finger before I decided to stop. I didn't touch my thumb because THAT would not be a good idea, because the thumb is extremely important (though my other digits weren't, apparently).
Well, I seemed pretty okay with the fact that I had completely mutilated my dominant hand, until I went to go play games on my computer and discovered I couldn't type/play properly. Only then did I begin to panic, but only because I couldn't use my computer. I think then a vague sense of my own self-mutilation hit me then, but was secondary to my lack of typing ability.
I woke up shortly after, and was very relieved to find that my hand was still intact.
I still have no idea what this means.

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I'm left handed, and I had a very similar dream to this one. I don't remember whether or not it was me that was doing the mutilating, but I did flip out for a reason other than the simple fact that my fingers were gone.

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I frequently dream about various things. For example, in a dream I thought it would be awesome to kill a child. So I picked up a child and shot it in the head. I felt nothing but regret. In other dreams, I am kidnapped by a man who just turns out to be lonely. While his house is covered in cobwebs and mold, I feel affection towards him.

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I had a dream where Slenderman was stalking me.
I felt happy he was paying attention to me and even gave him a kiss.

I had another dream where the world was ending but I was just entranced by how beautiful it all looked.

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