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My dreams are like really bad action animes. It can be ridiculous, sometimes! But I wrote one down;

It starts off with me walking down the street, in an area that is sort of like the downtown of where I live, and sort of not. I walk into a Wendy's on the way, but when I walk in no one's eating and the cashiers are just kind of standing around, and everyone's staring at a big flat screen in the corner on the ceiling. On the TV is just the news, until suddenly there's some static, and then a Purple Gorrila in a suit (ahaha, wha?) starts talking. I don't remember everything he said, but basically he's introducing himself as the president of Canada, and explains that He and some other important people have been transformed into 'demons' by a sadistic wizard who wants the continent of North America to play a 'game' for him. And I just walk out of the Wendy's without ordering anything, forgetting what I just saw on the TV.
The next day (in the dream,) I wake up and go downstairs, asking my mom if she's made breakfast yet (even though I always make my own breakfast...). And no one answers. So I go check on them in their room, and see them fully clothed (thank god), but floating in a giant green sphere. and there's a little oval on the ground, the same shade of pale green. I pick it up and there's a little recording, which is basically the same thing the 'president of canada' told me, earlier. Except it also tells me that I'm now a participant of the game, and the stakes are my parents. The orb containing them disappears, and the oval-ish token turns into a vapor.
Something possesses me to take out my cell phone, and I do, and on the screen there's a picture of a hammer. I press the 'home' button on the front, and a giant hammer actually comes out of the front of the phone, except it's like a... light-saber, in hammer form.

I go downstairs, and open the front door, and there's a guy with grey skin, also holding his own cell phone, except a sword is protruding from it rather than a hammer. He tells me that he's here to reap his winnings, and we have a little duel, and he kinda cuts me up a little bit but I don't actually feel any of it.
I steal his phone, after I beat him into unconsciousness, and when I tap the home button, the sword transforms into a bigger hammer,t hat's shaded black, with a spike coming out of each end.
Another guy with grey skin walks up, and says 'prepare for battle!' and I am pissed off and just strike a battle pose and get ready for a showdown
He approaches me with his sword and the dream ends.

...Sooo, uuuh... Yeah.
I drew the picture in inspiration of it, I suppose. It's in my journal write next to where I wrote all this down. Even though I am not good at drawing, but whatever. o:

haha why did I write "go time" i am such a tool

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Well actually I wrote two down! This one was in the back of my book I wonder why

I wake up in the dream, and everything is weird colours in my room. Not unnatural, but not the same as my room usually is. I look outside my window, and my house is on a really steep hill, where it usually is on a flat street. I try to open my door, but it's locked, and when I reach for the lock... switch... thing, the entire knob disappears. I go back to my window and the sky is red, and there's a giant wave of lava headed right towards my house. I start panicking, naturally, and try to bust down my door, but the doorknob is back, so I just open it normally. My room is at the end of the hall, and my parents' room is on the opposite end. The door is ajar, and there's some bright red (maybe even orange) liquid pouring out. I take a few steps towards it, and a giant lava monster just walks through the door, and once it's past the door, it's gone like it's been eaten by a fire monster (which, in a way, it sort of has) and it starts walking towards me so I rush towards it and swing my fist at it's face. My fist goes through it, and it suddenly turns purple, ad melts down into a blob on the floor. My hand is on fire after this, but it doesn't hurt and my hand isn't melting, so. I go to the staircase, and there's another fire monster right at the bottom. I jump all the way down the stairs, and plant both of my feet into its' face. And then I fall through it onto my butt, which strangely doesn't hurt despite the length of our staircase. I rush into the kitchen and see that there's lava outside the window above our sink, and I assume that our house is covered in it. The window breaks, and the lava rushes at me, and then I wake up.

And my butt's sore.

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Very cool.

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