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I had a dream in which Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh gave me head and then put my semen in this Holy Grail-like cup. Thats the last time I watch hentai at 2 am -_-

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that doesn't seem like nightmare fuel to me

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watching bible black at 2 am isnt going to cause me nightmares? :L

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DAMN, if that's your idea of a nightmare, I'd like to hear what you consider a good dream.

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My dreams are usually pleasant or bland

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can we trade dreams bro?
i would much prefer Sakaki giving me head than being raped and/or killed in my dreams.

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sure! id love a change! :D

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Share some plz. ;) I'm sick of dreaming about grocery stores.

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That sounds amazing! O_O

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sorry for teh late reply, but holy SHIT, did you dream about a grocery store? Because I had a sex dream shortly after you posted that, LOL I'm not even joking.

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nope i didnt my good man 3:
as much as i wanted :<

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