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Ok this website is about Yume Nikki and Yume Nikki is about nightmares, so its logical that sum1 here posts A REAL NIGHTMARE, THE WORST HE EVER HAD, HERE IT GOES: Y'all know Angry Video Game Nerd and Nostalgia Critic right? Epically awesome internet celebs that review crappy games and movies, respectively, and are famous for their funny ways of reviewing their material with good timing and a great amount of swearing... WELL I DREAMT THAT THESE TWO STARTED TO WORK FOR NICKELODEON. Yeah... just imagine in the TV, a commercial promoting a AVGN vs Nostalgia Critic show with a really gay Nickelodeon announcer voice saying: "AVGN and NC, come and enjoy it in our Nickelodeon live studio" and many little, many little kids in the streets wearing t-shirts promoting AVGN vs NC with a nickelodeon-like design and its logo...

dudes... it was the RAPING of my two favorite internet celebs, during that dream I thought I couldn't look at them the same way anymore... look I'm a VERY HUGE Yume Nikki fan, I really loved the game, am still obsessed with it (im in uboachan 4 a reason durr), BUT MADOTSUKI'S NIGHTMARES CAN SUCK THIS... u don't know how much more I would appreciate watching a blondie turning into a beheaded Scream-like creature rather than that Nickelodeon raping again...

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... OOOOhhh. Seriously? AVGN and NC haven't been funny for like a year, man, and this kind of crap (besides the fact that's it's Nickelodeon) is exactly what would happen if AVGN and NC became TV famous. What a nightmare.

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lol 1 time i had a drem that they cancled naruto and all my freinds and i protested againts cartoon network or whatever and then we became naruto characters and it was awesome and i wish it were reel. [Emoticons go Here]

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oh poor boo, would you like a band aid?

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