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Am I the only one who has never had a lucid dream? I hear people talk about it like they do it on a daily basis, like it's no big deal. I don't know whether most of these people just don't know what lucid dreaming means, or I'm just defective. I've had one near-lucid experience, where I was fully conscious and all my senses were activated, but right before I realized I was dreaming, I woke up.

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I have to wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep to have lucid dreams. it never fails

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For me they're very rare, and very precious things.
I think that people aren't "supposed" to have them (or very often anyways), unless they find a way to train themselves or something so they can have them more often or perhaps a trick that works for them every night.
It's also very normal that during the first experiences of lucid dreaming the dreamer often wakes up after realizing it is simply a dream. He hasn't got used to the feeling or is surprised which causes them to wake up since they can't relate to this situation since they never had anything like it before. (Knowing the entire world around you isn't real)

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I've only been fully lucid once... I read a trick somewhere that if you feel yourself about to wake up you should try imagining yourself spinning in a circle and it focuses your concentration back into the dream or something. Another trick is that you should stare / study your hand for a long time before going to bed. (Usually when you look at your hands in a dream they look really weird, this is what made me realize I was dreaming the first time, and doing this before bed makes it more likely to happen in-dream).
I remembered to do a reality check in-dream but I started to wake up and the dream was fading away / fading black. I tried the spinning trick and it actually worked. The dream was incredibly more vivid. I was disappointed though when I had a hard time controlling / changing my environment. I want to practice more but I haven't successfully done a reality check in-dream since. The meditation / staying still trick doesn't work either...

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The only time I ALMOST got one, in the moment I realized I was dreaming and assumed control over it, the world started spinning and I woke up, derp.
So you're not alone Sweatshirt. I constantly use the tricks and tips for lucid dreaming found here on /yume/, but they never work for me...

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Try different things, they continue working on what works best for you.
Everyone here has different ways of getting lucid dreams.
Personally I sometimes get to "fall" through my bed to my dream bedroom or other dream places, if I can manage to keep my mind awake.
I also deduce things are impossible and look at my hands for double confirmation (Rarely needed though).

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I never get lucid dreams, and I reeeeaally want to, so I followed the "Dream Journal" method to find common similarities with my dreams that don't happen normally. Unfortunately, my dreams are always different each time. Still, it's fun to write a Dream Journal.

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Some people are naturals at it. I wake up often in the middle of the night, it's just the way my body likes to be. Often when I go back to sleep I'll get lucid or near-lucid dreams, failing that I'll get more dreams I'll remember.

I've also had a weird reverse dreaming (Day-dreaming?) incident where after having a lucid dream involving lightswitches actually working, I woke up and went to turn on my light. The light burnt out, so to my brain it was as if the switch didn't work at all.

Since I wasn't fully awake at the moment by the time I DID wake up it still felt like I was dreaming for most of the day.

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To really know if you have lucid dreams you need to keep a dream journal. Most people lucid dream semi-often, but not many people have good dream recall so they just forget.

Reality checks are unreliable at first because it's not something you normally do. I figure that whatever your reality check, it has to be something that is abnormal and you have to do it often enough in waking for it to show up in your dreams; hence why hands are usually used because staring at your hand is abnormal AND easy.

I think the lying still method is better, but it's because it takes me longer to fall asleep. I had an experience just last night, I never felt myself slip into my dream, but I felt myself slip back into consciousness because I realized I was dreaming.

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Most of the time I have dreams where I say "hey, I know this is a dream", but this is NOT being lucid. It has nothing to do with you knowing it's a dream, it's about you controlling yourself in your dream, doing whatever you want to do and changing the world around you, and fully remembering it when you wake up.

I hate people that are like "oh I do it all the time" too.

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You have to know it's a dream before you can control it.

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I think I had a semi-lucid dream the other night; part of me knew I was dreaming, and when I began to be in peril in the dream, I felt myself thinking "I need to wake up.", so I pinched myself in the dream and woke up in real life. It was odd... as well as the first lucid-ish experience I've ever had.

I'd love to try lucid dreaming for real, when I'm actually in control of my environment, but I'm kind of scared, to be honest.

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didnt experience it myself, but read that (usually) pinching yourself doesnt wake you up, but only feels like it should in reality.

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I've read that anything that stimulates sensation in a dream is supposed to make the dream more vivid.


Did you perchance do anything after you woke up to assure that you were awake?

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I looked around at everything inside of my room, and turned on the TV. Everything seemed perfectly normal so I was positive that I was awake.

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Aha, so no false awakening. :/

I've never truly read anything about it, but I'm sure others can back me when I say that its normal. I remember when I was younger, if I was not having a good time in a nightmare I would just say "wake up" and it would happen. Maybe you pinching yourself in-dream was just the dream-world's compensation for your 'wake up' thought.

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My lucid dreams always seem to go by this crappy routine:

  1. I find out that I'm dreaming.
  2. I test it out by purposefully influencing something in the dream (like thinking of someone, causing them to appear and walk in from outside my field of view, or creating a new environment by picturing that a door or something similar in the current environment will lead to that new one)
  3. I get excited, causing the world around me to fade.
  4. I struggle, and struggle, and struggle, and struggle to stay asleep, and fail as the world around me fades away.
  5. I wake up, disappointed by the fact that the lucid dream lasted less than 15 seconds.

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I've only had one. Ever.
I've been writing a dream journal for about two years, and I only remember one dream in every two or so weeks, although I don't make too much of an effort to lucid dream (I don't wake myself up in the middle of the night etc).

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I don't lucid dream often, but when I do, there's a sure-fire way of staying lucid; toss out your arms, like you're playing airplane and slowly spin on the spot until you've got a tight grip on the dream. Repeat when needed.

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I think I might have had one last night. But I'm not sure.

As I was dreaming, it became apparent that what was going on was impossible, and couldn't be real - as I was climbing some bright orange staircase on the outside of my dad's house, which I know is not real. So I started thinking that I was dreaming. The more I thought it, the more I could start to feel myself laying in bed in real life, and sense that I was about to wake up. I told myself not to wake up, in my head, over and over again, and although I came close, I stayed asleep.

At this point, I was thinking "wait, does this mean I'm lucid dreaming?" So the first thing I did was try to test it. I remember calling an umbrella into existence in my hand and using it to float through the air to the ground. Then, I tried warping - I jumped in the air, and as I was jumping the world spun around, and when I landed I was back inside the house. I played with the lights by pointing at them and making them turn on and off. I found the room where I should have been sleeping right at that moment, but there was no me there.

The next thing I was about to try was sex, because let's be honest - if you could control your whole world, wouldn't you want to fuck some imaginary character you never could in real life? I remembered I had planned to try this in real life, if I ever became lucid, and now I was... I thought.

But before I could summon the character, I felt a sensation on my nose in real life - it was itching, badly, and it was like it tore through my subconscious, and the next thing I knew I was waking up with an itchy nose. Going from dream to reality was a fairly seamless transition though. There was no hole in my memories.

However, a few things raise suspicion. One is that it didn't feel real. Even when I was realizing I was dreaming and controlling everything, not all of my senses were activated - just sight, and my inner thoughts. I didn't hear, smell, taste, and I don't even think I was feeling anything. Despite it seeming like a lucid dream, it still had that very dreamlike, removed feeling, as if I was just watching it. I wrote in my original post that I had one dream with full sensation, and that is what I was thinking a lucid dream would be like. This one was not quite like that.

You know how, in an ordinary dream, your subconscious places fake memories and thoughts in place so that you don't think to question your reality? The things you do, even if you think they are your own free will, are actually still part of the script you're following, unbeknown to you? Well I'm wondering... perhaps I'm so obsessed with the idea of lucid dreaming that I actually had a dream ABOUT lucid dreaming, in which even my realization and manipulation of the world were scripted by my subconscious? Maybe I can't tell the difference because everything I was doing in the dream was what I'd probably do if I really became lucid...

...except for one. The umbrella thing. That's what makes me wonder about it - I do not feel like I'd ever think to pull a Mary Poppins as my first action while lucid dreaming. The lights and warping and sex make sense, but floating on an umbrella? I know me, and the first thing I'D do is just straight up FLY. I have wanted to fly as long as I've been alive, and if I was fully conscious in a dream, I swear that's the first thing I'd do is just soar into the air at mach speeds.

But I don't know... The fact that I did do SOMETHING involving being in the air still makes me wonder. Maybe I wasn't thinking right because I was too excited? But then, I don't remember feeling a whole lot of real genuine excitement.

Either way, this is a step forward. I'm recording it as a significant entry in my dream diary.

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Well I know that unless my senses are in direct interaction, I feel like I don't have them. Like I won't feel smell unless I pay attention, let's says a flower and decide to smell it. Same thing with taste and touch although I tend to remember noises and conversations quite well.
I had a similar experience of having a dream (That I think is reality) and falling asleep inside a lucid dream inside of it although I never felt my real body in my dreams except maybe once.
I was in my room and my left foot kept going deeper in the floor when I walked. I looked at my bed when my left eye shot open looking where I was standing in the dream. I felt like I didn't exist.

These days I have dreams where I somewhat control the dream without being lucid, like if I dislike a situation I in like being attacked or something, I decide to get out of there and wake up or decide to die because I know it's not the end and I'm just wasting this dreaming time and feel like doing something more interesting.
But a lucid dream is anytime you are AWARE that you're dreaming, it would only be a dream about lucid dreaming if you would not be part of the dream or see yourself in 3rd person. Then I guess try to incorporate yourself in the dream, beginning to realize you have a body even if you're a "watcher" that you're now a part of the dream.
It's hard to think clearly in dreams and you usually do the first thing that comes to your mind. The different, let's call them "levels" of conciseness may be the cause of weird decisions even in a lucid state. The state of awareness is always fluctuating and I know I always have a hard time maintaining it and losing my lucidity by being carried away by my dream.

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Has anyone here ever gotten a warm/dizzy sensation somewhere in their head after waking up from a lucid dream?

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Anyone know a surefire way to induce dreams? I mean, I know that everyone says you "dream every night, but just don't remember it", but I'd really like to know if there was a way to be sure you'd remember your dream when you woke up. I do keep a dream diary, and that's been helping my memory lately... but it's not good enough. :/

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If only there was :(
I remember them most of the time but mostly forget them by the next day, or during the day, if I'm too lazy to write them down right after I wake up.
I also find it annoying when people wake you up since it automatically "deletes" any dream memories I have and might of remembered if I woke up more gently.

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Is it possible to switch perspectives mid-dream? I remember once I dreamt that I was in the car with a few friends(first person) and the car crashed and blew up in the middle of an intersection; after it exploded, I felt myself switching into third-person viewpoint and thinking "I've just died. this is the end." kind of like it was my spirit speaking. After I said that, though, I watched myself emerge from the car with burn wounds and I was alive. Then, still in third-person, I washed the burns off my body with water.

I mean, I guess anything is possible in the dream world but the whole "changing perspectives" thing just seems odd to me.

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Switching view never really happened to me since when I die, when I don't wake up, I become a spirit that no one sees but hear and can still protect people.
I can only remember one example where I was watching the dream like I wasn't a part of it and suddenly I 'm in it and this puzzled me. I ended up disappearing back into 3rd person view.

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Falling asleep with the intent that you will remember your dreams helps some people. Perhaps repeating "I will remember my dreams" or some similar mantra in your head. I also read something about visualising a rising sun or something like that but I don't remember where and have never tried it myself. None of these are surefire but they may help a bit.

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I've lucid dreamed all of one time that I could remember. And then it was like, I went to England and saw one of my friends and then the dream became un-lucid. :(

There was this one time, though, that I realized I was dreaming and began to wake up, but right before I woke up I saw my dream world tearing itself to pieces as I woke up. That was weird, and kinda cool.

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