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I had a dream just this morning. It was in a setting I remember dreaming before. I was a handsome 40-something European teacher. I had an office inside a demountable located on concrete with autumn leaves blowing about outside. The office was cramped, was just a compartment of the demountable separated by thin drywall painted beige-yellow. The door was locked by sliding this thin bar of aluminium. My office only had a computer table, and two chairs facing each other.

As I was walking to the office, I saw Ned Flanders standing outside. I got stuck just outside my door because the aluminium bar was inside the catch. I was confused as to how I locked the door when I previously left. Somehow I get in anyway.

I find myself sitting opposite a female student in my office. She's an oppressive force, a full grown adult with large breasts and long black hair. She silently stares at me with eyes like a tiger, about to pounce on me at any moment.

Suddenly she jumps on me and we start making love. I say she looks too mature to be a student. She rips open my shirt and sucks furiously on the scar on my chest (I have a scar on my chest IRL) and I say that it hurts. I could feel the pain physically.

Then I woke up to the sound of my parent's argument.

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i had a dream like that once. wut.
May i ask OP's gender?

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I'm a male. 18 years old, skinny, black hair. I look nothing like a handsome European 40 year old.

Also I should add I was wearing a snazzy looking light grey suit. And the girl was Eastern European and had that greyish blonde hair. It wasn't black like I said earlier. Whoops!

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I approve of this dream

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I had a sex dream this morning. For no reason at all, I was a female, and doing tribadism with some MILF. I knew that she already had her orgasm, and was getting bored, so I wanted to get off as quickly as I could. I rubbed myself against her as much as I could, but couldn't progress past the 'i'm about to come' phase. That stimulus wasn't enough, and out of nowhere a penis appears between our vaginas. Somehow I was able to completely ignore the prescence of the man, and slid myself up and down the shaft of the penis. Still I couldn't orgasm now matter how much I rubbed, because my body couldn't move fast enough to provide enough stimulation.

I gave up and went to the bathroom to use my hand to jerk off (for some reason at this stage I had a penis). The man followed me and tried to blackmail me using pictures of the sex we just had he took on his digital camera. Not giving a shit, I grabbed the camera and pretended to bite on it to destroy it (pictured). For some reason he fell for it even though the camera clearly didn't get crushed. Then I hid the camera in the gap between the windowpane and flyscreen, and slid the window shut.

Then I woke up.

Oh yes, when I woke up I had an extremely hard boner which took ages to subside.

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Had another one today. I can't remember much of it because I didn't even try to consolidate my memories right after I woke up. Anyway..

I was myself, except I was some asian gigolo or something. I was having sex with this 'mature' asian lady who was sitting on my lap. I remember she was very heavy.

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I've had at least two dreams which I could've consolidated straight after I woke up, but didn't, because I felt they weren't enjoyable enough or something to be worth the effort.

Anyway, this time I had a dream which took me back to a strange hybrid of primary (elementary) school and high school. It'll have a few names which only I understand, so it might not make a lot of sense.

I'm in a field of sheep, looking at myself from a bird's eye view similar to a certain MMORPG I play. I must do some quest for some shepard guy. I had to solve three questions, one of them was about percentages, and one answer each to three 20-something ladies inside his house, on of which was wearing fancy glasses (pictured). And then I forget a chunk of the dream..

Suddenly I'm in the carpark of my primary school, and its my year twelve class in a line walking towards 'the hall'. I was chatting, even messing around and teasing with a certain group of girls in the school who were known for watching anime and being studious. I was popular with them, and I enjoyed myself and my confidence. This was remarkable because in real life I hardly ever talked to anyone, and if it was anyone from that group it was incidental.

I forget the chunk containing the conversation with those girls. Suddenly i'm in my high school's library. The kind, middle-aged librarian Miss G is there. I walk out of the library to the stairs right in front of it, where theres a window facing the stairs (this will be a bit hard to visualise, the stairs are inside the building). I had a lunchbox full of meat pie meat and I was picking out all the gristle and crap, which I hated eating/

Suddenly, two girls from the anime watching group are there. One of them is N (tall Serbian girl, dux of school, very studious and somewhat cute) and the other is F (rotund asian girl, very white skin and good fashion sense). I ask F about the percentages question. Que teasing, mucking about etc.

While F isn't looking, N suddenly comes forward and whispers in my ear. She says that M (the girl I liked) didn't actually like me, and in fact liked some other person (I pictured a particular tall blond weirdo guy for some reason). Second, she told me that it was F who had a crush on me.

I wonder if I should go out with F. It was not like I didn't like her, and I would like the experience of dating a girl, which was something I've never done. Then again, I told myself that I would never get into a relationship with a girl I was not prepared to go all the way with. Sure, I liked F, but anything beyond the touchy-feely stage of boyfriend and girlfriend and I might be simply forcing myself to like her to keep the status quo.

I go back inside the library. I have this receipt or something, and at the end of it says this name "Haarden', the name of an Islander kid in a lesser grade (he could be fictitious or not). In the foyer of the library, I see his generally unkempt bag amongst many others. Then I wake up.

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Today I had a number of incoherent dreams, none of which I can remember too well. However, I notice that there are a number of recurring locations and dreams that I'm having.

One is where I'm outside some kind of open space examination room where I see the back of the girl i'm obsessed with through the window. I go 'holy shit!' and try to walk around to look at her face to see if its really her, but I don't want to get caught by teachers/security guards so I take the long way. The school is inside a building which seems to be a shopping center. I decide to pretend to not stalk her by going into a kebab shop to buy some food. Everything there is overpriced and the portions seem too small so I don't buy anything and walk straight out through the sliding doors. I go look at the girl and- lo and behold, its some other ugly person! I suspected it all along and it seems my fears have been confirmed (actually its probably that I caused it to happen myself..). Oh yeah, the school is really classy, it had lots of girls using small laptops and a library full of new books, namely manga, however it was very cramped.

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I had a dream about that M girl again. What.. I haven't even seen her in a year.

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Okay, really short dream this morning which I hardly remember anything about. I'm inside my math tutorial classroom, but for some reason its my old biology class inside it instead. We were all watching a video compilation on the tv of all the students working on some big awesome project. At the end was a black and white screen of rolling credits to acknowledge everyone who worked on the project. When I saw my friend Karl's name under the 'building things' list, I began to cry. My sweet old biology teacher tried to comfort me and asked me what was the matter. I said that Karl always did what he enjoyed and that I would've loved to build things and be on that list, but I chose to not work on the project and study instead. And then this song started playing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR4rXH5Aqa4

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Again, I had a dream about that M. girl. Although the bulk of my conscious energy is focused towards a different girl, that different girl is distant from me. However, M is close. I don't know, maybe my subconscious holds more affection for M.

Okay, so heres how it goes. I am running a marathon inside a school, some kind of hybrid between the main walkway of my university and my old high school. I was winning by a large margin and like the hare in Aesop's fable 'The Hare and the Tortoise', became complacent. I injured myself and had to limp and crawl on my hands to finish, and when I did finish I knew many people had bypassed me. Immeadiatly after there was an awards ceremony for the marathon held my high school hall, except it was all dark. I saw there were like 15 people who came before me, including my friends Charles and Alan, and I saw them grasping their golden prizes. After that, they had some kind of award handing over to commemerate 'the first ever person to sit the HSC' (grade 12 certificate exams). It was some 25'ish asian lady who I knew migrated here as a teenager because her english wasn't very good. And forgive me now, for I'm not sure what this means but I wrote it down on my slip of paper next to my bed: "she botched up the name of the prize and offered back the school something else in return'.

As I was walking home, I came across M and glanced at her back momentarily. I hoped and did not hope that she saw me, because while I liked her and wanted her company, I was shy and anxious and didn't want to engage in difficult conversations. I walked away, and it turns out she did see me because she followed me for a while. When I stopped pretending to have not seen her and acknowledged her prescence, I don't know what happened but we suddenly became very lovey-dovey towards each other.

Some things happen which I don't recall, and then I find myself eating with her at the university satay shop. We contemplated what we will do in the future. I wanted to go on exchange to China to learn Chinese, and wanted her to come and live with me there. I said that I had a friend who I once taught as a private tutor, and he could give us a little income.

She ordered a Cha Siew. After the food came, I asked her why she got Cha Siew even though she didn't like it, and I knew she knew I didn't like it either. I answered for her, "Because its cheap. Because its familiar."

M had a slight cold during this time and became drowsy. She rested her head on the bench. I lovingly looked down at her sleeping face and I felt at peace. It was bliss. It was touching.

And then I woke up.

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I think sleeping while hot really contributes to the likelihood of getting nightmares. Anyway, just then I was sleeping on my bed, drenched in my own sweat. I'm not sure exactly what I dreamed, but inside my very-short dream I got the sensation that the objects in my room were encroaching on me, and I got a claustrophobic panic attack. When I work up, I see the dimly lit objects of my room like white apparitions, and I look at them for a while. I say 'Hmm..' to myself loudly two times, and then I realise that I only just had a bad dream and go back to sleep. Its funny how my reaction to those things is saying 'Hmm' instead of screaming or something. I guess that speaks something about my personality, eh?

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I just had a very peculiar dream. It was somewhat between a nightmare and a normal dream, because the content of the dream was nightmarish, but presented in a way that wasn't that scary. I wasn't scared by it at any rate.

There were three parts to the dream. The first part involved me hanging out with my best friend's sister in something bordering on a date. In real life I do like her, but it trepidates me that my subconscious would think of her in this sort of way. Anyway, this part was like a black hole to me. I didn't remember much. The only fragments I can recall is that we were in a mall, and I became separated from her and lost in the mall because I was impatient for waiting for her or something, then we found each other in a gelato shop again.

The second part was that I because a character in this video game I have once played. I was a black haired loli with a beaten up face who had to fight scary monsters in this scary subterreanean cave/dungeon. At the start, there was some short monologue from the little girl with a picture of her face, and then we saw her from a bird's eye view. On the floor were some basic equipment. They were some level 1 armour (shiny purple coloured), level 2 armour (shiny brown coloured), some random food to heal myself, some random food which levelled up my ability to mine, and a bag to store ores in. I didn't have a pickaxe to mine stuff, and I figured that I had to kill monsters and get a pickaxe from their drops, or sell the junk the monsters dropped to gain enough money to buy a pickaxe. I knew that the pickaxe would allow me to mine ores inside the cave that I could sell for money. Oh, and there was a man who didn't talk or move who you could sell things to and gain money to buy overpriced and crappy goods, like a hundred coins would buy you a cracker that healed one health or something. Anyway, some axe-throwing skeletons to the right of my starting area harassed me the moment I started playing, throwing axes and then running away behind these wire-mesh fences with gates in them. I only managed to pick up all the food in the stash before my charcter auto-retaliated and ran into the compartments in the wire-mesh area. That was a mistake, as my tiny character could hardly do any damage to the huge skeletons, whereas the skeletons did huge amounts of damage. I was stuck in the cage, and in a huge panic, to irrational to think of a way out, so all I did was uselessly eat the food to heal whilst the skeletons ripped my health to bits. Suddenly, I had a realisation- I had to close the gates to each compartment so I could take the skeletons one-by-one! Out of food, I desperately ran towards the gates, but the skeletons pile-jumped me and they all threw their axes at once, killing me in one hit. I respawned and decided to try a different strategy. I quickly went to the stash to pick up everything, and I wore the level one armour. I wondered if I could wear the level two armour even though I just started- maybe my default level was high enough for 2? But before I could try it, some armoured swordsman came from the left and attacked me! I tried fighting back, and was slightly more successful than I was against the skeletons. The armoured dude walked deeper into the cave, and suddenly I was pilejumped by an archer and a mage. An ambush! That was what the swordsman was leading me to all along. The feeling I got from this game was of utter desperation and frustration, not fun, and I think that the point of the game was tomake us feel the same feelings as the character inside it.

The third part of the dream was the most interesting to me. Somehow I jumped from the second part to the third. Perhaps there was some segue between the parts, but I forgot it if it existed. Anyway, this time I was a girl again- a diferent girl this time, I resembeled Eri from the manga 'Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge'. I was walking down the street, I walked past a little girl and her older brother who was about 18, some things happen which I forget, and then suddenly the world became black and the older brother became an evil crow. I had to fight the crow to save the little girl, but I had no weapons to do it. In addition, the crow would seemingly come out of nowhere to swoop at my head from my blindspots, such as behind my head. I grabbed a t-shirt and constantly swung it over my head like a helicopter propeller in the hopes that this would avoid damage when the crow swooped. I hoped that the t-shirt would thwack the bird and kill it, thus winning the battle. The battle continued, the crow constantly swooping from my blindspot, and my trying to twack it with the shirt uselessly as it flew out of my range the moment I noticed it. Just then, I had a stroke of genius- I could dance between the branches of a big tree, where the tree branches would hinder an easy entry and escape from the bird. If I could make the bird's navigation path much less straightforward, perhaps I could delay and confuse it enough to kill it! I jumped into a large roadside tree, and for some reason were were bungie cords between a branch and my hips and I could jump around using the bungie cords, however the branch I was attached to was directly over the road, and the occasional car drove past on the road. I almost caused a few car crashes. Anyway, Im not sure what happened, but I defeated the bird because the world became light again, and I comforted the little girl who was scared to bits. I suppose I managed to thwack the bird, or otherwise overcame my irrational fears of the bird and trivialised it.

And thats it to my strange, three-part dream.

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Okay, I just had a dream. I know its a recurring dream, the only exception today was that I actually remembered it.

Part 1: I forgot what this was about. Something related to the old man from the Kakashi vs Zabuza arc in Naruto.

Part 2: I become a small, silent asian child, sort of like Daigoro from Lone Wolf and Cub. I was somewhere in the bush with someone else, and something bad happened. I ran a long distance in the rain until I reached the town (Japanese medieval style) to try and help some help. The talking green frog from Spirited Away had something to do with it, but I forget. When I finally reached the town, it was late evening, and I found I didn't have enough coins to buy medicine anyway. With my limited funds, I bought myself a small meal and a blue and white striped bottle that had a milky drink similar to calpis. I intended to go back to my friend in need and give him the drink, because even though I didn't get the medicine, I could at least give him some sort of consolation with the drink.

An old lumberjack saw me and told me that hiking the long way back to my friend would be pretty futile. He said if I went back only holding a drink, it wouldn't help him at all. Instead, I should just wait here at the town for him, and my friend will understand that I had no ability to help him. He was a really laid back type of guy, who wore a straw hat and straw raincoat. Continuing this topic, the man suggested that I could bunk down with him tonight, provided that I worked for him. I didn't really want to sleep on the streets so I agreed.

The old man got distracted easily by the attractions on the streets. We stopped at this old, medieval style pachinko. It was a simple contraption: you put a few coins in and get to shoot one metal ball towards a bell. However, between the launching position and the bell was a small plank of wood with a cartoon picture of a family on it, that spun on an axle. The aim was to shoot the ball and hit the bell without having it deflected by the plank of wood. If you won, you'd get your original money, plus a little bit more. The old man played it a few times, losing all of them, and then said 'Pah, its probably rigged anyway' and walked off. (In an alternate timeline, we would come back the next day and see they changed the pachinko to a different machine, and the old guy found a stupid loophole in the game and kept winning until the shopkeeper got angry and shooed us off. We got quite a bit of money from that. But this didn't happen in today's dream, only in one of the previous recurrences.)

After hanging out in the streets some more, we finally came to a lumbermill. The old man told me to help him grab planks of wood and give them to him. It was a good thing I came along, because the gap you needed to walk through to get the planks were really small, and only a child could fit through the gap. The planks of wood were extremely light for some reason, sort of like balsa wood. I worked myself up to delivering multiple planks at a time, as much as I could hold on to, and eventually even used a wheelbarrow. All the other old guys at the lumber mill seemed to brighten up with my prescence.

Now this part is weird. The old guys handled heavier woods, and they put all the pine planks on an old mattress. As they were coming close to clearing the mattress of all its planks, someone dragged the plank over it, then pushed it the opposite direction a little, ripping the fabric in the middle of the mattress. The mattress started bleeding at the rip for some reason. Suddenly the foreman, a middle aged balding guy, came out and he was furious because he and the other men slept on that mattress. He gave everyone a browbeating, trying to find the guy who ripped the fabric. Eventually the old man I met on the street decided to put the blame on me, even though he knew I didn't do it. I knew the reason was because if one of the old men got caught, they would get fired and then die hungry on the streets, whereas I'd only be beaten because I was only just a kid. The foreman shouted at me, and I tried to defend myself, saying that the balsa wood I was in charge of was far too weak to be able to rip a hole through fabric. The foreman acknowledged this, but then said the wheelbarrow I was using could have ripped through the fabric. I said that I only saw the ripped hole when I came back from collecting wood, so it couldn't have been me because I wasn't here when it got ripped. The foreman was less convinced of this argument. I forget what happens after this.

Part 3: Suddenly, I'm my real self now, and back in the modern world. Im in this slightly cramped hallway of an old apartment complex. The fading light of the afternoon came in through the window, tinging everything with a cold blue. For some reason I was going to be taken in by a Cambodian family I know in real life. There were two brothers who were both younger than me, a father who was a generous man, and mai waifu Kanako, who was around the same age as me, was for some reason a sister in this family. I was led inside the sleeping room and saw four mattresses, one for each member of the family. They had an old air conditioner shoved in a gap in the window, and the father said I could have it when I moved out in the future, an offer which I kindly refused. The only decent open space in the room was between Kanako's mattress and the window, and I figured I would be sleeping on the floor over there. I wanted to sleep on the same mattress as Kanako, and I was sure if I asked the father I'd be allowed to, but could see that the brothers would be annoyed by it, and besides I didn't even know whether Kanako liked me enough to let me sleep with her. I didn't mind sleeping on the floor- it was close enough to Kanako to satisfy me- but at the same time I hoped that she liked me enough to let me sleep with her.

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A very simple one today. I was at McDonalds and the idea struck me that I could, as an act of genorosity, buy one large fries and then let other people who were just buying one burger have some. In the end, though, I only bought a small pack of fries. When I got back to my car, I saw there were only like 5 or 6 fries in the whole packet.

I picked up one of the fries and ate part of it Then I saw a greyish hole in the remainder of the fry. 'An insect bore?' I thought to myself. Upon further inspection, I saw it was wire mesh in the shape of a piece of chopped spring onion, apparently some kind of kitchen implement. I looked at the other fries in the packet, and I saw that some cook must have accidentally put kitchen utensils inside the mush they make fries out of, because the fries contained more of those wire mesh things and also tiny little casts, no bigger than 3/4 of an inch, for small ice cream cones.

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I can't remember shit from today's dream. But whatever.. As an adjunct to this discussion though, I must say that that some of these I remembered are on nights where the day before I have been thinking about dreams or thinking 'I wish I could remember my dream tonight!', and although I didn't think of this in my actual dream it must have affected my subconscious somehow and allowed me to remember it.

Anyway heres the dream.
Part 1: Something about a childcare center. It was surely related to my IRL 'traumatic experience' of being tricked by a little blond girl on a playground, even though I was several years older than her.

Part 2: I remember this more vividly, but there are still many chunks missing.

Me, and another Japanese guy around the same age as me, were in a survival situation in the rural areas of Japan. It was based in the modern day, and we wore backpacks and we both carried a Mosin-Nagant rifle on our backs. My Japanese friend was less emotionally strong as me.

Apparently we have been away from civilisation for several days and were running out of food. We were riding on a strange watercraft, apparently a sort of 'frog jet ski' that moved in pulses, across a very large lake towards a more solid marshy area in the middle that was covered in tall grasses. I was driving the frog jet ski, with the Japanese guy piggybacking on me like they do on motorcycles, and a voiceover explained that the frog jet ski was the last watercraft engine of its kind as if we were in a documentary. When we got to the marshy land, we both walked onto the soft ground, pushing away bullrushes to make our way through. About two steps inside the marsh we nearly bump into a snake. The Japanese guy peeps a little out loud and is visibly in a panic. I calmly stand ground, bring my Mosin-Nagant up to my shoulder, peer down the iron sights and accurately shoot the head off the snake.

My friend asked me whether we should eat the snake (only the venomous head is poisonous). I decided not to bring it with us, because 'snakes are the spiritual protectors of good hair' (probably not true IRL).

After this, for some reason we find ourselves in my old house, except it was my old house before we moved out: with the kitchen table and fax machine and all the usual furnishings inside it. I see my older brother there too. We and my friend raid the kitchen for supplies, but al the cupboards are almost bare- all the stuff was taken, and only marginally useful stuff like dry oatmeal and flour were left behind. We conspire to come back to the old house once we finished our mission and resupply it, so the next adventurer who comes might have some stuff to take in an emergency.

The fax machine rings, and I think the Japanese guy picks up the phone, and its his mother. Anyway, after this we find ourselves in the lake again. We no longer have the frog jet ski, and are swimming breast stroke style with our heads bobbing above the water.

Someone calls the Japanese guy's mobile phone, and he picks up. After that, we continue swimming towards some bullrushes in a slightly more shallow region of the lake. Again, the Japanese guy's mobile rang again. He suddenly froze as if he came under a shocking realisation, and told me his mobile is almost out of power. I say that we can go back to my old house, which has power supply and isn't too far away. However, he says even if that place has power, it doesn't have the right adapter for his phone. I think about the unfortunate situation my friend is in. Nobody ever called me and I rarely needed to use my own mobile, however, he was well connected and people often called him, thus draining his power whilst mine was still at full capacity. I groaned at the prospect of having to hike back for several days to his house just to recharge, and thus fail the mission.

We ignore this and continue swimming towards the bullrushes. Suddenly, a helicopter pops out of the distant mountains and heads directly towards us. The helicopter hovers above us for about 30 seconds, carefully looking at us to see whether we were criminals. The Japanese guy is completely still, obviously trepidated. I too hoped that the helicopter wouldn't mistake us for criminals and suddenly rain machine gun fire upon us in our helpless state.

After what seemed like an unbearable short amount of time, I, in an impulsive act, suddenly smiled at the guy in the helicopter and made a thumbs up sign. The situation lightened up considerably and we could see the guy in the helicopter put his thumbs up too. As if to apologise for freaking us out, he reached into a bucket and threw a handful of wrapped hard candies into the water around us two times, before flying off into the distance. The candies floated. The Japanese guy grabbed the candies immeadiatly around him but didn't try to grab any more. I tried to grab as many as I could, swimming everywhere and shoving the floating candies into my pocket. Some of the candies were slowly floating away downstream, and I swam as fast as I could to catch up to them. The Japanese guy asked me why that hell was I taking candy so seriously? I replied that the candy was packed with sugar, and although it was dearth of nurtition, it would give us energy should we come into a pinch with our remaining food.

Then, I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

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I was wondering, do I ramble too much in my posts? Are they too long? or do you guys appreciate the detail?

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File: 1298184517798.jpg -(121.8 KiB, 669x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I had a barely-remembered dream today. It was triggered by reading a paragraph story I wrote when I was in grade 8. The story was about wet dreams and how the girl I liked was touching me when I was on the bed.

I only remember that it was about me walking between two houses during a sunny day, and the girl I liked was in the other house. Seeing her made me happy. I don't remember whether it was the girl I liked in grade 8, or the girl I like now. It could have even been a hybrid of the two. In fact, now that I think about it, they both have similar builds (average height, average breasts, long hair and thin). I guess that girl I liked in grade 8 set the precedent for my taste in women.

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From now on I will try to add little illustrations to my stories to help people visualise.

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File: 1300601930570.jpg -(246.2 KiB, 1456x1051) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Lately I've been waking up in the middle of the night during 'nightmares' and returning back to sleep straight away, several times a night.

Three nights ago, I dreamt I was in battle royale and had a pistol in my hand. Someone in the dream wanted to lunge at me with a scythe when I was sleeping. I woke up swearing loudly and I think I might have jumped out of bed in a half dreaming, half awake state but then jumped back in. This happened at least three times. I wonder if anyone heard me.

Two nights ago I dreamt that I was surrounded by a scary back curtain. Again I woke up swearing loudly and then went back to sleep again.

One night ago I woke up in the early morning. My whole room was dark, except for the orange cloth that covers my window, which was illuminated by the light. I was confused as to which wy my bed was facing, and I constantly looked back and forth between the window and the reflection of the window in the mirror opposite, wondering which one was the real window. Then I went back to sleep.

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Last night I woke up in another half-unconscious state. I ran my hands over my hair several times and tons of dandruff kept coming out of my hair. Actually it was another hallucination, I didn't have any dandruff at all in reality.

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Oh crap I nearly forgot about this dream. I had it just this morning.

I was in some kind of special room in a hospital equipped with comforting things for pregnant women giving birth. My sister was about to start giving birth and her husband was there too. The husband did a crap in the toilet and flushed it. After I went into the toilet cubicle, I saw some pieces of shit still stuck on the bowl of the toilet. I was disgusted, and went to flush the toilet again. The odd thing was, this toilet thrust the water at an angle with extreme force, so the water instead spun around the bowl under centrifugal force and took AGES to finally lose speed and fall down. Then I understood why he couldn't flush properly.

My sister said 'Gimme some junk food!' or something and her husband went to go get some 'Cheetos'. Then when he left she started having contractions and I freaked out because I had no clue what to do.

Hm, this story seems to make out my sister and her husband as real rednecky or something. They're really not.

>> No.1245   [Delete]   [Edit]

I rarely have dreams about primary school. But today, I just did.

It was at times an odd mix of uni elements and primary school. One of he kids who will turn out to be delinquents was being a dick. He stole some object and I tried chasing after him but he was too fast. My engineering mechanics lecturer, an old British man, then ran after him instead, and we all laughed at the kid because my lecturer actually could keep pace and it was funny to see this old guy running.

It was the year six farewell or something, and I was in one of the lower half years, lower than or equal to year three. All the kids were huddling around a tree, surrounding something for god knows what. The year six kids got t-shirts and threw eggs everywhere, most of them were small quail eggs but there were a few big chicken eggs around.

A really ugly looking half-asian with brownish blonde hair made some kind of racist remark to me. I retorted that he was asian himself, so what was he talking about. I 'told on him' to this very kind and mature asian girl, who was in a grade higher than me, or was she in year six? I dunno.

Anyway the asian girl told the half-asian boy's little sister to go play with him, to get the half-asian boy off my back.

The asian girl was complaining about how hard uni was, how she had difficulties coping (i dunno how she could be in uni but be a little kid at the same time). I thought to myself I wanted to talk to her about my uni troubles as well. But, the problem was she was six years older than me. Where can I find her?

From this dream, I got the feeling that I saw many faces from deep in my childhood, many whose name I didn't know and will never meet again. And I want to meet that asian girl again. I want a shoulder to cry on about uni. But I don't know if she even exists.

>> No.1256   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1304818841875.jpg -(26.1 KiB, 415x556) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Today, two different dreams.

First was a really short one which happened in the middle of the night and I probably for a big part of. A really cute asian girl was sucking my dick. Well at least she was cute to me. She didn't put the whole thing in her mouth, she only sucked it near half-way. I must have been either dreaming of a girl I saw at the wedding I went to yesterday, or the girl that I like IRL.

Second dream, which occured in the morning, was about me riding my bike for long distances in the Australian desert. It must have been set off by my 5-day field trip I went to two weeks ago, to visit three different mines which were in the desert. I came up to a town in the desert and wanted to rest and buy stuff to drink. I rode past a white boy who saw me and called out racist remarks. I had been to a different town before and didn't expect people to be so incredibly racist.

Then, the boy's mother came out. She was a woman with evenly distributed blubber over her body. She was incredibly racist. As I rode my bike past her she shouted at me, chased me, and broke a whiskey bottle and chased me with that instead. I prayed that the idea of throwing the broken bottle at me never goes through her mind, because there wouldn't be a way for me to run away from that, being on a bicycle and all. Luckily, she didn't.

I overheard one of her shouts and apparently my brother drove through the area, past the same woman, and yelled a remark at her, which was why she wanted revenge. My brother isn't a huge dickhead though, I expect that the woman must have shouted at him first, and then he reflected it back onto her with some short one-off remark.

I rode to a public toilet next to a park in the town and hid in a cubicle from the other townsfolk, who were probably violently racist too. Soon, a lean little boy with a schoolbag walked in. He had brown skin and blasck curly hair, certainly not a white kid... He must be one of those arabs I see back in my home city.

I call out to him and ask him if he could help me get out of the town to a safer town/back home. I also ask him if he's lebanese. He says no, and I'm like 'are you for real?' and he says no again. I look at his schoolbag, which has crap scrawled all over it, and read a name "Hussein" which is a lebanese name, and just thought 'whatever'..

The kid was here training for cross-country running. His dad comes every monday to bring him back to the city, but that was three days into the future and I didnt want to be a burden on his family.

Then some old white guy came in. We both went into the cubicle to hide, and I hoped he didn't try to look down through to the gap between the walls in each cubicle because he would have seen two pairs of feet which would have been weird. Thankfully he just went into the cubicle next to us and started taking a shit.

And thats the end.

>> No.1265   [Delete]   [Edit]

I knew I had some dreams this morning but I completely forgot them.

>> No.1332   [Delete]   [Edit]

Today I had some dream about a visual novel. There was a screen with six squares with a picture in it indicated six different choices. If you clicked on one you'd be shown some video. They were often grotesque. One of them was about the AIR visual novel. The last one square, the one I viewed just before I woke up, was about some cartoon blonde girl sad because of a break up so she clipped off the teats of her breasts with some pliers and sandpapered her areola. Yeah thats weird.

A few days ago I also dreamt of looking at myself from top-down style, like in GTA 2. I drove a car off a roof, over some ocean, onto a pier. Then I explored a little and found I was stuck on the pier unless I attempted a near suicidal jump using a car back to the mainland. I was scared my car wouldn't have enough acceleration to make it.

It didn't. I plunged into the water, and since I hadn't swum for a long time I had forgotten and had to relearn it in a flash. I was sinking and just when my head nearly submerged, I managed to calm down and tried floating. Somehow I managed to survive.

Some stuff happens. Then I find myself in a situation where I'm being held down by some black guy who was trying to rape me. He was just rubbing his dick on my asshole and I was scared of him putting it in. I tried struggling out and elbowing as much as I could, but he was too strong.

I woke up and found that my boxers were positioned in such a way that it tickled my crack.

>> No.1333   [Delete]   [Edit]

So I had this dream where my sister farted on me then let me lick her panties like a nice young girl. Suddenly I awoke to a throbbing, cold stream in my pants. I looked up and saw that the roof of my house had been torn off, my sister was the size of a mountain and was smooshing the house between her feet. I could see her sexy shit-stained panties from my bed and it made me cum again. My sister looked down at my boner and gasped. "Oh my, that's the hardest I've witnessed!" she said. She reached down droolingly and grabbed my bed with her fingers, then lifted me up to her face. "I can't contain myself anymore, Sirno. I want your cum inside me!" She opened up her mouth and dropped me in, but I quickly grabbed on to her uvula as the bed fell down her throat. My sister swallowed the bed, then burped. The mouth-flatulence caused my hardest boner to get hardester. My sister seemed frustrated. "Maybe it will be better for you to be in my fart-filled panties." At the mention of the word "fart", cum started spraying out of my dick again. "It's settled then. You're going to go into my bum." My sister reached into her mouth, grabbed me, pulled the rim of the back of her pants, then dropped me. I fell down into the dark abyss of my sister's buttcrack, cumming all the way. Suddenly my sister FARTED. I whooshed upward, then woke up in my bed with cum staining my panties. My sister was standing at the foot of my bed, watching me in horror. She asked me why her panties were stretched out, why there were pictures in my closet of of her changing lying next to some crumpled-up tissues, and why I was saying her name and moaning a few minutes ago. She sure is full of questions for a fourteen year-old, I'll give her that. After that she farted, then jizz shot through my covers and hit the ceilling.

>> No.1337   [Delete]   [Edit]

I had a sex dream this morning. For no reason at all, I was a female, and doing tribadism with some MILF. By which I mean SILF. By which I mean my sister. After that I played GTA and got raped by a black person. Haxors.

>> No.1405   [Delete]   [Edit]

Today dreamed of perving on my neighbor like I usually do. She undressed and dropped her clothes to the ground, as she did this she turned around, showing her ass to me, she was wearing a g-string or something. I don't even like ass, why couldn't I dreamed of breasts instead?

I forgot some large chunks of that dream.

>> No.1414   [Delete]   [Edit]

Today I dreamed of looking at my neighbor through the window again. It was a bit different this time. I had just woken up and my hair was all messed up and I was dressed messily in pyjamas. I look outside through slightly-angled blinds, and it is bright. For some reason, my room is on the ground floor and is right next to the courtyard in the backyard of my neighbor's house. Instead of my real neighbor, I see a different girl I know whos name is C, standing there with her mother and father. C is wearing these red pyjamas, and seems to have woken up recently too, but her hair was brushed already.

I stood there looking at C, who I'm still a little attracted to, until she noticed and looked back at me. I'm not really supposed to be around her, so I kind of look down and try to convey to her that I'm ashamed that she's seen me. I'm not really good at facial expressions though so from her perspective I probably looked down at the ground blankly.

Then I just walked out the door without grooming myself whatsoever, messed up hair and pyjamas falling off my ass and everything. The door leads outside around the building in full view of my neighbors. I go to the dining room of my house, and my house is some kind of woodier darker version, except it only has one story. The inside looks similar to the house of my friend C.T in primary school which I visited a lot back then. My mum is there, so is my grandma and my cousin from Vietnam's wife (who visited for one week in 2011). They're sitting around a dark wooden table with shrine offerings.

This dream and the last occured when I woke up at 7AM and went back to snooze for a bit until 8 because I didn't have school and thus a reason to wake up that early. I think I might do this more often if I get to have more dreams.

>> No.1490   [Delete]   [Edit]

Another one this morning. I was infiltrating this strange cult colony which was extremely violent towards outsiders with my mum. Members of this cult wear these clothes similar to surgical gowns, and there were some cultists patrolling the grounds while holding assault rifles. The grounds was a series of demountables and contained all things neccesary for life.

I come across one of the demountables with a class inside with the door open. I sort of walk back and forth past the open door to see inside the building: its a grade school class with a middle aged woman with wavy black hair teaching. I walk inside a small walled-off section of the same building which had a kitchen sink in it.

Suddenly the teacher comes in and starts giving me a hard time. I mustve drawn too much attention to myself. Soon two other women in those surgical gowns also came in, and I knew the situation was going to lead to them calling one of the soldiers and having me and my mum summarily executed (oh yeah my mum was also there for some reason).

I thought to myself "Tch, I deserve this for not being cautious enough". I didn't want to kill, but with the situation escalating me and my mum would end up tortured and dead so its better them than me. I assume I was the only one with actual fighting experience and draw out a long serrated bread knife and stab the three gowned ladies within an instant, killing them. I told my mum that the situation was bad and we must leave, but if we left together I'd feel like I couldn't abandon her and I'd be slowed down by her and we'd both get killed, so it'd be better if we took our chances with splitting up. We stole the gowns from two of the women and wore them. During the stabbing I was careful not to spread bloodstains everywhere, but my mum's gown had blood on it, and I suggested she could hide it by hugging a stack of papers and pretending she was a worker there or something. I hid the dead bodies in the cupboard beneath the sink, to further delay the soldiers getting notified (if someone came across the bodies they'd be put on alert). My gown didn't have blood, and I decided to simply do a death run outside of the compound instead of take it slowly and risk getting pulled up by a soldier or something. I told my mum not to run though, and to just walk and look like she had business inside the compound because she looked a lot more like a civilian than I did.

The end.

>> No.1498   [Delete]   [Edit]

I had one four or five days ago but didn't get acres to a computer to write it on. I forgot many details.

I was myself except as a young businessman. I was sent to japan. I lived in a business class hotel room for one. In the corner stood an attractive well dressed lady. Well actually not a lady, but rather a robot who looked like one. She basically looked like the actroid robot. She did simple things like greeting me when I came into the room with a smile, asking me questions about dinner And showers, and simple chores such as folding clothes and making the bed.

Obviously one of the first things I thought when I saw her was whether I could have sex with her. Her eyes were lifeless and movements mechanical, but otherwise she was still pretty lifelike, so I was excited. I figured I could at the least somehow get a simple handjob from her. Then I wondered if she was anatomically correct down there. I ripped her skirt off and saw that she was.

Somehow I learned that she could perform sex acs, except only really simple ones, as if her main function was only as a receptionist and he sex were an afterthought only tacked on later, or even hacked into her.

I chucked her onto the bed and stripped her naked. I wanted to leap onto her and start thrusting which kneading and sucking her breasts, but suddenly a thougt struck me: do they properly clean these things If at all? I don't want to share some other guys germs, or god forbid thrust into her when she's still full of stale semen and contract HIV or something. I was like "eh, this sucks I really wanted to have sex". I thought about cleaning her, but it'd probably take too much effort to clean her to my high standards even if I did something as drastic as take her into the shower with me. I thougt maybe I'd just wash her hand and settle for the handjob anyway.

Yah, sucks I can't even have sex with an inanimate object in my dreams.

>> No.1500   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1313891790427.jpg -(13.2 KiB, 250x191) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

She looked like this version of the actroid (the Akiba one). Decided to post a pic in case someone thought it was the freaky one that looked like a mother.

>> No.1516   [Delete]   [Edit]

Something lame about me being in some country hick town. With no water. And I had to piss in these cups with scented candles in it instead of a toilet in some noisy racist bar, abd I accidentally touched my dick in the urine so I did and agonizing walk to the water spigot hold my dick so the pee wouldn't touch the inside of my underwear.

>> No.1539   [Delete]   [Edit]

A pretty nonsensical one this morning. I know i forgot a lot but I'll try to write as much as I can down.

Part one: in high school library. The librarian was Italian for some reason, lots of red greasy pasta type food. I was some kinda eccentric retard kid and having a hoot cracking jokes with this class sitting at the desk area in front of the computers. They were laughing at me not with me but I was either oblivious or knew but didn't care.

The teacher was this short fat brown haired woman with black clothes, she taught me science in year seven. A blonde girl in the class called Amanda yelled "haha, sino!" after a joke which had nothing to do with me, and I was like "why'd you shout out my name?".

Suddenly this brown skinned fob kid who looked like Crump started drumming on the desk and shouted while pointing at some Asian guy that everyone knew he fancied the Asian girl (who happened to be sitting a few spaces away from him). The whole classes turned to him and started eggibg him on to make a move. He was this aorta nerdy brown skinned thin guy with a cool hairstyle, wearing a hoodie and has moustache stubble. The girl was pretty attractive, almost the size if the guy with white skin, long black hair wearing some kind of trendy black dress.

>> No.1540   [Delete]   [Edit]

Part 2: now I'm at some kinda huge party which tons of Asian teens? There's a huge white stairwell going up a hill to the party house which was a white castle or mansion. At the bases to the left was a green lake. I was waiting in line to go in. The line went from the castle almost the length of the stairs.

Some people seeing the lines liength tried to push in in front of me. Some white guy, then an Indian girl. They persisted in pushing for so long I just let them, but to prevent any more I turned back and threatened any others who tried with I dunno. The threat had something to do with the secateurs/pliers hybrid that was in my hand for some reason.

Now I'm in the party house and it's my old house for some reason? It was winding down. There was this room where some of the teens were list or waiting fir their oarents or whatever: mainly the lame sheltered type were there. I went there cause I thought I might see that girl I like. I didn t see her (man, why can I feel her prescence in so e dreams but not see her face?). I did however see C! She didn't cut her hair for long time, so she sorta had sideburns.

I looked at her, we met eyes for a bit, looked at. Then I looked at her again and she was looking at me. This time I decided to smile and then took off my helmet and do a thumbs up (dunno why I had a helmet on.) she was sorta like facepalmibg after that. I guess she still doesn't like me.

Sitting at the edge was this girl named L.lo and her bro. I chatted with them for a bit then left. Smiled at C when I walked out. as I went down the hallway I looked back and could see C's head.

Anyway I was hungry and looked for food. It wasn't actually my house since my family rented it, so the food inside wouldn't have belonged to me, I guess I felt entitled to it anyway? I looked for some instant noodles.

Then the alarm rang.

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