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Had a rather interesting dream, where my grandpa had to go to the UK for his job and took me along, and I ended up getting lost there.

At first I was bragging on facebook about it, like "I'm in the UK, bitchez!"...but after it became apparent I wasn't coming home anytime soon, I was like "...I'm stuck in the UK. Halp."

I did get home evntually, though I don't know how. The dream just sorta shifted focus to me being home.

It was still fun being stuck there though. Got to explore the countryside and eat lots of fish n' chips.

When I got home, it was Halloween and there was some kinda party going on at my old high school. So I dressed up as a lady...

I met a friend who is currently dating my ex girlfriend there, and he really thought I was a girl at first and was flirting with me (my ex was nowhere to be found).

When he found out who I was, he was kinda shocked at first, but we talked for a while and we got into my car to go somewhere, and some other kids got in with us for some reason and we all just sat and talked for a bit.

There was this big hairy kid in the front seat...

...except he was actually a goddamn bear that got into my car somehow.

I got out of the car in a panic...and there were bears everywhere!

I thought they might have been people in costumes at first, until the one in my car started licking my hand and making bear noises. Had a wet nose and everything...

The bears did end up being friendly I guess...they kept licking my hand like dogs do and they let me pet them and stuff

After that I woke up, then went back to sleep and found myself in my house...

I plugged my nose and was still able to breathe through it, and I was like "oh shit I fell back asleep and I'm dreaming again"

So I took a leisurely flight through the forest, but got a little too excited trying to dodge a power line and woke up.

Aaaand that's the end of my subconscious journeys for that day.

Fuckin' bears, man...

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Taking this thread as a chance to get a dream off my chest, with your mention of crossdressing elements in dreams.

You see, in tis dream i was being forced into some sort of fancy uniform. It consisted of a red blazer. a white shirt/blouse, a long skirt stopping just above my ankles (It was Brownish like Poniko's, hnng), and white socks.
After i was placed into this uniform, i ran from the people/person, i came across a mirror, and after seeing the admittedly nice uniform, i come to a conclusion.

I liked it. It was comfortable.

So then i wake up left to rethink my life.

That is all.

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