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An occasionly recurring theme in my dreams is one of/all my teeth suffering irreversible damage and/or being pulled/falling out.

Does this happen to anyone else? Does it mean something?

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remember reading somewhere that it's a common element in dreams.

On a somewhat related note, i sometimes have dreams of my limbs locking up or suddenly being amputated/falling of/pulled off.

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oh yeah, i remeber my front 3 teeth rotting off on my right side quite vividly.
i carried them around with me for a bit trying to put them back.
i don't often get it but it stuck out in my mind allot.

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This occurred to me once where I noticed 2 of my teeth missing, then another one fell.

Something that happens to me more often to me is seeing my skin rapidly disappearing, like it's being eaten by some kind of bacteria and start seeing my flesh and bones.

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