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Funny dream time

Last night i had a dream where i was on "robot pirate island" as sly cooper. Almost everything was water and i had to eat raymans foot to fly to a different island with a giant bowser on it. I then dropped a box on my head and bowser drowned

The end.

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Here's a slightly revised entry out of my dream diary, and by revised I mean the original narration was even worse. March 8, 2010. Skip to the second paragraph if you just
want the crazier parts.

First, we (though I don't know who 'we' is supposed to be) were all sitting around a coffee table on these lovely red couches. We were in a mansion-like place, complete with
a maid and butler. I'm a girl for some reason. Some friends were with me while the maid and butler were standing in the doorway looking suspicious. The hostess (for what I
don't even) was carelessly wandering around with a cup of tea. Everyone was discussing the murder, though I know none of the details. I simply knew that someone had
died. Hostess leaves, maid pulls out a knife. I pull out a flute and start playing at her, and she walks away.
Here's where it gets good. Meanwhile, at the entrance of the mansion, there's a small tunnel. The entrance to the said tunnel is a sort of hologram meant to conceal the
tunnel. At the other end were two large wooden doors. Inside this tunnel is a tall, distinguished business man, complete with monocle, mustache, and top hat. He has a
beagle by his side. Finally, he is armed with a giant syringe strapped to his back which is slightly larger than the man himself. He was clearly guarding the door. Suddenly,
outside, Moby Dick rises out of the water, Captain Ahab riding on his back. Moby Dick shoots eye beams at the hologram gate and takes it down, leading the businessman to
mutter a small curse. Ahab and the whale charge towards the door when the businessman promptly leaps up and slices Moby Dick in half with one strike.
Cut to me sitting on the couch, Dad beside me. We're watching TV. I say, "Best. Show. Ever." And then I wake up.

tl;dr distinguished gentleman armed with syringe and beagle VS Captain Ahab and Moby Dick with eye beams.

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