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I was just talking to a friend of mine, and happened to mention my first TOTALLY lucid dream. She's mentioned before that she lucid dreams (or at least, her dreams are crazily vivid), so I asked what she dreams.
As it turns out, every night, she suffers from horrific and vivid nightmares. Examples?

-Bathing, when the water in the bath becomes blood and the walls acid. A person in the wall screams for help.
-A young man rips out his fingerbones and/or eyes
-Ghosts rip her apart in graphic detail.

They're so bad that she's avoiding sleeping too much. She's been having them for around 3/4 years, since she started having anxiety issues, and she takes no medication.

So, /yume, a challenge- why does my friend dream this way? And even better - can she stop?

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Anything drastic happen to her in the past?

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It's only lucid when she is aware that it's a dream. The best she could do is to train lucid dreaming, so she'll know when it's a dream and do something about it, I guess..

Also, I had a friend that had some crazy nightmares too, he started training and got better. Pic related.

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Fuck if i try this now and see FACE when i open my eyes...

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Wait... The mirror part... That's bullshit. I had a lucid dream I was in the school bathroom and I looked at the mirror, and there I was.

Anyway if that happened then I don't think that could work for me... :/

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During some of them, I think she's lucid, but not others.
I'll tell her to try that. Thanks!

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Tell her to take the Amon26 route and just make an indie video game out of it. Nightmares are less scary when you force them into a solid form that you can manipulate.

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>since she started having anxiety issues

you found out the cause already.

if not being 100% lucid to change the dream (ideal results), one can at least take it in a satirical view in his sleep.
I've had nonstop nightmares every night since this past January and it's come to that for me.
I rewind dreams and redo scenes so they make more sense. I comment on them. sometimes i "smirk" at it, so to speak. a lot of the time i still get disturbed by them, though.*

There are multiple ways to check if it's a dream, and it's just about finding what's good for you. Clocks, lights, mirrors, and going underwater have never been good for telling me whether it's a dream or not... usually when i am in a dream, i either don't "consciously" recognize it or i do. I just know the feeling, i guess... i feel heavy and burdened in my dreams, it's unlike any sensation in the living world, I don't know. if anything, just analyze the situation around you and what just happened to make a decision about what you do next to tell if it's a dream or not. a lot of the time, those specific classic indicators i listed are nowhere around me, so... yea

I own a writing journal and i document a lot of my dreams in it... but when i started having my nightmares i didn't even want to write them down. if i wrote them down I would have remembered them. She might not feel the same way... but counterexample provided regardless

*I killed someone in my dream the night before last by stabbing them with a really short, headless spear. i remember what it looked like pretty vividly, since i had to choose it off the wall. it was the longest weapon i could find. i remember i held it out in front of me and the girl i killed impaled herself on it; i pierced straight through her ribs and a lung on her right side. missed her heart, though. it was enough to get me extremely anxious/shocked and wake up.

I've woken up out of breath before.
oftentimes i wake up amidst an anxiety attack.

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Ugh, im having alot of trouble with lucid dreaming. I cant even manage to make my body fall asleep! I even put a quartz under my pillow. I ignored all of the impulses. But when i started to get the heavy feeling in my chest and opened my eyes and closed them again nothing happened! What should i do? I really want to control my dreams!

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The method I posted is the hardest to master, but if you keep trying you'll eventually do it. You have to wait more time, you'll feel your body going numb, but if you can still move it, you're not in sleep paralysis..

AFTER you get to sleep paralysis, then you can start dreaming. I'm not sure about this part tho, I tried this for a month and after figuring everything out my life got busy, and everytime I tried having a lucid dream I'd wake up in tired as fuck in the next day. It did help me remembering my dreams tho, keeping a dream journal also helps.

If you really want to try lucid dreaming, here are other techniques :


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In my opinion, the most efficient way seems to be reality checks. But I guess it changes from person to person.

Also I've only had 3 so far ;_;

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read here

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