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So, since I've discovered the ability to remember my dreams I'm going to write them down from now on in order to learn more about myself. I asked Rozen if it was okay to post them here, because I have some strange and controversial topics in my mind all the time.

Note that I have no intention of acting on any of my thoughts, unless I directly say so.

Added tripcode, realized I was just asking for it.

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I picked up sarah, no, sarah picked me up, but we drove my car, and we drove somewhere, we stopped at a gas station, because it was raining heavily, some whore who was with us, got out, I think we picked her up off of the side of the road, I locked the doors, and when she came back, she was beating the shit outta my car. I acted as if I was going to call 911 and she ran off, but I didn't mean to actually call 911, and now I was talking to the emergency operator. It was annoying takling to him, and it makes me never want to call 911 again.

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I was told by xion that we were going someplace, I think it was south, but it would be a long drive, and my cars a mess so I had to get it ready. instead of getting ready I decided to sleep, and told them it was a good idea because I'm driving and you don't want me falling asleep at the wheel. so I woke up extrememly late and cleaning the car was essentially no fun, but I was finally ready but they were nowhere to be found, I knew we were a day late by now but that shouldn't matter. I couldn't find them and while I was happy that my car was clean, my car was just like before in reality, so that made me mad.

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Kenny called me up wanting to hang out, so I said yeah man lets do it. It was nighttime btw. We talked for a bit seeing if I remembered where he lived, he said he'd give me directions, and I said na just give me your address and I'll run it through google, then it hit me, he still lived over by where todd lived, so I said I'll be over there shortly. when I got there, it was like he was sneaking out or something. there was another car there, but I don't remember where it goes later, and he wants to drive my car, I don't remember how much I thought about this, but I let him. I didn't see him for a while, I heard cop sirens and crazy shit, I hid behind a sign, as a cop on a motorcycle drove by, I heard on the radio that a huge homacide had went down, and they haven't found the attacker yet, shit was crazy. so I had to move fast, because now there was a goddamn psycho on the loose. I made it out of the suburbs and apparently there was a pond here and a large wooden building, I don't know what it's called, (it's like a tower, made with old crickety wood, and it just has stairs going up and up in a spiral, to get to the top, I guess you'd call it a lookout?) anyway, I met kenny there and I asked him where my car was, all he did was point into the pond, I yelled shit and jumped into it thinking I could do something, but ofcourse I couldn't. I started climbing that wooden tower (by the stairs it had) and was so mad I was punching the beams that held it up. Abrupt End.

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It was a few years ago, in my previous place of residence. I was around age 16 at the time, I was good friends with the people down the street, and they had a daughter, probably around age 4 (I don't know if these people live in the house that is really there.) One day, they decided to let me babysit, but they wanted me to take her to my parents house, rather than stay at their home. (probably didn't want me meddling with their stuff, they probably had expensive things) so on the way back I had to carry her, and that made me feel aroused. we walked past many houses, (duh, it's a suburban neighborhood) but one house had some people standing at the front door, and I heard "Mom! Dad finally fit it in her!" and she looked around to see if anyone was around, I gave her a death gaze because I knew what was going on, those people were sexing a little girl. It made me so mad but I couldn't help my feelings as well. The little girl I was carrying asked me what was wrong and I told her to never ever go near that place. Almost home, I think she felt my arousal and said it would be okay, and I said I didn't want to hurt her, she said it would be okay to rub against her and I still didn't know what to think about that. We got inside and apparently we were alone, I think I showed her the powerpuff girls and then we went to the bathroom, probably to give her a bath, but apparently we were going to sex things up. ffffff I can't be doing this, but oh, it was so delicious, rubbing my cock against her tiny little vag, she wasn't distraught about this at all, and apparently it slipped in her and it was like she was rubber. then she grew a dick and I sucked it and then it dissapeared, that's what happens when you suck a futa dick. I don't remember much after that, she probably licked my penis and sucked it while we continued to rub against each other. oh it was so good. I didn't cum though. I don't have sex related dreams, so this is strange, even for me.

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(and how so ironically contradictory those events are)

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I haven't been remembering my dreams lately. It's slightly annoying. Any tip's to get them back?

I mean, it's back to the same old "Wake up, blank." thing from before. It's really annoying.

Also, I'm open for and insight from any budding psycho's ahem I mean psychologists or whoever might be interested. I've really already obtained all the insight I needed from a good friend, but like I said, others are welcomed. Maybe I've sparked a fire in /yume/s ass.

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All I can say is, don't rush. Go do your usual stuff, while trying to remember the dream.. try to remember the most important aspects of it, your actions, think calmly. This happened to me a few weeks ago, I almost gave up on keeping a journal, but now I'm remembering much better than before.

Taiga not related

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Might just be me but I noticed if I work a lot or do lots of things I tend to have "just black" dream memories. I think it has to do with when you sleep, your brain does something to help your memory. I think if it works more, the less it has time for REM sleep. I could be wrong but that's my hypothesis. I know if I sleep after a lot of work I usually have those blanks.
Ironically the best way to have better dream recall (for me at least) is to rest.

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A friend and I were driving for a long time in a tiny car. Apparently we stop at a river, and get out with a small purple plastic/rubber case. It wouldn't open and I didn't know what was in it, but we set it by the bank. An aligator/crocodile (dunno) came out of the river and walked around and because it was there we couldn't retrieve our box. We went back to the road to find an even smaller car, absurdly tiny. I don't know how, but I just got in, it seemed like I shrunk right in, and started driving it around. It was kinda like a go-kart but it was shaped like a topless car. My friend wouldn't get in, and it didn't seem as if he'd fit. Abrupt end.

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the setting isn't too clear, and I'm in a group of friends, it's all a little fuzzy, but I remember it. It doesn't make any sense like the last ones. It seems I started using a skateboard to move around town, and it was in a way that I was laying on it longways, facedown. That way I could roll around and whatnot. Ahem, anyway, some way, it became popular and my close friends joined me, although it was some sort of "cult" thing, and apparently was religious. While rolling down the road at night, there was a lady (long black hair, didn't see much of her) who approached one of my friends, and she had previously expressed interest in joining our group, however she had been turned down, and was here this time to complain (crazily) "Why wasn't I chosen!? Am I not good enough? Please let me in!" Ehh yadda yadda. Anyway, timeskip to next day, we're sitting in a building, and talking, they say something about a saying, and I miss it, but they continue talking. Now I'm out of the loop, and this pissed me off, so I kept asking what the saying was, eventually I yelled "GODDAMNIT WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE SAYING?" And apparently this apprently revealed my religious beliefs, and was then promptly yelled at, and the whole house was chanting to through me out, and I'm thrown out. I lost the dream with the thoughts "They threw their own creator out of their society. How fitting."

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todays dream was weird pedolicious as well. I'm at this house that I know, but can't remember whose, and theres a loli about age 7 who's like "I'mma strap you to a table and sex you" now I'm like "WHAT" and the next thing I know a box appears in my head and options 'Strap yourself in' or 'Strap in automatically' fuck I don't know anyway I pick automatically and fade to black... fade in, like one of those h-games, and I'm strapped to a table spread open and fucking vibe stuck up in me, and the room is full of people I don't know and the loli comes over and shes all naked and shes like not now go hide in the other room and I'm somehow moved to the other room but I'm unstrapped and fuck. In a sort of conciousness I apprently imagine picking up that little girl and shoving her on my ponos. But that didn't happen, I just thought that in my dream. Isn't that weird, concious thinking in a dream? Ahem, anyway, I dash out the side door and I'm not nude anymore, but theres a bee flying around and I'm like FUCK I HATE BEES and running and running but can't get away it's everywhere following me and my mom got scared and said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in bel-air.

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Get your ass back to /b/, my friend.

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I was riding in a bus to an unknown destination. I was in the back with a friend who is indistinguishable. While on the trip, friend throws the ball out of the window, and my brother who is driving apparently picks it up and throws it in the other lane of traffic. Another bus hits it and that bus stops and the driver gets out and gets angry at my brother. Continuing on we're followed by another weirdo but we spit on him and he grows grumpy and stops. We arrive at a destination and blank. But we were still there and there was another grumpy person who ticked me off, so I stayed out of his reach and taunted him. This went on for a while until I was placed deliberately within his reach and we both gave each other death stares from time to time but generally life went on. Then the dream ends.

Also last dream ended when my mom got scared. I just thought to post that instead for spice. also removed my tripcode because tripcoding attempts to break anonymity.

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>also removed my tripcode because tripcoding attempts to break anonymity.

Troll confirmed.

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Sorry, but I have no new dreams for you.

Some reality though.

I've been pretty lonely lately, I'm only here in this dark basement. I don't do anything; no gaming, no television, no fapping, nothing. I just lay here on this couch, staring into nothing, contemplating suicide.

Death is like dreaming forever, right?

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You when to see inception didn't you?

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no i didn't.

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teot is dead. thread locked.

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