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This board had the list of drugs that gave me trippy dreams!!
fix it nao

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Yes. Legal drugs that trip your dreams plz.

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oh hay people are actually using shit i drew my day is made
= sleep paralysis
= trippy

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That poster sized one made my parent want to burn all the YN drawings hanging in my room! Marry me!
and HELLZ NO AM I SLEEPING O MY BACK! Sleep paralysis is the scariest shit i can do to myself, and everyrtime i try i always slip between awake and sleep world. And i always spawn Uboa/Toriningen things that drag me around my room :c They arent the least bit trippy...

Name of legalized illegal drugs plz!

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I'm ashamed to admit, I hung that poster on my wall and then took it down myself ._.
anyway, on topic

morning glory seeds
contain LSA
can be purchased from your local gardening store or ordered online
a friend noms them regularly and so far I havent observed any long-lasting or damaging changes in him
i hope i wont get banned for this

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I almost took down my doodle I drew of the Quivering Jaw Monster... As adorable as it is, the eye stares straight at me from across the room...

Are those seeds ment to be nom'd on? I dont want to go around shoving fertilizer in my mouth... What is this LSA supposed to do to ones dreams?

Recently Ive been having more vivid dreams... the most recent involved me opening a 5 star restaurant by the beach, except the restaurant was exclusively for BIRDS! And i dont mean serving birds as a dish, I mean serving dishes FOR birds! But then international spies tried to close it down cuz I had Millions of birds visiting each day! I also remember the restaurant being under th beach itself!

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There's a vitamin, like B6? And melatonin. Also lots of cheese.

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Antidepressants usually give trippy dreams if you need them. The mechanism is usually the change in REM cycles. This is normally lots of restful sleep followed by one giant REM cycle. If you do not need them, well, good luck with your serotonin syndrome. I've been taking Citalopram for 3 months and the length of my dreams hasn't changed from first taking it. I can explore a lot more in lucid dreams, including the broken glass room.

A healthy way of getting nightmares is spicy food before bed for a few people, or delicious desserts and other sweets like that for vividness. Stay away from the cannabis, too. That stuff tends to fog out your inner demons, thus making you more prone to have vague dreams.

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Im curioius... Vitamin B6 is high in energy drinks typically... Is it a good idea to try one before bed, eventhough thet are unhealthy as hell...

Also I take back what I said about sleeping on my back! IT WORKS! I have my own dream world now, though its VERY uncreative since I wake up in my room and my yard isnt changed much... I also have effects/powers such as flutter jump, laundry(lol dont ask), and being able to change people's genders...
But I want Trippy acid dreams :c Eventhough its fun making it so my dad is my mom and my cousin a boy...

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Calea zacatechichi is called the dream herb, and smoking it or making tea with it practically guarantees that you will have incredibly detailed lucid dreams afterwords. You can find it on alot of sites, just search for it on google.

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There's a method on Cracked that isn't so much trippy dreams as it is... trippy anytime.

Copypasta'd for justice:
You are going to need three things: a ping-pong ball, a radio with headphones and a red light.

Step 1: Turn the radio to a station with just white noise (static), and put on your headphones.

Step 2: Cut the ping-pong ball in half and tape each half over your eyes.

Step 3: Turn the red light so it's facing your eyes.

Step 4: Sit there for at least a half an hour.

Step 5: Follow Ben Franklin and your new friend, Harold the unicorn, into the gumdrop forest, and live happily ever after.

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I think this would be trippier to anyone actually coming in to see you doing this.

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Requesting foods you ate before going to bed and had a lucid dream.
Also requesting foods that you noticed might helped you remember your dreams.

I asked once a dream character in a lucid dream, he answered to eat a mango. I hate them, I did, and it didn't do anything

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>Sleep paralasys


Poster size OP pic and quivering jaw? I must have these large versions for brick wall shitting.

Last edited 10/06/21(Mon)16:42.

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Perhaps you could practice making changes to your world, small at first then go larger. Thin you could construct a whole new trippy world. But i'm not sure if that'll work.
Also, how long do you stay on your back for? and do you have to close your eyes?

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>>251 The quivering jaw monster I hand drew on regular construction paper. Also drew the Allet pictures from .flow and hung them up...

GUISE I WANT TO LUCID DREAM AGAIN! I havent gone Lucid in MONTHS!!! Sleeping on my back doesnt seem to work anymore...

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File: 1277209486036.png -(1.7 MiB, 1000x1332) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

idk if this is big enough for printing but Uboachan doesnt let me post too huge files.
I should trace the other posters but I cant be bothered going to e-guy and taking screenshots.

On topic, I never ever ever EVER sleep on my back anymore because it's come to a point where it always results in sleep paralysis and (unpleasantly) trippy dreams. So I suspect it may have something to do with me brainwashing myself to think that sleeping on your back causes trippy dreams after seeing it happen just a couple of times.

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fakfakfakfak You are not safe even on your side!
Last night I tried to do the sleep paralysis thing by sleeping on my back, but after about 30 mins i decided it didnt work so I turned ack on my side and just stared into the darkness of my room and at the little stand by light of my wii...
THEN, Oh gawd the usual happened; a loud roaring begins in my ear as if I was falling threw the air, and this always signals that I am lucid dreaming/ in sleep paralysis mode. But like always, it started becoming all scary trippy like usual, but instead of trying to scream my head off so my brother can come slap me awake, I decided I wasnt going to let my fears stop me from lucid dreaming. I was beginning to be dragged by my fet off my bed to be dragged around by wo knows what again (ts usually Uboa or a Toriningen, yeah unoriginal) but with all my might I resisted and managed to float off my bed and get to my feet. But it wasnt before long that this orange light passed in front of me and I was back in my bed... I kept trying to get out and even got out the door a few times but the orange light would keep passing by and I'd be teleported back into my bed. Eventually I just let loose and my it turned into a real dream but I was barely lucid... it was just about me destroying a city using my Love sign Master Spark...
But the point is that if you try hard enough you can get yourself to have some control over the scary sleep paralysis dreams. And you dont need to be on you back all the time, just relax yourself like you would if you were on your back and keep your mind active but body still. Also the orange light I kept seeing was because it was the last thing I saw and focused on. I'll try again tonite only focusing on something else before I go to sleep... I dunno if I should try the posters hung in my room.
Also before, I use to listen to music while I tried to lucid dream/ sleep paralyze myself. More specifically, Yume Nikki remixes that are nice and relaxing and somewhat mellow, also some trance remixes of other music. One of my best lucid dreams had the Shield Folk Remix from /media/ playing in the background...

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Holy shit, do not watch The 4th Kind or you'll never sleep again hahaha (no seriously, don't.)

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I sleep on my back all the time, no good dreams (any dreams at all, I mean, Im blank) in a long time. come on people, bumpbump.

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File: 1278657911206.jpg -(10.6 KiB, 386x357) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I ate mushrooms, chicken, greenbeans and onions before I fell asleep in my plane seat.

Totally had a dream where the plane landed and the wings sawed through mountains and trees. And guys in karts were playing yu gi oh with holograms.

I want to blame the mushrooms. But it might have been the chicken

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salvia is legal but is extremely strong. do not use it or calea zateachichi if you are a first time drug user or you will have a very bad trip.

I have been prescribed ambien for two years now and it gives me very mellow, calm 'trip-like' experiences. It does come at a cost, though. you lose control of fine motor skills and your equilibrium becomes nonexistent, pretty much (though if you are able to keep yourself from falling over and hurting yourself, it adds significantly to the dreamy experience). think of it as the opposite of sleepwalking.
i would NOT recommend snorting ambien; taking it as instructed is strong enough. snorting it would be terrible and i have witnessed others snort it and they just... just no

Demo! http://bojou.haelstrom.net/d/voice/devious/Boja%20on%20Ambien.mp3

try to force yourself to bed after waking up in the morning, and keep doing it every time you wake up again. it will keep a constant shift of consciousness/unconsciousness and hopefully they will blend.

Last edited 10/07/23(Fri)09:01.

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it's not a good idea but skunk spray, if you fall asleep breathing the fumes, will induce trippy and vivid dreams, or so my Dad tells me. One sprayed under his house directly under his bed once.

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File: 1280932419749.jpg -(825.5 KiB, 1936x2592) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Found this shit at a 99cent store in California.

First night I tried it I slept awesomely and had a crazy long elaborate dream that was full of rain and a sweet azn girl.

Valerian root extract
Passion Flower herb
Celery Seed powder
Catnip powder (lol wut)
Hops powder
Dried orange peel powder

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HOSNAP! I was just about to order some zacatechichi too... Thanks for the warning.

BE MOAR SPECIFIC PLZ! If you havent noticed, there are many 99cent stores here in California ;^; The cat nip thing has me unsure though...


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It's just called "The 99 cent store" I think. It's in Redlands or Colton or some shit. Inland Empire area. I don't fuckin' know my brain has a hard time dealing with directions and large areas and shit.

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I have something very similar, and, not only does it not help my insomnia at all, but I have not seen any difference in my dreams.
Then again, I have some pretty weird dreams to begin with, so it could just go unnoticed or something.

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When I was 11, I took ritalin for my ADHD.
Created some weird-ass dreams I admit.
I don't take it anymore, but some of the dreams I had I remember most of them, but not all.

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