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Ever had a dream you cling to? That you absolutely can't let go or forget?

I had a dream at least 4 years ago, and I still think about it, it feels really stupid.

I met a person and he died, and I never dreamt about him again

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I've had really incredible personally insightful dreams, my subconscious telling me that something was wrong or explaining things I didn't understand to me. It was right, too, I simply had to listen to it.

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I had a dream that took place entirely as a western. I had a cowboy hat and all that jazz... It was the single most badass dream I've ever had.

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I dreamt that I saved a kid from drowning once.. it's my favorite dream. Everything seemed so realistic.. I don't want to forget that once I had dreams like that.

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I've had a lot of dreams that I've remembered from many years ago, but if I try to look back at any dream, I can remember it clear as day.

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The dreams I will never let myself forget are ones that I had when I was little. There's one I think of first constantly when I ask myself "what do I dream of?", and that's the one where I enter a painting and fly around. I've had that dream so many times, it's stuck to me. I haven't had it the same way in years... It's changed recently.

/stopping the babbling here derpderp

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A recurring dream I had as a child.
It started with me in my grandparents' house, I can't remember whether I found some sort of portal or the scene just changed, but suddenly I found myself in a dark hallway. It looked medieval; arched ceiling, made of grey bricks and lit only by torches that sat in iron holders along the walls. A red carpet lined the floor. I was on a huge black steed, riding through the hallway quite fast. I was holding the reins, but I didn't seem to have any control over the horse. Soon I approached a big, heavy-looking wooden door. Two little black plant pots stood either side of the door. They contained something red and spiky that almost looked like stylized flames. Just as I thought we were gonna crash into the door, it swung open.

I rode on for a while, and soon we approached another door. It looked just the same as the previous one, but the plant pots were bigger. We went through, and after a while we approached a door yet again. The pots were even bigger. We rode closer and closer, going very fast now, and just as we were inches from the door, I woke up.

I was quite little when I had this dream (I believe I had it twice), but I've held on to it until now, because I promised myself I'd find out what the dream means.

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I had a dream I met someone who died the day after they died.
It was like 8 years ago.

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I had a dream i had a dream about having a dream.

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Holy shit so have I. It was like... I had a dream, and in that dream I fell asleep and had another dream, then I woke up from it. Then I woke up again and it turned out I was dreaming the whole time... then I woke up AGAIN and it turned out I'd slept past the second period bell and someone stole my socks. Then I woke up for real when the bell actually rang.

But that's not a particularly special dream. I remember a couple of dreams from when I was little, like two or three years old. They were sort of nightmares. In one I was crawling out of my bedroom in the middle of the night and some shadowy creature was chasing me... I was afraid it would catch me but I made it to the living room and my mom told it off, and it drew up all guilty looking, and I ate a fat purple glitter crayon.
In another I was alone in the living room, hiding behind pillows on the couch. A lawn gnome slide into the room(it didn't wiggle or totter or bounce, it just scooted in like the carpet was a smooth floor). It could turn its head 360 degrees and its eyes glowed red as it tried to find me.

Other than those two I haven't remembered any other dreams until I started keeping a journal, but I feel like none of those are special either because I remember all of them. Because I wrote them all down. Yeah.

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Well I know when I was a kid I had this nightmare twice but about 1 year apart from each other.
I was running in some kind of mine with dim lights barely enough to see. Shadows of a mob of dwarfs and gnomes with pick axes, forks and torches are chasing me trough the mines. I finally arrive at a lit dead end and see their shadows arrive. I cover my face with my arms as I'm brutally killed without ever seeing what my aggressors really looked like.

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I had a dream I NEVER wanted to let go of, cause it filled my head with questions.
This was prolly about 17-16 years ago.
I remember sitting on this very high bridge up over a gorge, then this kid about my age (I was about 7 years old in this dream) and we sat and talked.
I remember saying something like "You know... I wonder... what will happen to us when we grow up?" And the kid said "Who knows. Best thing to do is wait. After all... you will decide our fate." As I turned my head to ask the kid what he meant, he was gone.

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I had a dream when I was five that my siblings, Optimus Prime and I fought robot raptors and Optimus was crushed under a freak boulder that also crushed the raptors. I never even liked Transformers.

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I know I had a dream where I was going to bed in my room but my right foot kept going deeper in the floor then my left. I realized I was dreaming and looked at my bed where I'm supposed to be sleeping in real life. Then one of my eyes shot open and was looking where I was standing in my dream and obviously I wasn't there either. But being at 2 different places at the same time and not seeing yourself gave me the impression that I didn't exist, a huge mindfuck moment. Got me questioning about reality for a while.

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I had a dream when I was really young that I'll never forget.

It starts out with me and my mom being at the local bathhouse. I'm about to step down into the water when it starts turning into blood. Soon every pool inside the building is filled with blood. And is if that wasn't enough freaking zombies began coming up from it all! Like the terrified child I was I immediately began calling out for my mom but can't find her. I then see her completely naked stepping down into a pool on the other side of a glass wall, of course also filled with blood. As she does her skin begins to melt away and she's left as a skeleton. I then wake up.

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I had a dream where I was supposed to go to a crappy play performance at school, but instead I skipped, and went to a forest. Every so often I would teleport to a completely different forest to a point where I was totally lost, but I felt happy about it. Along the way, I found a talking golden lap puppy, a pretty doll that acted like a little girl, and this amazing eagle griffin thing. Eventually, I ended up in my bedroom with them, and flying out the window on the griffin.
It's my favorite dream.

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I had a dream where I was in the future, trying to go back to my own time (Like Samurai Jack kinda). I met some chick with green hair and we became good friends. At the end I got in some rocket, and as i launched off, I saw them waving at me through a window.

I still remember most of that dream vivedly, even if it was over 5 years ago.

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There are several from when I was a little kid.
Pied Piper story esque, I felt like something was eating my toes while I was in bed.
Monsters Inc. When my mom, dad, and I went to the movie, I hid under the theater seats for the majority of it. At home, I had 3 different dreams about it: There was a teenage girl and a teenage boy with attack dogs (like German Shepherds) and they're standing by a tall white building. Then monsters swarm out of the building and I wake up while they fight the monsters.

Mikey must have made a big impression on me for this dream: I wake up in my bed, and I have to go to the bathroom. So I go into the hall. Now the hall has a mirror in it, and I have to turn towards the mirror to go to the bathroom. I do so and I have one eye in my forehead. Cue waking up, screaming and wetting my bed.
The next dream I had TWICE. Also Monsters Inc: I am watching like the dream is a TV program. Boo wakes up in her bed, goes to her door, opens, visits with different monsters than Mikey and the blue guy, then she turns into a monster herself. The second time I saw this, I knew what was going to happen, so I closed my "eyes" in the dream.
Completely Random: I'm playing on a playground with a life-sized Hello Kitty. Yeah, I don't know either.
Bad Dream from Eating stuff before bed: When I was really little, I had a slice of cheesecake before bed. I dreamt that I was being kidnapped from a preschool place by...people, I can't remember gender.
Arachnophobia Yay :D : I had a dream inside a dream. First stage: there is a HUGE spiderweb and a HUGE spider over my front door. Fake wake up: I wake up and there is a tarantula as big as my head on my pillow, then it disappears. It kinda looked like the spider on top of the Zoo Tycoon 2 bug house.
More Spiders :D : So there's a party at out house. I need to use the bathroom, so I go into the hall. Turns out the toilet is spawning spiders, and the only safe place is out living room. Cue waking up.

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yeah, i was a lesbain drug whore who whent back to a slum crammed with with other whores, tripped out and my trip was like i was in a video game.
i woke up from that since the place was being raided by police and i fleed to a fraudsters place and when i passed out i woke up.

i love that dream.

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I've got one. When I was really young, I had a dream that I was in this busted out, dark landscape. I guess it was night, but the sky was bright red- with darker red clouds like blood. There were buildings not unlike the Barracks world in Yume Nikki, only built of bricks and in black and white (with a slightly red tint due to the lighting). When I looked inside they were just darkness, with splotches of blood everywhere. Aside from the few clustered buildings, there was nothing else visible for miles around. At the very end of my dream I walked to the center of town, or the fort, or whatever. On a raised wooden platform there was a cross with a woman tied to it. She was also in monochrome.

I dreamed this when I was like eight. :(

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I had a dream when I was about 10 or so. It was really weird.

I was living at my friends house for some unknown reason, and her house was empty, and dark. I went into her basement because I heard some noises, and I saw her little brother. (The only things that were there was a TV and a Gamecube) I went over to him and asked him if I could play on the Gamecube, and he didn't respond to me. I kept trying to get his attention, but suddenly, he collapsed. I was scared, so I yelled for his mom. I kept yelling and yelling, and all she said was "He'll be ok...".

I had the almost exact same dream again a few months ago.
I almost remember all the details.

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I had a dream a long time ago, back when I was really young, because in my dream I barely went up to my mothers hip, and we still had our tiny blue car that was destroyed years ago.
My dad, mom, and I had been driving across this desert when we stopped by this giant pit. It was huge, and really deep, with a long rope ringing around it. There was only a single sign that said "Danger, do not go past rope." Oh, and when I dream, I'm not a part of it. Its more like there's another me and I'm watching whats happening to that me. So I saw how huge the pit was, and everyone(there was a lot of tourists) was specks compared to it. And in this dream, I remember seeing someone falling into the sand pit. They were just tumbling over and over, yet no one seemed to notice them, not even when they reached the bottom of the pit. At the bottom was this lake or something, and the person fell in. That was when I saw that the person was me. My dream self hit the surface of the black water and started to sink. She couldnt swim, I was to young. It was really dark in the water. I couldnt see anything but her, the light from above shining down only around her. She was scared. She wanted her mother to come and save her, wanted her father to pull her out. I knew what she was thinking, even if she didnt say a word. But all I could do was watch. And out from the darkness behind her came this monsterous creature . It opened its mouth- it had no teeth- and bit down around her middle. She opened her mouth, and the breath she was holding raced to the surface. She made one short, strangled cry.
And then I woke up.

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I had a dream when I was like, 3. I was climbing this endless vertical rock wall with that guy from the show with the lemur puppet. I fell.

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Oh my god, so many. There was one where I was in some sort of dark, twisted version of the high school I was attending at the time and accidentally shot one of my classmates, then another where I was turned into a hot female version of myself and put in the middle of a mass murder (where I was the only survivor) and some guy almost raped me on an elevator before he died a horrible death, another where I was a flying orange Sonic-The-Hedgehog styled echidna (the dream ended when I flew headfirst into a brick wall that literally appeared out of nowhere), etc. Most of my dreams are pretty tame / realistic / boring, so any dream where anything out of the ordinary happens, I'm definitely holding on to it.

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I had one dream where I was in a school made for supernatural creatures, like demons and stuff. I was a cat-demon and I met this kind of rebellious guy. You know, that type who skip classes to go smoke cigarettes and so on.
And one day after school he spontaneously offers to drive me home in his yellow Beetle. I gladly took the offer and I think we fell in love or something.
When I woke up, I was angry that I couldn't remember his face. But his name was Heck and he was a dullahan, but he had his head on his shoulders, so yeah... 9_6

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I once dreamed that I was in a school that was basically one big gladiator's tournament. There were crossbows and Billy clubs and spears and chariots and a few swords. Anyways the fighting was mostly for fun but there was no penalization for causing fatalities although it was down looked upon and often resulted in people ganging up on you. Anyways I had a sword and a pair of bat wings growing out of my back (but the wings are nothing new I have that in all my dreams).

At the beginning of each battle they just released hundreds of people into a field and said "FIGHT!" It was sort of a free for all so naturally people formed clans, you mess with one member you mess with them all. But I never joined a clan, I kept myself, and everyone that I battled a battle to the death. I wasn't afraid to cut someone in half who stood in my way, so everyone hated me so much. At one point in the dream a very large group that used strength in numbers and wielded Billy clubs and wore black robes confronted me. They kept rambling on about how what I was doing was wrong and how I'd pay the price if I didn't stop. So with one swing of my sword I cut the four in front of me in half midsentence. Then some big guy from a clan that was a head and a half taller than me and said "hey you can't" but that was only had time to say before he was in two places at once. So I turned to the rest of the clan and said "anyone else got som'n funny to say" they shook their heads and I said "didn't think so", and so they turned and walked away.

But the thing was that I wasn't the only one who had an exclusive all kill policy. The other was a girl about my age with long dark hair and a dark green, bloodstained, renaissance fashion dress. She also had a sword like I did. Everyone hated us but we both loved killing the people who hated us so much. As a result we decided to become a team and together we would kill everyone else. We sort of fell in love with each other and we both knew it but would never really admit to it.

We were just about to enter another battle when I woke up :(

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