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At once I had three consecutive dreams where I woke up from each one and went about my life.

Please help me.

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What you are experiencing are false awakenings. If you have these frequently, this is actually a pretty damn good thing, because adopting the habit of reality checking will help you have lucid dreams.

There are quite a few reality checks. The old cliches such as pinching yourself or the light switch test (except for YN fans :P) don't actually work unless you actually believe them to, and even then they can be dodgy. Try...

  • Reading. You just can't read in a dream. Also look at some text, then look back. If it changes, you are dreaming.
  • Look down. What are you wearing? Can you see the finer details of the palm of your hand?
  • (I don't recommend this one) Mirrors. Look at yourself in the mirror. You will look quite... different in a dream.
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Explain the mirror thing, I've heard that looking in a mirror warps your image of yourself in a dream. It intrigues me.

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>You just can't read in a dream.

Not practically or typically, but yeah you can in some cases.
People don't recommend looking into mirrors in dreams because they can reflect anything you think of the moment you glance away and look back at it, meaning if you just so happen to think of yourself with a weird, scary, inhuman, distorted expression, it will probably pop up on the other side of the mirror when you look back at it, startle the crap out of you, and wake you up. As if seeing something horrid on the other side of the mirror isn't enough, the moment you glance at it, you'll probably hear a loud sound like a gunshot or a scare chord that startles you even worse, just because your mind likes to screw with you when you're scared.

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