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I've been doing a lot of D&D work lately. In my dream, I was reading a homebrew entry for... Cloud Strife. I remember thinking "OH BOY HERE WE GO" when I clicked. It was ridiculous. Cloud was level 46 (when level 20 is the "maximum" for almost everyone), had a +15 keen vorpal greatsword of all sorts of random-ass shit for a buster sword, yadah. I was getting madder and madder as I read: "NO! This is WRONG! Cloud is NOT that powerful! FUCKING FANBOIS!!" And in a fit of pique I started pounding out my own player class based off ol' pointy-top. I remember exactly how I designed it and everything, then I woke up.

...should I actually make this? Slingshot myself past the Otaku Event Horizon for not only making a D&D conversion for something from Final Fantasy, but FFVII?

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Forget it. The world does not, nor will it ever need anything more that has anything to do with Final Fantasy VII.

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Oh you know you loved that game as a kid.

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I missed out on the Final Fantasy games as a kid, but I have had the opportunity to play FF7 (as well as a number of other FF games) as an adult with no nostalgia bias. FF7 wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. It deserves to drown in its own mediocrity and fade away, but it won't, simply because so many people grew up with it; their fond memories of an active childhood imagination will forever cloud the dull reality in front of them.

This is the very reason why we need to keep the kiddies off of cookie-cutter games like Call of Duty.

Being a kid makes everything seem better than it really is.

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>u only like it becoz nostalgia


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>eet haz suhch uh dahrk storelein an gewd karuktur duhvelopmant yu just hav NO TASTE11111


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The nostalgia argument is one of the worst excuses for belittling other people's fun that I've ever seen.

And seriously, having a hatedumb for something just because it's popular? This site really is full of fat preteen chick anti-conformists conforming to anti-conformity. Refer to link.

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I can understand being sick and tired of Final Fantasy (and JRPGs in general). They’ve victims of their own success, overexposed and overused, to the point where I personally feel “enough already, lets see something else.” I actually feel the same way about Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect.

But I think HATING popular games like these is ridiculous. It’s one of those things about gamers that bother me — a weird, deep-seeded and overblown resentment towards anything popular. If you always thought Star Ocean, Dragon Quest, etc. were stupid, that’s fine. But I’m willing to bet when they first played them, the vast majority of the people now brimming with Final-Fantasy-hate actually thought the games were pretty cool.

Consider that most gamers are from outcast stock, though, so it makes sense.

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