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I had a very strange dream a couple weeks ago, and I still can't get it out of my head. The dream was very zig-zaggy, going back and forth between settings. Most of the dream takes place inside my house, which for some reason has large holes in the walls and ceiling, making it so you can see outside. A flood happens in town due to...something like a dam spill I think, and I lay on the couch of my living room and observe the water rise in my place. As the water rises, and I feel myself submerge, my eyes open, and I spring out of a bathtub. Suddenly, I'm in a bathhouse, similar to the ones seen in Spirited Away. In the corner is a good friend of mine, Cindy, with her teeth ripped out, lying on the floor in front of her, and her eyes gouged out. She tilts her head in my direction and says "I forgive you." I rush out of the room, and end up in a dark alleyway after opening a door, where I'm surrounded by 3 other girls. We walk the empty street when a man and his friends try to pick us up, clearly having sexual ideas in mind. I try to make it away, and I'm grabbed by the wrist, causing me to trip and fall. As I hit the ground, I wake up in the middle of the desert, a tree bursting out of my stomach....and then I wake up.

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