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I've traveled many a url and I believe I have finally reached my destination to write down all my Touhou dreams that I have accumulated over the past year and a half. Dreams had been censored on /jp/ so this seems to be the most appropriate place to wright. I currently have 53 dreams to wright down during the creation of this thread, but I do expect and hope to have many more to jot down here. Feel free to ask questions, discuss these dreams, or wright down your own dreams involving Touhous in this thread.

I shall begin next post.

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1: My first Touhou dream. Cirno and I started "wrestling" and she eventually became a dominatrix.

2:During a FPS adventure, I remember entering a building and saw some sort of new Touhou game on a screen on a wall,, it had a 3dcg Marisa who took up most of the screen.

3:I remember controlling a 3D Sanae using an Xbox360 controller. You had to hold up and X to make her run up walls. She had the ability to jump on the enemy's head to defeat them.

4: During the end of another FPS adventure, I remember seeing Touhou characters appearing as holograms. The only one I really remember was Kanako and her full chest.

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5: Yuuka kissing me.

6: Reimu had a home in a large city, and I went to visit her. You had to sing the "Niko Miko Reimu" song for her to open the door, but I figured out that she wasn't there because there was a note near the door that said that she was at the market. I then walked over to Marisa's shed, which was right next to Reimu's home. I remember seeing a Yukkuri Marisa rolling around.

7: During yet another FPS adventure, as I was trying to get inside a restaurant to escape from someone shooting me, Remilia came out of the entrance and blocked me from going in for a moment.

Later on in the same dream, I was running down a street, and there were fairies, and a weird Yuuka doll standing up on the corners of streets. I remember one of the dolls meant death.

8:During a weird dream, I remember a picture of Cirno flashing in front of me when a boxing match was about to start.

9: There was a Futa Suwako who was raping Sanae.

10: There was an energy drink that made Cirno powerful. Sunnymilk, Lunachild and Starsaphire went to drink it, but I drank the rest of it before they could.

11: there was a radio made out of fans and copper wire. Sanae had something to do with it, but I can't remember what.

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12: While I was driving in a city, I notice a fast food restaurant called "Alice and Margatroid's" I stopped there and ordered something.

13: Something to do with Sanae, I don't quite remember.

14: Something to do with Kanako, I remember her making croissants like in that one picture.

15:I remember playing Touhou with Reimu with the needles from Mountain of faith, but it had super improved graphics and instead of enemy fairies, there were robots.

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First half of 16:

During a weird dream, I was Batman for a moment, and I was helping Robin out of a red crate in the sky, but the the "Camera angle" moved slightly, and I could see Yuuka climbing on the crate. Batman then put Robin back inside the crate and threw it down to the ground as fast as he could, in an effort to save Robin. When the crate hit the ground, Robin turned into a rubber fish, which I picked up and filled with water at a nearby stream. Apparently, that made too much noise, because Yuuka came down and snapped Hercules's neck (the one from the Disney movie.), which caused it to "reset" back to where I was filling the fish up with water. I then tried to do it more quietly, and when nothing happened when I filled it up, I squirted Yuuka while she was in the air with the water.

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Second half of 16:

It then turned into this weird game where Yuuka and I were facing odd against each other from on the ledges of my shower in my bathroom, but the shower was about five miles wide. I remember it had something to do with easy buttons on the side of the wall, and there was attack and defense points. Initially, she had way more attack and defense than me, but neither of us attacked for a while. Yuuka then attacked and killed Batman, and I began to panic. I began to search all along the walls of my bathroom to see if I could spot her, and for some reason, while Yuuka was on the walls, I thought she was supposed to look like a golden, glowing scarab. She eventually appeared behind me, and asked how I had become more powerful than her. She then struck at me with something, and didn't do any physical damage, but once she hit me, she checked these weird consoles that were inside my bathroom. She then said that this "wasn't right.", and that she was going to kill me. With that, she started smashing all the consoles and easy buttons. For some reason, I even started helping her. When the last easy button came around, she was right in front of it, and I felt ready to die. However, she said that it would be nice to rule over Hercules and Greece (I had become Hercules) so she came to a screen that looked like it was from the Hearts of Iron "do you wish to make an alliance" scree, that had a picture of some mountains on it. When she hit "accept"m her request was denied, she then turned around and starting walking towards me, then the dream ended.

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17: During a weird dream where I was 007, I remember Chen and Ran talking to each other, and that Chen had to be picked up by her parents at 12 in the morning. They then began to talk about asking Yukari to gap more time for them to play.

18:During a weird dream where I was flying a jet plane and shooting down other planes, I remember landing and going inside some sort of prison that was very dirty. Inside this prison, I noticed something pink in the corner, so I moved my "mouse cursor" over to it and clicked on it, and it turned out to be Tewi who was tied up with metal chains, and my clicking freed her. She said "Thank you" to me, and walked away. When I turned to check out the place more, I found Kogasa tied up in a chair. I went over to her, and she looked up at me. She then began to tell me, in a Russian female accent, how somebody had given all the other Kogasas in the world a liquid in a jar that was half their body weight, and how it killed them all. Sanae then came in and freed her from her bindings and then, in a weird cutscene, Sanae performed a "miracle", and Kogasa's face and dress became clean. Then, she used her power on herself and changed her face into that of a late twenty year-old woman. She then used her power on Kogasa again, and her face turned into that of a 60 year old man, with a multi-coloured beard. After that, they walked out of the prison together.

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19: During a dream where I was a spy, I remember that someone was holding a poster that had Sanae and the Moriya Shrine on it. It looked like it was drawn by a 6 year old child.

20:I remember being at an outdoor shop and saw a Touhou magazine with Momiji on it.

21:During a weird dream, I remember there was a game where you couldn't let Alice touch you for some reason. She chased me, and I ran from her. She eventually caught me, and I began to walk with her,trying to hold her hand, which was cold, shaking, and deathly pale. It was like she was trying to feel up my hand.

22:There was this weird game with Reimu, in which you had to dodge bullets while simultaneously having to jump up and latch onto these plants with her sparkly whip-rope in a cave. I controlled her with an xbox 360 controller.

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23: Another weird dream that had to do with something about getting "Master Sparked."

24:Kogasa and Mokou. Kogasa was holding up a sign that had the letters "mhigbe" and I kept thinking that it said "Masturbate". Mokou was wearing Kogasa's clothing, but it was grey and white.

25:I remember somebody was shooting up those normal enemy dolls during a weird fps adventure. Also, Sanae was there.

26: Something about 12.3 and using Reimu to graze stuff.

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27: Alice was in my dream, and someone with a strange accent said that she had done a great feet, being a seven-coloured puppeteer.

28: I remember going to a hotel, and for some reason, my clothes changed into Yukari's clothes and someone asked me, "Since when did you change into Yukari's clothes?"

29: At the very end of my dream, there was a little chibi Yukari.

30: Someone in an English accent announced, "And now the softest character in World of Tanks has been introduced; Youmu Konpaku." I then saw a king tiger from Company of Heroes.

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31: During a weird horror dream that was a mixture of The Thing and Silent Hill, I remember running away from my house, and aliens that has taken the form of Touhous were chasing me in the night. For some reason, I stopped, and they caught up to me. They soon surrounded me and said "Now is the time for the last Touhou to die." I then remember seeing pictures of different Touhous in a picture book. Then, the dream ended.

32: I remember something about someone who wanted to sway Youmu, who was apparently a Lunarian, and he first had to get her to like him, then he had to get her to eat these leaves on a stick that Kaguya had given to him. Also, I remember China had opened a Spanish restaurant, and whenever she came close or was doing a back flip, she lagged the "game".

33:During a weird dream in which I was running away from dinosaurs in a building, I remember having to play a boss in Touhou in order to unlock a door and continue moving. I remember playing Mystia, and I had to defeat the Scarlet Devil Mansion, starting with Remilia.

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34: Something about Sanae drinking "LXD"

35: A weird dream that had Reimu, Remilia, Sakuya, and a Yukurri Koakuma. At the end, they were dancing to some song I didn't know.

36: In a dream where I was an Imperial scout trooper with a sniper rifle, I remember Yuuka appearing in an extremely bright light, and she had a very large chest.

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37: I had to throw knives at Kaguya to do damage to her, and for some reason, she kept changing into Mokou

38: Something to do with Chen. I remember it being a long story, but I have forgotten most of it as I wright this into my diary.

39: In some weird, post apocalyptic world, I was going to be a part of a musical performance, but I forgot my reeds on my clarinet, so I packed up and went to sit in the audience that was to the side of where the orchestra was performing, and on the seats there was the names of who was going to sit there. I noticed that one of them said "Kogasa Tatara" and I saw her going to her seat, and she looked somewhat scared and shy. Before I could make my way over to sit next to her, she has already walked over to another row of seats and sat in a row with other people. I made my way over to her and found a seat next to her, but I was unable to sit down for some reason. That's all I can remember.

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40: In another post apocalyptic world, I remember seeing Letty in a seat inside a place for "passengers" inside of a very large battleship.

41: In yet another post apocalyptic world, I was inside of a house looking for a place to sleep, I remember seeing Remilia while I was walking in to another room, feasting on a loli. It was very bloody.

42: In a strange dream about Soviets taking over a 4chan building, I already knew that the soviets will be driven out by the necromorphs, and when I went out to check where they are, I saw Reimu and Sanae standing in an abandoned plaza. i saw them get attacked by something that was too fast for me to see, and I saw them start to change into necromorphs. I heard Sanae call out to me to kill her before she fully changed, but I was to scared to react. They began to close in on me and I remember Reimu and Sanae's now grotesque looking bodies jump up and latch onto the gate to the plaza, then they leaped onto my vehicle. That's all I can remember.

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43: In a dream about carnivorous human sized teddy bears, during my escape with some other person in a car from a supermarket where the bears were, I remember seeing Sanae and Kogasa together on a street as we were driving.

44: I remember Sakuya and something about her having three different sets of breast of varying sizes.

45: During some strange battle where I was fighting a shape shifting alien, I remember Reimu being launched into a room that had Okuu and Tenshi in it. When Reimmu landed in a bathtub full of milk, Tenshi sprang up and started to kiss Okuu because she thought she had hit her, but when she realized that it was Reimu, she jumped into the bathtub along with her and started to kiss her.

46: During a horror dream, I remember Kanako and Suwako in a very detailed sprite-based PV that my mind came up with.

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47: In a dream about some guy going to jail, when he was in the police station, he had two necklaces that had Sanae on them.

48: In a very strange dream about monsters and monster girls, I remember Byakuren trying to care for a giant Naga in a "cutscene", but ends up being eaten by it. That's when the "cutscene" ended, and I had to do battle with it. I lost and was being wrapped up by her tail, but I woke up before anything else happened.

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49: In a weird dream about Desert Punk and the first world war, my leg had been cut off and my left lung had been damaged by an Indian during a sword fight and I needed medical attention, so I headed back to base to the medical tent, and there was a blue-haired 2d woman was laying down on one of the beds. I asked her to get me another leg so I can go be with Junko, but then she started talking about how I always wanted to be with Junko and wondered if we still had something for each other. I somehow managed to climb on top of the bed and lay next to her, and I told her that what we had was still here. Once I said that, she rolled around on top of me, straddled me, and then morphed into Satori. She then began to torture me, and having no strength to resist, There was no escape. I remember her choking me, there was a lot of her trying to suffocate me.

50:I remember someone asking me why Kanako had such large breast compared to Sanae even though she fought many times. While I was asked, they both flashed before me.

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51: In a strange dream that was a spy adventure about nuclear complexes In the middle east, I remember becoming Cirno and using a move called "Brooklyn Freezing Brooklyn", where I would freeze myself.

52: I remember Sakuya getting mad a Minoriko for changing Sakuya's remix of Sleeping Terror, to the normal version repeatedly. Also, I remember there being a picture on the wall with Reimu and Sanae, and Sanae was saying to Reimu, "If you don't stop, I'll have to start doing your Porn."

53: I remember Chen being in a black and white photo, and Sanae's Hairstyle being for sale.

That's all I have for now.

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Well, I'm here with an update.

54: I remember being inside a supermarket, and I heard someone say that someone had made one of their robots blind, and their robot was a sinbag. It then became a battle between several Touhous, but I can only remember two of them, which are Yuuka and Alice. There was no danmaku; instead, they used these worm-like things to suck other people's energy and give them energy. They also began to wish for things like "energy to win the battle" and "complexity to win the battle". They all seemed to have one wish, but I couldn't see what they were using to make these wishes. When the battle had progressed about ten minutes, even though there was no clear winner, everything "reset" itself, the art style of the touhous changed, and there was Alice and another Touhou in the aisle where the fighting was. Yuuka came in after a moment, but instead of fighting, she planted a bomb on the shelve, and left. The bomb exploded and Alice and the other Touhou were burnt to a crisp. That is all I can remember.

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Keep it up, This is good stuff.

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Can your next dream be an erotic one please? :)

>> No.1497   [Delete]   [Edit]

Thanks. No more erotic dreams yet, but I'm trying my best to get some more in. If anyone has any tips for me to get them easier, I'm all ears.

However, I do have an update:

55: I remember seeing a picture of Reimu.

56: I remember seeing a manakin wearing Marisa's dress and Marisa standing near me.

57: I remember something about China lighting the way home for British Spitfire planes on the return during the night, after they did battle with the Bismark when they passed the sdm.

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These have made my day... Thank you.

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Damn. I seem to be having bad luck having more Touhou dreams lately...

Even though I've been having them for a while, I'm still not sure how to make them more frequent than other dreams.

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I suppose I'll contribute a few dreams of my own if that is no problem. Be warned, it is mostly Ran and PC-98 characters.

  1. I woke up badly wounded in a forest, possibly the forest of magic. I couldn't get up because my legs where paralyzed. I started panicking about how youkai where going to eat me and I couldn't protect myself when Ran showed up. She seemed very worried and her presence was reason for me to calm down. She said something about how I shouldn't be so reckless and that she was going to help get me back to see Yukari. The moment she mentioned Yukari I panicked again and started shouting about how it was Yukari that had done this to me and left me there. She looked shocked and scared and said somethings I can't remember well then helped me up. She helped me walk to a small shack in the forest. The dream ended not long after.
  2. Something about Shinki inviting me over for tea as usual and asking how I was enjoying my stay in Makai. Can't remember much.

3.Meira was standing over me with Reimu's yin yang orb in hand. She was offering me her other hand. My chest felt like it had been run through.

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Go to sleep horny.

>> No.1526   [Delete]   [Edit]


Very funny.

>> No.1527   [Delete]   [Edit]


Glad to see you approve. I can drop a few more if that's fine.

>> No.1530   [Delete]   [Edit]

Whats so funny about it?

>> No.1536   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yes, please. I'm still having a bit of bad luck having any new ones myself, so some fresh content is always welcomed here.

>> No.1537   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sure thing.

4. This one was a bit odd and less directly touhou involved. I was apparently part of some sort of future post-apocalyptic school program or something. It constantly snowed outside. Many of the other 'students' where touhou or youkai of some sort that I was unfamiliar with. Now that I think about it I don't think I saw many that where clearly human. Nothing special happened that I could remember besides me trying to strike up a friendship with a younger Ran which was successful albeit a bit awkward and discussing rumors with a few unfamiliar youkai.

5. Rather boring dream about walking down dozens of corridors and opening various doors looking for a battery or something. Next thing I know I open a door to find the eyes of a gap glaring at me. Was actually kinda scary since I didn't expect it and something told me bad things where about to happen. Good thing I woke up.

6. Mauled half to death by Mamizou Futatsuiwa while talking to some guy in a suit about business. He pulls a shotgun out of his briefcase and shoots us both with an insane grin on his face.

7. I'm some sort of animated mask or something pestering Reimu who is working as a shopping cart collector for Walmart or something like it. Apparently she lost a bet with Yukari and had to get a job in the outside world and came across me along the way and thought I might be worth some money.

8. Mimi-chan launches out of my chest at a giant Evengelion-esque mech that wasn't there a second ago.

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