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Because everyone have them...
I dreamt that i was in park, with friends, and everyone except of me ate cake, beacause I was in the bathroom at that time. When I got back, there was no cake left, so I tell them "Is that so? Well, since you all eat my cake, all this icecream is mine!"(Yeah, there was some icecream there, for some reaseon). A friend asks me if I can give him a little icecream, but I keep telling him that since all of them ate my cake, i won't give him any icecream. Suddenly, there is a bridge over me (still in the park, thats right) and I notice a door by my side. Inside, there is a bank, and I was really angry about everything, so I order the security guard to take me with some authority of the bank so I could complain about everything. So, the guard take me up through some stairs, and in the 2nd floor, we enter some door. Inside the door there was a looooong way of stone with purple sky and buildings floating all over the way. In the way, I find a really powerfull (?) cellphone in the floor, so I take it. The guard looks me with strange eyes so I tell them that I was planning to giving it back to it's owner (obviously, I was liyng, I was planning to keep the cellphone for myself). At the end of the street, there was a store. Inside it, there were manga on one side, and shoes on the other. The security guard that accompanied me all the way sits behind the desk. I ask him if that was the place where i could find an authority of the bank, and he says nothing. Then i've realized that he fooled me, and when I try to tell him something, he says "You didn't plan to return that cellphone right?". He got me, I was very surprised. "I have tricked you" he says, and he trhows a black rop at me and I end up tied. Just when I think that everything is over, i have a vision of a panda bear with a funny hat saying "I wonder if a have everything to go". Suddenly, I woke in my room, and over the desk, there was that same panda bear with the hat... tied with the same black rope that I was.

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Is anyone like me, where your dream always has to start in a weird way if you want to remember it/become lucid? For me, it's always either me watching myself play video games, or watching Youtube videos in black and white (both of which I spend all my time doing). It might just be that eveyone's method of dreaming is different, but has anyone had anything similar, or a certain pattern that undeniably happens at onset of dreaming?

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If this is always how it starts, you could focus on reality checking when you do this awake.
Check if it makes sense like, look at the letters of your keyboard for a few seconds, see if they change on the things on your screen.
The best thing would be to always question your surroundings so that habit can transfer for everyday life, to your dreams.

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Me I always end up standing, sitting in my bedroom.
This usually happens when I focus on my sleep and go inside my dream straight when falling asleep though and usually am lucid that way.
A;though their usually nothing interesting going on in my house unless I start fooling around with lights and mirrors.

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I always begin at a familiar scene, my house, my school, a school I went to in the past, an airport, etc. then when my dreams happen, I immediately understand I am dreaming, but since I don't have any will to actively change my dreams (yes, I'm a lucid dreamer who willingly doesn't control my dreams), they continue their course and eventually the dream becomes mroe and more fantastical until I have to return home again, then I wake up.

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I sort of have a "dream canon," where places reappear. Other than that it seems to have no pattern.

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I had a dream about a guy with warts. Next morning my wart was gone. wut.

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I'm having nightmares about jumping but never coming down what do

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Obey the laws of physics.

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Not OP, but I've been trying to get those for... a few months now. What you have to do if you really want to wake up, just hold your breath for as long as you can. Pinching yourself doesn't work at all.

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I have no clue Once in a dream my sister told me I wasn't awake, and insisted I was sleeping. It took her 3-4 times until I realized it. Tried really hard mentally to wake up when I realized, Why am I trying to wake up? Just cause she told me too? Had a very short lucid dream...
That's how I know mental efforts don't work, but I do notice that in lucid dreams I had it's when I start waiting, thinking without focusing on sences like hearing, touch or sight, it starts getting lighter to the point of going gray then black and then waking up.

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Once you realize that you're in the dream, slowly count backwards from 10

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so i normally listen to music every night, even in my sleep. i have lucid dreams almost daily, so that's probably what helps it.

but last night, i had a dream where the background music was the song that was playing! the song's lyrics was the dream's theme as well. (the song was head over heels by tears for fears, so it was a dream where i loved someone and they didn't feel the same)

i thought it was pretty amazing, something like this happen to anyone else? post.
so anyway, i had another dream after that. well, not another one, but it continued on from the last dream and the theme completely changed.
i was with my friends outside an abandoned building, which was also the same setting as a disturbing apocalyptic dream i had last week. i was talking to one of them, and surprisingly they reminded me of something i did to an enemy of mine in another dream i forgot about.. makes me wonder if our dreams are connected, haha. so then that same enemy appears, and pushes me out the door where i fell.. into another theme ._.

also, i would continue about the next one, but for some reason uboachan keeps saying "string refused".

Last edited 10/09/05(Sun)11:49.

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I listen to music to fall asleep every night and when I manage to remember all my dream, it's always really weird.
I have lucid dreams every once in a while, but once I had 6 in a week, 3 in the same day, in succession (Wake up, sleep, wake up sleep)
I do believe it help though.

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Well I can fall asleep to anything as long as it's repetitive at some point.
Like the same song on repeat all night I can, but on shuffle I can't. Maybe that'll help?
Me music rarely influence my dreams, but when they do, they integrate themselves in my dreams. Once it was someone's rigntone but another time it became someone's voice. That time it cued me that I was dreaming because I remembered that song was the one I was listening to.

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I don't really have lucid dreams, but I always fall asleep with the radio on, and sometimes I'll wake up and hear an ad or a song and realized it influenced the tail end of my dream.

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I tried it a few times, no lucid dreams for me. Sometimes when I hear a song I really like, it wakes me up, wich is annoying. That's why I don't do it anymore.

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ITT: Videogames related dreams.

When I was younger I used to dream about Zelda a whole lot. Not sure if anybody remembers this, but there was a huge "holy shit let's find the triforce" thing in 1997, so I played every day, searching for it (fuck you Ariana).

So, in one dream I was running around Hyrule field, when suddenly a black vortex appeared in the sky. Then it started sucking every character in the game into it, and it wasn't well made, really had N64 graphics. Then, after sucking the characters, it started sucking the scenery.. the trees, and everything in Hyrule field.

At this point it was just link floating around black space. Then suddenly ganondorf appeared and I had to fight him, I won and he revealed to be MARIO. Then I had to beat him again in his Mario form, in some sort of grid-like thing..

After I beat him, he said Nintendo was proud and gave me the Triforce. It was beautiful. )':

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File: 1284646023272.png -(14.4 KiB, 135x353) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A couple of months ago, I had a dream where I moved to a real life Goldenrod City, the sun was setting and we finally moved into a apartment there. After I got to relax, I decided to walk north towards National Park where there was a magician performing magic tricks with realistic, but still cartoony looking pokemon. I don't remember what he did, but I was too busy looking at how fucking AMAZING the place looked to the point where I accidentally bumped into him because I was watching a Pidgeot fly by. I almost knocked him over, but he caught me before I fell back too far and have us both fall over.

This guy had an outfit and face much like Dento(from pokemon Black/White; Pic related), but hair similar to Koon(The one you get if you pick the fire starter), but blond. He kinda had this sinister kinda look to him, like the type who would do bad things. He also had a tophat, but didn't wear it for too long.

Instead of being pissed off at me, he smiled as if he had some kind of plans for me. So he waved to his small audience of people while he held my hand, thanking them for watching his performance. Soon, he reached into his vest pocket and pulled out a smoke ball, throwing it on the ground and exploding into smoke. As he held my hand tighter, he threw out a dugtrio to dig our way to the forest not too far from the west of where we were. When we popped out of the hole, there was a pickup truck about five feet away from us that was parked next to a flat, long dirt road. He returned his dugtrio and got into the driver's seat of the car.

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Last edited 10/09/16(Thu)07:09.

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I once had a dream about a Donkey Kong MMO, it was as strange as it sounds.

>> No.667   [Delete]   [Edit]

I had a dream about that fucking Majora's Mask copypasta. >_> I was using my computer and suddenly fucking BEN pops up on the screen and yelled AAAAAAAAAAaAAAAAAaaAAAAHHHHHHHHH. I nearly shit myself.

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I had a dream about some mini-map with symbols on it once. I guess that was from some sort of video game... not a very interesting dream, though

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Let's talk about the "have you dreamed this man?" guy.

Is there any validity to it? Or is it just a hoax, perhaps viral marketing for a yet-to-be-announced movie?

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No. The men in my dreams are always too-thin, and have longer, blonde hair. Their eyes are also far more soulful. And they don't have eyebrows.

So no, never met him in my dreams, not shall I ever plan to.

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its funny, it might be fake but I dreamed of him before seeing the website.. I think the reason people have seen him in their dreams when they look at it is he's pretty generic, and I dont know about everyone else, but everything in my dreams is slightly distorted and dark since my eyes are closed. I've had several instances where I decided to open my eyes to let in more light in my dreams wheN I was a child, and of course I'd wake up..
But my dream involving him probably would have been just as scary without him lol

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I saw him, but only after I saw his picture. I was shown a picture of him at my grandma's house, and I was creeped out because of his huge-ass pupils.

But it could've easily been Michael Jackson.

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I never dream of people I've never met IRL. I also never saw that guy in my dreams after I saw the pic.

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Oh well. Ditto for other dream log dude, I find it a bit strange to make my own thread, but whatever. Apparently most kids around are actually interested in my weird dreamin' so lets go.

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File: 1288491497236.jpg -(39 KiB, 468x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

First post.

I was walking along a highway, it seemed pretty empty at first sight, occasionaly cars and whatnot passed quickly, nothing too strange. As I turned, I realized I was holding a cardboard box in my hands. It wasn't a big box either, it was about the size of an usual shipping package.
Before I could turn back, a little girl appeared, fidgeting about as she told me; "You have to run and save that, you can't let it die."
Well, before I could move, speeding cars darted along the highway as I ran with the loli chasing behind me, dodging cars and trucks as they nearly rammed us.

As we reached the end of the road to somewhere safe, I looked down at the box I was supposed to take care of and opened it, inside was a fetus. Before I could turn around to look at the girl, she looked up to me and said. "Hey, thanks for saving me."


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File: 1288492155015.jpg -(109 KiB, 468x664) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Second post, let's fag this up /yume/.

I woke up in my dream, I was in a hotel of sorts. The building seemed to keep a jap/Old fashioned style in its architecture, I was in a long hall.

A man on a green suit told me to follow him, as he guided me to my room. Inside it there was nothing except an empty fishbowl.
I looked back outside, exploring into the other people's rooms.

There was a "common" man, simply staying there boringly. In his fishbowl there was a goldfish, it seemed well kept.
There were two other "normal" men, each with a dirty bowl filled with skinny guppies. They didn't seem to mind or talk about it.
An old woman was bragging about her fish, she seemed so happy about them. All that she had was a dirty bowl with about two guppies, and a single, tiny koi.

I looked back inside my room, looking inside my fishbowl. I had an octopus and a common fish inside it. The green suited man that guided me to my room came inside my room again, saying; "You can't have two fish."

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Ever since I was a child, lucid dreaming has been easy. As in real life I wear a ring which is never there in dreams. When I was younger I'd put a mark on my hand with a pen which wouldn't be in my dreams. My lucid dreams were incredible adventures and I loved to sleep. A couple of weeks ago though something really weird happened. I was flying as you do in a lucid dream and I was going higher and higher until a sudden swipe hit me in the head which I could feel, I felt the pain of a hit in the head and I fell out of the sky. I managed to cantol it enough to land on my feet. A stranger that looked slightly like my picture was watching me from a low roof and said "You do not deserve control". Ever since my lucid and non lucid dreams are plagued with "him", he comes in dreams lucid or not. I noticed a couple of nights age he was wearing a ring, and now I think a part of my mind has gone insane.

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This would make an awesome creepypasta.

>> No.714   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.758   [Delete]   [Edit]

Would also make an awesome game.

>> No.771   [Delete]   [Edit]

something like Ao Oni + Yume Nikki sounds about right

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Post up an illustration of your hub/nexus/doors room and describe a bit.

This one is mine. It's a slated street with lots of dens, each one has a neon-like sign over it that represents the "other side" of the den (eg.: stars = space). The entrance of the den and everything else is just outlines with a glow to it, everything drowned in darkness and the street seems to extend to one kilometer.

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>> No.373   [Delete]   [Edit]

I don't have a hub, but every door can lead anywhere. Once I was walking around my high school, and I opened a door, and there was an awesome manga shop inside.

>> No.374   [Delete]   [Edit]

Maybe I'll draw it one day, now that I've seen this thread and I thought about it.

For a good year, I had dreams about waking up on the shores of a strange beach. Behind me was a white house with those old-fashioned shutters. I lived there alone and the water all around the small island the house was on was crystal clear, practically like air. The only way I could tell it was water was because light refracted off of it like glass. I could see the ruins of a city below, it looked like New York or something to me. But every time I'd wake up there, I'd enter my house and find some kind of tunnel, hallway or door to a new world in that strange place.

I kinda miss it, it was an interesting reoccurring styled dream.

>> No.750   [Delete]   [Edit]

My "hub" is actually a DS Lite with a menu screen on the bottom screen and a preview image of the world on the top screen. The worlds are named simple things like "∞ House" "Ghost House", "Beach", etc. When I press A for my choice, the world goes black and morphs into that choice.

edit: It always fails to to turn on when things get nightmarish.

Last edited 10/10/25(Mon)01:20.

>> No.755   [Delete]   [Edit]

Man, I should get a hub. It would be useful. I do sometimes dream about a special building which connects to everywhere and everytime. I always search frantically trying to get to it.

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