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I see a couple of dream threads, and they all seem to be pretty detailed/vivid. I myself can only get the basic gist of the dream down, mostly just a good description/placement of my surroundings; people come at a second, and details about what I'm doing are almost nil.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on having better dream-recall?

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Bah, I forgot that damn sentence; I'm already familiar with dream journals and use mine quite frequently.

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Same problem. Seems to be less of a problem if I sleep more, though, but I can never seem to recall any more than the last minute or so of a dream.

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ITT: Dreams, or parts of dreams, that had some sort of effect on you.

Last night I had a small dream in which i witnessed Madotsuki attempt suicide, right in front of me, by sticking a metal item into a plug socket. Got pretty emotional for some reason.

Pic unrelated.

Last edited 10/08/18(Wed)17:59.

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I had a dream where I was just.. witnessing something.. I wasnt there physically yet It didnt register to me as a dream or a "movie" i was watching
A very scraggly looking man had a big back pack, and he was going through this neighborhood and picking things out of trashcans. Everything was sort of crooked and distorted, more so than usual in my dreams.
As the dream went on, the manregistered to me as Jesus, and he went down in this large crack, between some grassy cliff that was forwhatever reason, run in next to a wall that had a constant flow of water streaming down it. He had a harness on that was keeping him safely attatched to the rope he used to get into the crack. He started hiding the things he found up against the wall, next to lots of other.. things. I only just then, In the dream, saw what the things were. They were fetuses. Some of them monstrous, some of them missing pieces, some of them discoloured, and even some growing mold and fungus from their mouths and eyesockets (they looked more like developed babies, but they registered as fetuses.)
He said "It's alright, I'm here" and just hung there under the flow of the water with them.

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Last night I had a dream that I was in love, and actually had a boyfriend. We were climbing some sort of weird obstacle course on the way to a convention, and for some reason I was really damn happy in the dream. When I woke up, I felt kind of depressed. It's a shame how most of the time, dreams > reality.

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First week of November

I keep having constant dreams of me going to Calamba, my old hometown in my childhood years, to meet up with Julius, a former classmate from 3rd and 4th grade, and ask for his Facebook account. I then wake up afterwards knowing I won't be able to see my old friends again. Depression ensues. Lulz.

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I've had a recurring dream since about... freshman year in high school? Yeah yeah!
It always involves me and my family going across this bridge. Up ahead, it's all foggy, but I could see there was construction, and the bridge did not connect to the other side as well.

I could see it, they couldn't...

By the time they saw it, it was too late. The car would spin out of control, and plunge us to our watery graves.

I still remember it to this day. And it reoccurs every so often.

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So hey /yume/. A couple of weeks ago I started taking a hormone medicine because my endocrine system had gone tits up on me. Naturally, I researched the side effects of the stuff I was going to take, and among various unpleasant things was "dreams." Sounded pretty innocuous at the time.

Holy FUCK did my brain flip its shit. It flipped it's shit so hard I had crazy ass dreams every single night. I had sci-fi I Wanna Be the Hero dreams, sexytime dreams, dreams where pretty much nothing happened but I remembered them anyway. Plenty of just plain crazy-as-shit dreams, like the one where Pokey from Earthbound was in a big star wars warship racing some other guy, and his ship was attacked by some other space fleet, and there were Mr. Saturns floating around for some reason.

Also had a few night terrors. Dreaming that you have to lock yourself in the bathroom and call 911 because your non-existent ex boyfriend is trying to kill you is no fun. 911 didn't even help me, the fuckers, I had to call the police on a non-emergency line and they didn't come until morning dream-time.

I don't even have to be in bed to dream. If I nod of in class for even a second, I slip straight into dream logic, sometimes even start seeing things. I can only snap back awake when I remember I'm in class and seeing red elephants is pretty damn illogical.

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That's even less of a reason to Anon.

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Male, 20
Diagnosed with dysthymia, but it rarely interferes with my ability to function. I frequently experience anxiety; I suspect a mild social phobia.
Drug history: LSA, DXM, JWH(various), DPH, Opiates(various)

The night before:
I had used a rather large amount of a JWH-xxx synthetic cannibinoid compound blended with various herbs an herbal incense blend. The experience itself was very enjoyable, and isn't the focus of this particular story.

The experiences:
I went to bed quite "altered" and very tired; I fell asleep on my back. This, for me, is unusual; I'm a side sleeper. I suspect sleeping in a new/strange position combined with JWH & the herbs in the "incense" (there easily could have been some calea zacatachichi or mugwort present, as it was distinctly bitter) could be responsible for the overwhelming feeling of "otherness" present throughout the dreams. I found myself in my room in my first dream, thinking I had woken up. I decide to start playing my nintendo DS in bed, except I'm actually playing a strange hybrid of Pokemon Red and the old school NES Dragon Warrior. While I'm playing, I get waves of jarring uncanniness; I begin to interpret the uncannniness as a Missingno glitch that's corrupting the fuck out of my game which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

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SHIT man, I am so glad I don't have your dreams. I'd blame it on the herbs and whatnot too, but one time doesn't exactly make for a good research pool. Up for a second shot?

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I have crazy as all hell dreams every night and I don't even have to take any form of drugs.

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So, I'm a typical stupid teenager that worries about pimples. My mother tells me not to care so much about them. I get pissed and storm to my room. 2 days later, DREAM!
I was in my room, really doing nothing at all. I picked up a hand-mirror I had, and looked at my face, to make sure my pimples were lessening. I saw huge, swollen warty pimples surrounding my mouth. Some oozing pus, others just red and irritated. It looked like an extremely severe form of a terrible skin disease.
I didn't really mind for some reason. I just stuck my tongue out, knowing how disgusting it looked. I thought something along the lines of "maybe I should tell mom about this". Then I woke up.

WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. Help, /yume/.

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When I was in middle school I had a dream like that.

I was outside on a driveway by some sort of chain link fence, then I squeezed my swollen cheek and then out came a sort of soapy-bubbly substance. I kinda squished it and it turned into confetti cake icing.


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Never look in mirrors in your dreams, it will almost always be a terrible, twisted image.

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It means you should go to the doctor and get some fucking acne medication because you're really self-conscious about it

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I had a dream like this!
I was like pushing out a black head on my nose or something
and instead of the root coming out
it was an entire fish.

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So I've been trying to record my dreams lately, and I've come to find that a lot of the time my dream takes place in a forest or heavily wooded area. I was wondering if/ what other people's recurring dreamscapes are.

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I'm usually on or near a road. I move around a lot in my dreams, often driving some kind of vehicle but sometimes just walking.

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i am wondering - are there people who do NOT have reappearing places and other things? i havent spotted any myself - but i am not constantly writing in my dream diary.

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I personally don't have recurring places in dreams. I have dreams about endless different places and with mostly people I don't remember, like invisible friends or something.
People I know are there sometimes and rarely places know from real life (more often but still a minority a mix of 2 places or half real half not)
The only exception is if I manage to slip in a dream where I appear in my room, as if I just woke up.

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It's the same with me; even if I'm in a forested area it's different from all my previous dreams. The people and buildings are always random though.

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(Yes, the pic is bad. I wasn't trying to impress, just give rough example. I suck at MS Paint.)

Have you ever had a dream about finding food with an odd stench or color? Did you actually eat that food? I had a dream similar to this on March 13th. I was in a regular restaurant. Not much caught my eye, until I went to get some ice cream. I went for a cone, which is odd because I always use a bowl, and pressed the vanilla button on the soft serve machine. At first the ice cream was vanilla colored, but then it turned green. I thought it may have been mint or something that got mixed in accidentally, but it tasted like bad cabbage or something. I woke up shortly afterwords.

So, have any of you had any strange food appear in your dreams?

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I always wake up before I taste any food in my dreams, when I have dreams that is. I wake up, and it turns out I was reaching for a lump in the blanket or the corner of a pillow. o.O

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The only things I've ever eaten in dreams were peanuts, which I happen to be allergic. They taste horrible and I suffer the same ill feelings as I would in real life; but the dream always ends before any actual harm happens to me.

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I came on this site, because I need some closure about a dream I had.
In the dream someone handed me stir fried rice, but as I put a fork full in my mouth, the taste and texture hit me. It tasted as if someone had pulled a bunch of hair from their comb and roll it up between their hands into an elongated ball. Furthermore, the hair mass was half in my mouth and half in my esophagus. It was BY FAR the most foul-rotten flavour I've ever experienced.
I looked at my plate and found the rice mixed in with what appeared to be rolled up house centipedes (I've attached a link of what these look like in case you haven't had the pleasure of seeing one in person).

I abruptly woke up, and the worst part is, I could still taste the insect. I could also feel the peristaltic contractions of my esophagus moving the insect into my stomach.

I've heard the average person swallows 8 spiders a year, I believe this was my dream telling me I just ate an insect, what do you think?

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I had some absolutely delicious pastries while our roller-coaster had a pit stop in the food plaza.
And tiny rocks fruits or seeds, there were barrels of them, next to the castle walls like they're supposed to be ammunition, like cannonballs the size of grain of rice. They were delicious and tasted like blueberries.

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ITT: the things that you see in your dreams most often.

ex: stairways, falling, chairs, fences.

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File: 1290869076158.gif -(37.6 KiB, 380x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The game that I'm currently playing alot, the internet, my IRL friends, and this Japanese girl in a red dress who runs a resturaunt.

I actually kinda hate having realistic dreams.;-; I end up not writing them down because of how boring they are.

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In my dreams, I usually find myself trying to escape from something or someone.
So I'm constantly moving and flying around (especially though walls and ceilings lol ._.).
And these scenarios normally take place in extremely complex buildings.. and summer resorts. :u
Sometimes, I find myself being raped and murdered. Usually it's without the rape, though. Derp.

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>I don't dream often, but

You always have dreams - people often just dont remember theirs.

Last edited 10/11/28(Sun)10:26.

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Always bathrooms. I'm either taking a bath in one, hiding in one, or having a party in one.

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sleep related sort of like paralisis.
i can remeber when i was young i would lay on my back and try to get to sleep it seemes that sometimes i would get sleep paralisis but nothing bad happed ever, possibly just some bright sparkley pastel lights, fourming little shapes sometimes, the most complex was a book though, like thoughs kinds of baby books made out of cardboard. i can remeber this happening allot in my childhood about primary school age five to about eight or nine probably.
also i know it's common for shit to be a trick of the light but as i was in this position and there was alittle leaway for me to move my head in it, i don't know how but yes i could still see my room quite clearly. my toys perched ontop of my dolls house would move very fluidly it didn't seem quiet right to me but even the doll i had as a child it's features would move very clearly. it's strange that i have never told anyone about it but i'm just curious whether anyone else has had this kind of experiance.

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many lucid dreamers use this state to get into their dreams.

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Sleep paralysis?

I've got a lot of experience with this phenomena, and mostly it scared me to death when it happen. It's pretty scary when you supposed to be awake but had a hard time awaking from your dream (all your senses except sight is active, but you can't move a muscle). It takes a lot of will power to awaking from sleep paralysis (for me...).

The chance of sleep paralysis increasing when i sleep facing a wall in my room (or in any room).
The most frightening sleep paralysis i encounter so far is when i was dreaming my own death. It's scary enough to keep me awake for the rest of the night. And at that time, my whole body feels a little bit numb, and i can't forget that sensation....i always wondered did i really died and come back to live that night. Unfortunately no one could give me answer >__<

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I wonder, do you instincitvely know it is paralysis or do you try to move and then realize its paralysis? I do the whole hypnagogia thing every time I try to sleep, but I never really move while I'm in between dreams and wakefulness, as I don't want to wake up and ruin all the effort I had trying ti get to sleep.

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Hey /Yume/, I've been looking around here lately and reading everyone's dreams... When I remembered one of my own. One from quite a while ago. In my dream, I was in it and wandering around some house. I remember it going to some guy I had met, looked to be maybe late 20s or early 30s. He had really long hair that I think was blonde, and he was sitting on a bed. He started to talk to me, talking about his past and I think something about a war. I know it sounds like a normal one, but here is where it gets weird. I end up noticing a mirror right as the guy looks at it. He starts breathing weirdly and picks up some paperweight on the nightstand and throws it at the mirror and starts to cry. I freak out and look back at the mirror and see two white images. One woman near the guy's age and a little girl. They were both wearing dresses and I couldn't see their faces. The cracks from the broken mirror made it even more creepy than it already was. Then it got worse. Blood started to drip from their foreheads and they started to 'walk off' more into the mirror. After that, I looked at the guy and asked him if he was ok. He started to talk on about how he 'wish he could have saved them' and 'wish he was dead'. And kept on crying. I decided to leave him alone and went outside. Then it got just plain ew... because of the guy that happened to be sitting on the back of a truck outside started hitting on me. In which I quickly ran away. (that bit was a bit funny imo)

So guys, what do you think that the dream meant? I've had worse dreams that I can't really remember atm, but this one seemed like one of the more out there in vivid-ness. I'd also like to hear some dreams of your own that stood out from the other ones.

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I'm pretty sure there was a thread about lucid dreaming here but I can't find it..

So let's start another one! Anyone trying to get lucid in a dream?

I'm not very fond of the method in the picture, but I heard some people got to do it by using it..

Also this method :


I've been trying that video for some time now, and somehow I managed to remember a lot more of my dreams (like they were hours long), but still had no luck being lucid in them.

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Play with your dream world. Make solid surfaces ripple like water. Create a face on a mountain and have a chat with it. Turn into pudding and then try to move around.
For all the inspiration you could ever need, read Trip Logs from drug sites and then recreate the effects in your dreams, no drugs necessary.

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use your imagination! thats like the only limitation in dreams

i wish i had easily lucid dreams, never had one so far (except like three prelucid dreams)

>> No.822   [Delete]   [Edit]

I once went through a kind of phase of a few days where I would lucid dream more often, most likely because I thought about it more at that time.

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It's never as amazing as what my dream thinks up for me though. I already know what's going to happen before it happens when I lucid dream, so it all becomes boring.

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