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Okay /yume/, i need your help.
I wanna explore my dreams (liiiike Yume Nikki, yup) in a lucid dream. If i'll have another lucid dreams, i'm pretty sure i'll remember to explore it and not to play with it (like i did all the time). Months are passed since i had the last lucid dream, so I actually can't remember the tips to get one. I only remember how do not lost lucidity in the dream itself, but i need advices to get one again and just explore my dream world. Help?

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It started with a fox kit under my couch. I didn't think about how or why it had gotten there, nor why it was so hungry, I was overwhelmed by the cuteness. It ate and ate, far more than could possibly be consumed by a real fox kit, though its weight increased accordingly. And it grew.

It wasn't long before it had lost all shape, rolling around the streets, consuming everything smaller than a house, like some kind of deplorable, amorphous katamari. Even now its slimy hide had tufts of soft, warm fox fur.

I woke up the next morning and left for work; before long, I found myself near the bridge across the river, far out of my way. I questioned how I had gotten there, and sat for a half-hour in stagnant traffic before I got out and found that everyone else had left their vehicles, flinging themselves into the river. Even now, hundred by hundred, they swarmed over the banks and off the bridge, and sunk. No floating bodies, just a stream of people meeting a streeam of water, then only water. One of them, I stopped and asked what was going on, and she simply introduced herself to me and flung herself off the bridge.

It was then that I noticed that the sky was red, rather than blue. And the buildings to the north were missing, replaced by some horrifying shapeless gargantua, miles high and miles broad, made of bones and eyes and wings and I could see nothing else. I knew, then, that I had wrought this by feeding that strange, hungry kit.

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I've recently come across binaural beats, so I've decided to try and see if I can't incorporate it into my current practices. Anyway, I tried last night and this is what I got:


Hmmm, well I tried using a theta binaural beat but I've found it's effects upon me... strange. I felt my teeth literally vibrating, and my eyes moved rapidly (I would assume the eye movement is an effect of the theta waves produced by the beats, theta is the wavelength the brain uses while dreaming.) It felt like my body was moving or spinning, which is nifty because I was trying to reproduce that same effect upon myself the other night through force of will; heightened effect of current state of thought. I began to feel deeply.. paranoid? I looked at my walls, which are covered in horror posters, and then I realized my head was towards a closet (an irrational fear -_-); the beat intensified any minor feelings of unease and I felt a need to call off the experiment, if I were to have a dream with a great sense of fear then I am almost guaranteed to have a nightmare. Screw that x.x.

On second thought, bring it on o.o

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Tried, got nothing. I'm skeptical that any binaural sounds actually work, and they could be just as strong as any placebo, but who knows?

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Last night I had a dream in which I was back in my old high school and Osaka(Azumanga Daioh) was there. I called her name and she just looked away, ignoring me the way a tsundere would; my friend asked if I knew her but I didn't answer. I then walk up to her and she keeps looking away and she runs off to class. The rest of the dream was me in class with old friends I haven't seen in 3 years

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She didn't say anything to you, but did she speak at all? If she did, did she have the Japanese Osaka voice with the funny accent, or the English Osaka voice with the retarded accent? Lol, just wondering.

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I approve of TsunderOsaka.

I love this question.
It's like somebody was telling you about how their wife is trying to poison them by putting cyanide in their milk, and then you're curious if it was 2% milk or whole milk.

...and as a big fan of Ms. Kasuga, I second the question: Japanese voice or English voice?

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she didnt talk, just kinda made a grunt sound of anger wen she looked away as a tsundere would, ya know?
Im glad u approve of TsunOsaka :3

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okay i have some strange dreams i'd love to let people know about

so it starts out with my family and me going to some sort of trip. we're going to go see a movie but eat at macdonald's before we do. except when we get there i notice i'm barefoot, so i panic for a bit then just walk normally without shoes and nobody notices/cares after this for some reason i decide i don't want to go with them anymore. so i say "can you drive me back to grandma's" and lo and behold the second later i am at grandma's (don't think they actually drove me there, i just sort of warped there). anyway turns out shit is going down and she's not even going to cook next thing i know i'm still barefooted but i end up in some really empty area. anyway i can somehow recognize the place being part of my old school's playground (only the indoors part). there's a dude i don't even recognize doing god knows what. the outside is really different. there's a wall and sea that reminds me of a beach, although the land looks like a park. the place is really, really stormy. no rain or wind or anything, but the clouds are really low and dark and the air is heavy.

anyway, for some reason the other guy goes away. i enter, and i just sort of find a mirror. i start trying to moonwalk and manage to do it a bit. then, i see a glimpse of the guy again. i walk out for a bit and notice really big fucking birds. i try walking towards them but they just fly away.

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Last edited 11/01/05(Wed)05:34.

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>>i'm not sure the brain can make up random people during dreams.

Yes it can

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Any facial/bodily features you've ever seen in your entire life can be combined with any other facial/bodily features you've ever seen in your entire life while in a dream. Your mind can create people that don't exist, and I'm sure it has does it quite often in past dreams that you've forgotten about.

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Research has stated that the mind is incapable of creating faces. Every face you see in a dream is of someone you've seen before, even if only in passing.

>> No.991   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think you meant to say, "research indicates that the mind is incapable of creating facial features."

With all of your brain's complexities, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth aren't exactly difficult for your brain to randomize between the thousands of variations you've seen in your lifetime.

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I had a dream in which Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh gave me head and then put my semen in this Holy Grail-like cup. Thats the last time I watch hentai at 2 am -_-

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Share some plz. ;) I'm sick of dreaming about grocery stores.

Last edited 10/12/21(Tue)01:34.

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File: 1293021255631.jpg -(33.9 KiB, 399x472) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That sounds amazing! O_O

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sorry for teh late reply, but holy SHIT, did you dream about a grocery store? Because I had a sex dream shortly after you posted that, LOL I'm not even joking.

Last edited 11/01/01(Sat)17:57.

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nope i didnt my good man 3:
as much as i wanted :<

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Am I the only one who has never had a lucid dream? I hear people talk about it like they do it on a daily basis, like it's no big deal. I don't know whether most of these people just don't know what lucid dreaming means, or I'm just defective. I've had one near-lucid experience, where I was fully conscious and all my senses were activated, but right before I realized I was dreaming, I woke up.

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Is it possible to switch perspectives mid-dream? I remember once I dreamt that I was in the car with a few friends(first person) and the car crashed and blew up in the middle of an intersection; after it exploded, I felt myself switching into third-person viewpoint and thinking "I've just died. this is the end." kind of like it was my spirit speaking. After I said that, though, I watched myself emerge from the car with burn wounds and I was alive. Then, still in third-person, I washed the burns off my body with water.

I mean, I guess anything is possible in the dream world but the whole "changing perspectives" thing just seems odd to me.

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Switching view never really happened to me since when I die, when I don't wake up, I become a spirit that no one sees but hear and can still protect people.
I can only remember one example where I was watching the dream like I wasn't a part of it and suddenly I 'm in it and this puzzled me. I ended up disappearing back into 3rd person view.

>> No.979   [Delete]   [Edit]


Falling asleep with the intent that you will remember your dreams helps some people. Perhaps repeating "I will remember my dreams" or some similar mantra in your head. I also read something about visualising a rising sun or something like that but I don't remember where and have never tried it myself. None of these are surefire but they may help a bit.

>> No.985   [Delete]   [Edit]

I've lucid dreamed all of one time that I could remember. And then it was like, I went to England and saw one of my friends and then the dream became un-lucid. :(

There was this one time, though, that I realized I was dreaming and began to wake up, but right before I woke up I saw my dream world tearing itself to pieces as I woke up. That was weird, and kinda cool.

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Ever had weird, spontaneous emotions in dreams, or felt nothing when you should have been feeling something?

Example, one time I was dreaming that the flesh had been completely torn off of my face and my middle finger on my right hand was missing. I felt nothing. If this had happened to me in real life, I would have been running around in circles, bouncing off the walls panicking.

A few days before that I had a "nightmare" where I was talking with a friend on a chatbox, when suddenly some noname logged in and spammed it with endless walls of text until my computer shut off. This would have been NOTHING in real life, yet my mind treated as if I was falling off the edge of a cliff, I even jolted awake from the "shock" of it, I woke up completely baffled by the fact that I found that so scary.

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File: 1294074288115.jpg -(60.1 KiB, 600x518) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Last night I had a dream. There was more to it, but I don't really remember.
What I do remember was that at some point I discovered I could break off pieces of my fingers at the knuckles. They couldn't be put back. What was weird about this was that there was no pain, blood, or open wounds. Just little pieces of finger.
I decided that breaking off the fingers on my left hand would be a fairly innocuous idea (I'm left handed IRL, what the fuck?). I removed my entire ring finger, most of my pinky and middle finger, and a little bit of my index finger before I decided to stop. I didn't touch my thumb because THAT would not be a good idea, because the thumb is extremely important (though my other digits weren't, apparently).
Well, I seemed pretty okay with the fact that I had completely mutilated my dominant hand, until I went to go play games on my computer and discovered I couldn't type/play properly. Only then did I begin to panic, but only because I couldn't use my computer. I think then a vague sense of my own self-mutilation hit me then, but was secondary to my lack of typing ability.
I woke up shortly after, and was very relieved to find that my hand was still intact.
I still have no idea what this means.

>> No.963   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm left handed, and I had a very similar dream to this one. I don't remember whether or not it was me that was doing the mutilating, but I did flip out for a reason other than the simple fact that my fingers were gone.

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I frequently dream about various things. For example, in a dream I thought it would be awesome to kill a child. So I picked up a child and shot it in the head. I felt nothing but regret. In other dreams, I am kidnapped by a man who just turns out to be lonely. While his house is covered in cobwebs and mold, I feel affection towards him.

>> No.983   [Delete]   [Edit]

I had a dream where Slenderman was stalking me.
I felt happy he was paying attention to me and even gave him a kiss.

I had another dream where the world was ending but I was just entranced by how beautiful it all looked.

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Ok this website is about Yume Nikki and Yume Nikki is about nightmares, so its logical that sum1 here posts A REAL NIGHTMARE, THE WORST HE EVER HAD, HERE IT GOES: Y'all know Angry Video Game Nerd and Nostalgia Critic right? Epically awesome internet celebs that review crappy games and movies, respectively, and are famous for their funny ways of reviewing their material with good timing and a great amount of swearing... WELL I DREAMT THAT THESE TWO STARTED TO WORK FOR NICKELODEON. Yeah... just imagine in the TV, a commercial promoting a AVGN vs Nostalgia Critic show with a really gay Nickelodeon announcer voice saying: "AVGN and NC, come and enjoy it in our Nickelodeon live studio" and many little, many little kids in the streets wearing t-shirts promoting AVGN vs NC with a nickelodeon-like design and its logo...

dudes... it was the RAPING of my two favorite internet celebs, during that dream I thought I couldn't look at them the same way anymore... look I'm a VERY HUGE Yume Nikki fan, I really loved the game, am still obsessed with it (im in uboachan 4 a reason durr), BUT MADOTSUKI'S NIGHTMARES CAN SUCK THIS... u don't know how much more I would appreciate watching a blondie turning into a beheaded Scream-like creature rather than that Nickelodeon raping again...

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lol 1 time i had a drem that they cancled naruto and all my freinds and i protested againts cartoon network or whatever and then we became naruto characters and it was awesome and i wish it were reel. [Emoticons go Here]

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File: 1293200024951.jpg -(30.1 KiB, 420x378) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

oh poor boo, would you like a band aid?

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File: 1294286342906.png -(27.9 KiB, 248x293) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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My dreams are like really bad action animes. It can be ridiculous, sometimes! But I wrote one down;

It starts off with me walking down the street, in an area that is sort of like the downtown of where I live, and sort of not. I walk into a Wendy's on the way, but when I walk in no one's eating and the cashiers are just kind of standing around, and everyone's staring at a big flat screen in the corner on the ceiling. On the TV is just the news, until suddenly there's some static, and then a Purple Gorrila in a suit (ahaha, wha?) starts talking. I don't remember everything he said, but basically he's introducing himself as the president of Canada, and explains that He and some other important people have been transformed into 'demons' by a sadistic wizard who wants the continent of North America to play a 'game' for him. And I just walk out of the Wendy's without ordering anything, forgetting what I just saw on the TV.
The next day (in the dream,) I wake up and go downstairs, asking my mom if she's made breakfast yet (even though I always make my own breakfast...). And no one answers. So I go check on them in their room, and see them fully clothed (thank god), but floating in a giant green sphere. and there's a little oval on the ground, the same shade of pale green. I pick it up and there's a little recording, which is basically the same thing the 'president of canada' told me, earlier. Except it also tells me that I'm now a participant of the game, and the stakes are my parents. The orb containing them disappears, and the oval-ish token turns into a vapor.
Something possesses me to take out my cell phone, and I do, and on the screen there's a picture of a hammer. I press the 'home' button on the front, and a giant hammer actually comes out of the front of the phone, except it's like a... light-saber, in hammer form.

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Last edited 10/12/20(Mon)20:30.

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Well actually I wrote two down! This one was in the back of my book I wonder why

I wake up in the dream, and everything is weird colours in my room. Not unnatural, but not the same as my room usually is. I look outside my window, and my house is on a really steep hill, where it usually is on a flat street. I try to open my door, but it's locked, and when I reach for the lock... switch... thing, the entire knob disappears. I go back to my window and the sky is red, and there's a giant wave of lava headed right towards my house. I start panicking, naturally, and try to bust down my door, but the doorknob is back, so I just open it normally. My room is at the end of the hall, and my parents' room is on the opposite end. The door is ajar, and there's some bright red (maybe even orange) liquid pouring out. I take a few steps towards it, and a giant lava monster just walks through the door, and once it's past the door, it's gone like it's been eaten by a fire monster (which, in a way, it sort of has) and it starts walking towards me so I rush towards it and swing my fist at it's face. My fist goes through it, and it suddenly turns purple, ad melts down into a blob on the floor. My hand is on fire after this, but it doesn't hurt and my hand isn't melting, so. I go to the staircase, and there's another fire monster right at the bottom. I jump all the way down the stairs, and plant both of my feet into its' face. And then I fall through it onto my butt, which strangely doesn't hurt despite the length of our staircase. I rush into the kitchen and see that there's lava outside the window above our sink, and I assume that our house is covered in it. The window breaks, and the lava rushes at me, and then I wake up.

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Very cool.

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