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Looking for some good music to dream to.
Post what ambient music you listen to on your nightly 'ventures.

Lately I've been listening to "Nagato no San Nen Kan" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WviWs8--Tuw&feature=related ) and several songs from Boards of Canada.

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There's a 40 minute-long track called "Sounds for Dreaming" by Flying Lotus that's quite good.

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Some good artists for dreaming (and for playing YN)
Rafael Anton Irisarri
Sleep Research Facility
Deaf Center
Carbon Based Lifeforms

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Maybe some stuff by Akira Yamaoka or Hana Sumai?

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Okay, just woke up, still a little shaky but I have to tell you guys because it was fucking awesome

Okay so, I had a lucid dream for the first time in ages. It was pretty cool, wandering around the weird seaside town with a purple sunset that serves at my little lucid dream hub (or at least, it seems to be where I always appear when I lucid).

I suddenly realised that I'd never gone down to the beach, so I decided to mosey on down there. It was pretty cool; the beach was bathed in this purple light and instead of seashells, there were all different precious stones. I thought they were amethyst because of the light but when I picked them up, they were crystals and rose quartz.

The sea was really weird; I could hear the waves, but it never moved and when I put my foot in it, it just went through; it felt like water, but it was just.. still.

Now, this is where it starts getting really fucking weird.

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I heard a crunch and I looked up and there was a girl just standing there. And not just A Girl. It was Monoe.




So of course I was like "what the shit" and she suddenly shouted at me to gtfo the water and run for the shore. I was like "why" and she said I'd die if I didn't :c

So, legged it, with Monoe (seriously, what) following me and as soon as I stepped onto the pavement off the beach all the the gems on the sand like, exploded. Not like you'd think, with a BOOM but they sort of shattered into fragments of light. It was so weird.

So, I turn to Monoe and I'm like "Why are you in my dream, Monoe" and she bitchslapped me and said her name was Bernadette. I asked why she looked like Monoe and she said it was because it was how I thought she was supposed to look and because I was unoriginal.

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I have this dream from a long time ago....

I died because of melted cheese.Yes, Hot Boiling Melted cheese that came out from nowhere, it poured down on me. then my Soul wanders around specific places, that i usually go to School, Mall, Apartments etc. after wandering a lot,My soul went to back to the body, the cheese cracked (because it dried already), then i was alive again...

Some sort of weird OBEs stuff...but im sure that i didn't actually do it..since the view was somewhat dark and i kinda know its a dream when my view has a darkish color... Someone interpret this?

i also dreamt about me having a blond girlfriend...she was like somewhat-anime-ish, hugging me, always telling me that she loves me..kinda weird since i don't hang out with my friends. and im always in the computer...and now that i mentioned it she has the same hair-style like poniko (well, its a common one right?)

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Death cheese. Sounds delicious.

If I were you, I would never assume I had an OBE without a witness or anything like that, simply because anything you've ever experienced or thought about can happen in a dream, right down to the sensations.

Haha, you're not the first one here with a dream-exclusive companion.

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wait a minute.....with a witness? what do you mean? Someone that could see my soul going out of my body? i don't get it? and why not assume...i dont really get it

Yeah it was delicious at first but hot melting cheese is hot....Well The end of melted cheese death was nice,it was like im in an egg then i smash the wall "ROAR!!" or something

My Dreams are kinda like this..its either darkish view,as if something/one dimmed the sun or its total darkness at all (5minutes of total darkness then i wake up, like 5mins of dream time equals to 8 hours of sleep)...this test never fails me. XD

Last edited 11/02/13(Sun)02:25.

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Scratch that, I'm an idiot. Not so much a witness (although that would be pretty cool) as seeing something that's actually happening outside your body both

  1. that wasn't there before you went to sleep


2. that is there when you wake up

If that's not the case, there's no way you could ever know if it was real or not; dreams can make anything feel real. Granted, they don't always feel real, in fact, they usually don't, but that doesn't mean they can't.

Man, that sucks for you, my dreams seem to last for hours, sometimes days, but I rarely remember them.

Last edited 11/02/13(Sun)12:37.

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Oh I see.. i see XD

>> dreams can make anything feel real

Indeed, it can make anything feel real, even the kinky stuffs too...

>>Man, that sucks for you, my dreams seem to last for hours, sometimes days

The 5 mins dreams are only the darkness dreams only but if its not i could last for a day too XD a long time ago..i have dreamed of a zombie outbreak in our school, it last about for 2 days..it was so school..hiding in the cr,using those Left4dead tactics etc. kinda fun..but the ending wasn't i look at my hand then i see a bite mark of a zombie

>> I rarely remember them
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Did you had any (recurrent) false awakenings? My girlfriend experiences a lot of this recently.

Here are two of her recent dreams:
"I was just sitting on the bed, and noticed that my cockatiel was on the furniture (that cockatiel is dead for a few years), so I asked my boyfriend "WTF?" and he just shaked his shoulders. Then, when I looked at the bird again, there wasn't a bird, but a cat (we have a cat actually), and he run into the wall. Then I woke up (falsely) and told my boyfriend about what I've just dreamed of. I started to cry and asked him if he can hug me. He did, and then I noticed that he's lying on the floor, not on the bed with me... I was like "so wtf is hugging me?!" and awaken... Falsely again. I was still in the bed, and I felt that something is moving on the bed; my boyfriend was sitting in front of his PC, I tried to scream for help but I was unable to, my boyfriend looked at me and asked "what the fuck are you doing?"... Then I actually woke up but I was so exhausted that I was thinking about going to sleep again..."

"I woke up in a dream and noticed that windows and door swapped their places and realized that it MUST be a dream then, so I get into the bed to sleep again (it's my way to wake up from a lucid dream). I thought that I've woken up, and told my boyfriend that I had the false awakening again, then I went to the window and noticed that the world outside is different than it should be - then I realized that it's false awakening again and went to the place where the bed was, ignoring my boyfriend and closing my eyes. Suddenly, something catched my hand and started to shake it regulary... I've released it and went to the bed again... Then I woke up."

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Hmm, so when I went to bed at eleven, I had a dream about koalas. Damn, they looked cute. But then they turned into mutants, started attacking me, and seriously one turned into some kind of Uboa-looking thing. So, I ran, ran ran.
It was kind of like Risami's case; except I wasn't gonna die. Maybe. Cause claws popped out. Wow,just wow.
So, I had to keep running and running. I came to a dead end; in an alley. They turned into pandas and glomped me. WOW!

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brb /t/

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I went into this world.
I was in a corridor; no way to turn.
Didn't see that thugs were coming.
I saw them finally. They took out daggers.

I had to " run " for it wasn't good.
I was going to lose my life for this, a simple reason? Hmm. Remember, your mother told you to run when strangers chased you? The theme was not simple. I was running in an endless corridor. Done for. Done.. DONE. DONE!! I ran out of breath and the thugs grabbed me suddenly; and took out a dagger. They held it to my chest. About three inches from death..

And then I woke up.

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Lol, ever notice how you seem to make decisions in dreams that you would never even consider in real life?

I had a dream that I was driving in a city I live near with my father and my young cousins in the passenger seat (don't ask me how that works, seems like the backseats and passenger seats were both in the front even though the car was normal size), anyway, me and my father were discussing the limitations of dreams as if we were aware that I was dreaming, and my gas light went off, I stated that we were going to have to stop and fill up soon. Ahead there was an officer pulling someone over, didn't seem like a big deal, so I slowed down and drove by, but as we were approaching an overpass ahead, a bunch of protesters (or something like that) were blocking up traffic. They all crowded up and blocked up the road, and one guy in the crowd raised his eyebrows and gave me a shit-eating grin, I smiled back and flipped him the bird, and for some reason said in a smart-assed tone, "Oookay kids, everyone start flipping them off!" (haha, what?) I looked over and they had followed suit. So I started coasting forward and they started stepping out of the way, then one guy in a brown jacket, jeans, and a beanie walked up to the front of my car, slapped the front bumper, then smirked. I stopped the car, and had the intention of pulling back and plowing through everyone (again, what?), when suddenly I woke up.

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Hello /yume/
I thought I'd share my silly ol' dream of my

It started out with me being addicted to human scalps. I found them strangely yummy. So i went to go eat my moms friends sons scalp. To do so i have to kill him. But i have no memory of doing so, So i guess i just dived in. But then i got scared that someone would find i killed him, So i go sneaking around out at with my friend (but i dont know him in real life) I believe his name was shaki. We sneak back in the boys moms house. And i freaked out she would find us in there. But shaki started playing Ocarina Of Time. But with much better graphics and three giant stone presidents. One of the giants in the started going into a emo corner and the other said why is he doing that? Adult link replyed with "Becasue i am a.... A coward!"
Then i remember shaki scolding me for eating human scalps

unrelated pic

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dream-incoherence FTW. really now.

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Ok. I have alot of weird dreams, but this is the weirdest.

Me and a brown haired guy (I never got his name. I only saw he has light skin and brown, short hair and a white outfit) were in a white room. If you look forward, you see a very very tall (like skyscraper but a little shorter) cabinet with large silver handles. That was white also. The back wall was right behind us, but we weren't touching it. To the left was a glass door and glass windows. It looked like a normal New York road. To the right was another white wall that was somewhat far away from us, maybe 7-10 feet. The viewpoint was from my eyes, first person.

There were metal, long, robotic arms moving around. They opened the cabinet.

Here comes the weird part. Out comes GLaDOS in a human form (pic is what she looked like). She then asked me "What ice cream flavor would you like?".
The robotic arms opened the cabinet, and inside was a whole bunch of tubs of ice cream in different colors.

The brown haired guy got a green tub, but he never said anything.
I said, but it didn't sound like me, "Um.... cupcake ice-cream!"

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-Closes portal window-

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Like last week i had a dream where i was Amaratasu, and i gave Leonardo Da Vinci a kitten, he was happy.

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