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The first part's a bit hazy- it focused on the Sniper from Team Fortress 2, who I think was supposed to be extreeemely lonely and unhappy with his life, and depressed as hell. Not suicidally, but enough to where he had a hard time functioning.

Now, he lived in a strange, logic-has-no-place-here type world (think Fantastic Planet meets The Giver) and whenever people in that world stopped functioning properly, they were sent off to be reinvigorated, depending on what their problem was.
(This is where the dream actually becomes more imagery and less dream-feelings)
So Sniper was sent to a sector of the world that was mainly white/grey, filled with floating cubes. The ground had the texture of those little wax drops you buy in bags to melt into candles, and the sky was concrete. The whole place was flat and huge and made you feel absolutely insignificant. You wouldn't think they'd send lonely people here to HELP them, at any rate.

There was a narrow blue river floating through the middle of it, clear and impossibly deep. In this river, those suffering from loneliness were placed upon large cubes made of (presumably) corn starch, which slowly disintegrated into the water.
Sniper, on his cube, was lonelier than ever before. The land was barer than the Outback. His cornstarch cube had disintegrated down to just one corner, and he had to squat on top of it to avoid touching the water.

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OP Anon here.

Had another dream last night. My brother and mum were trying to set me up with a slime monster (a smaller version of the "slime spirit" from Spirited away, except without a face). I ran back to my brother's room to get away from him but he followed me and kept trying to kiss me.

So later on I'm living with this Slime Monster as his wife. And I seem to be totally okay with it. We go to this doctor's office in a back alley where I'm supposed to take a test and the receptionist lady was really rude. There's this room behind her filled with kids taking tests.

So I go into the door next to her and sit down next to some chubby redheaded kid and start taking my test. He spits on me and fucks with me the whole time. Then the dream has an aneurysm and I'm on the second half of my test, which is a bike race from the exam room window and back.

So I race and somehow win by eating goose eggs.

Then I go back into the receptionist's room where my slime monster hubby is and he's like OH HOLY SHIT YOU'RE PREGNANT except is was all timid and telepathic and shit. And I'm like AWW YISS.

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File: 1299985843581.jpg -(105.9 KiB, 766x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

but seriously; awesome.
I don't think this could be a children's book, EVER.

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Amazing. A real Dostevsky for our age.

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OP again.

Last night I dreamed that it was Marching Band season again. My band (composed of about thirty short, skinny females, except for two who are a turkey and a grizzly bear) were about to go on the field. Just as we stepped on, we realized that we'd forgotten our instruments and uniforms! I am also a polar bear.

We quickly got the flag line/majorettes into a bathroom and asked them to help us. They happened to have thirty-odd extra majorette costumes on hand.

Meanwhile, the opposing team's mascot was smashed by something very heavy on the bleachers. Cut to a gore shot of him smeared on the concrete like jam on toast. Nobody seems to care.

Back in the bathroom, everyone but me and the two other animals are decked out in skimpy sequined majorette wear. The animals (including me) are wearing T-shirts from opposing schools.

We march out onto the field, whose yard lines are all kind of fucked up, and our Band Director (a white Pikachu-looking thing) stands in the "middle".

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I just had a dream where I was pregnant and I went into labour.

It felt like I needed to fart.


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I've been having recurring dreams about this really cute boy
These dreams feel much more real than any dream I've ever had...
He's always surrounded by his friends, and I seem to be one of them, but I'm always silent around him
I'm thinking a lot about him lately and I might be falling for him and I really don't know what to do

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File: 1299792163431.jpg -(35.9 KiB, 383x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You must get your self cryogenically frozen so that in the future you can digitally separate your mind from the subconscious part that is him in order to become two separate entities.

Picture unrelated.

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File: 1299737111167.jpg -(18.4 KiB, 250x196) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Postan because I had my first yume nikki dream the other night

feels creepy man

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Has anyone ever felt anything, whilst sleeping or whilst going in or out of sleep, you could never feel in the real world?
I was just groggily coming awake, but I sort of slowly drifted off until I felt absent as if I was totally amorphous, I was conscious of my being, but not of form. It was awesome.

So yeah, weird stuff you have felt when dreaming or going to sleep/waking up.
Pic unrelated but Bismuth is the best element of all time. Of all time!

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File: 1298826803905.jpg -(114.7 KiB, 500x333) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I Like turtles. But I've had an occasionally reoccurring dream since I was in middle school where I'm playing in the yard with my brothers, and we find a turtle. They go inside to find an old fish bowl to put it in and I stay outside & alone with the turtle, when I suddenly start eating it -alive- like one would eat a hamburger. Halfway through I kind of realize what I'm doing and I start crying and I want to stop but I keep eating the somehow still alive turtle, like something is controlling me and I CAN'T STOP. I've had that dream like 3-5 times and it really bothers me. Anyone have an idea what it means?

Last edited 11/02/27(Sun)09:13.

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I dooooooooooo ;~;

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File: 1299292198252.jpg -(93.2 KiB, 580x406) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1299569622578.jpg -(48.3 KiB, 473x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Only four posts to get to turtle sex. This thread is off to a great start.

Also classic screaming turtle picture.

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;~; am..is my old turtle dream gonna have turtle sex in it now if it recurrs again?

Last edited 11/03/08(Tue)03:48.

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File: 1299540843867.jpg -(45.5 KiB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I once had a dream, where I was in my house and decided to go downstairs and turn on all the lights, because it was dark as hell, but as soon as I go to the kitchen its gets a bit more bright, I decided to go back up stairs and then turned off the lights, then tried to turn them back on because it got dark again, This time they did turn back on, so i was like fuck this iam just ganna run upstairs. Then i go into my moms room for somereason and ask here how long she has been here. I remember her telling me since september, and with a smile, and some other crap I cant remember (like the date, or year) and i dont know why but, I recall haveing seen weird stuff when she told me how long shes been living in her house...It was pretty blurry.THEN i walk to my sisters room and ask her how long shes been here. She just sits there with her boyfriend and says 50 minutes, also having a smile. so then iam just like, whatever, and decide to go outside. I walk up to my friends house, and now iam fully aware iam in a dream, like all this was actually happening, so i thought FUCK YEAH. And made one of my friends come out of her house and bend oiver naked so i just unzipped that shit and was about to screw the hell out of her, until her mother came into the picture and pushed me away, before i could even do anything to her.so i forgot how the hell this happend, but here iam ABOUT TO SCREW A FUCKING DOG...i was just like, screw it and was beggining to screw the dog...btw i dont have the control over my dream as i do now. So anyways, here iam trying to screw a dog but i cant because it keeps shitting, and now i just walk away from it and take out my weird longboard. Iam standing infront of this house that looks like it has a BUNCH of spider webs in the huge entrance. so i just take another way in and it leads me to a parking lot, and i forgot what happend with these two, and i know i did something with them but i cant remember, oh and btw i saw a dude with plaid pants and a really like blue shirt, he looked mexican and pretty long hair, like, idk shoulder length, and he was holding a longboard and walking up to the entrance of the infamous spider web entance of the house.....thing. SO i was talking about these two dudes, a father and son Both longboarding and flew up the side of the parking lot, and down a hill. I wanted to do that also, SO i appear where i saw the plaid mexican and infront of the spider web entrance. he pointed to a door that was at the entrance, cuz i tooktook the long way... we talked n stuff, and were just there, holding our longboards. we set the longboards on the ground infront of the parking lot. NOTE: my longboard looked like a boogie book...it had no wheels, was black at the top, and was white at the bottom....CONTINUING.so anyways we set them down on the ground and get on the damned things, he pushes off before me and....

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Btw sorry for my crappy grammar, I was in a rush.

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Is it true that playing Yume Nikki BGM softly in the background whilst sleeping leads to vivid dreams?

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Well if this counts, I was listening to the music from Poniko's House (Dark) right before I went to sleep last night, and the instant I fell asleep I started dreaming that I was playing YN and I was standing outside of her house, and the moment I walked in Poniko (I think Uboa was in the room too...) stabbed me with a knife. It was really vivid though and made me jump awake.

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Fuck Buttons and Hecq can do it, too. I dunno what it is, but yeah, it can lead to vivid or lucid dreams.

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Why yes, any music that has a personal meaning to you can invoke vivid dreams of what it means to you.

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I'm not sure, but I heard Yume Nikki's music often in my lucid dreams.

For example, I frequently hear the roof top music when I'm using the WILD method of lucid dreaming. It begins to play when I'm being pulled into the hypnagogic imagery and making the transition from reality to the dream world.

I've also heard the rainy highway music when I look into mirrors or I am sitting in a dark room. Fucking disturbing.

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File: 1296509719037.jpg -(26.5 KiB, 560x413) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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ITT I decipher your dreams to the best of my abilities. You'll need to be descriptive, obviously, and I'll need to know if the dream is recurring and if it had a negetive or positive feel(inb4staticanddynamic).

I'll also explain other things like Teeth falling out and other dream omens or whatever.

pic unrelated I guess.

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This is a dream I had a while back, but it still weirds me out.

At first, I was sleeping in my bed at my student apartment, and this guy (who I dislike very much) stood beside my bed and said: "You will never achieve anything in your life. You are a failure of a human-being." I just rolled over and replied sleepily: "I knew that already."

I find this scene a bit pointless, but I'll type it here anyway:
Then me and my class were on a class trip at a swimming hall. In the dressing room I found this girl with rich parents and I thought that she'd give me money to help my mother (I have no idea what this means, either. I guess my mom was very sick in the dream). She just replied: "I'm not going to give you money!" My reaction was a bland, neutral "Okay."

After an uncertain time of swimming I was venturing on the hallways without a shirt, but wearing a towel on my shoulders to cover up my boobs. I entered the dressroom, but I noticed that it was the men's dressroom. There, I encountered another guy I know (this guy I don't dislike that much, but I find him a bit imitating, in a weird way).
I was all "Oh. Whoops. Wrong dressing room." and left to the right dressing room, which was for some reason, downstairs from men's dressing room.

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A few days ago, I dreamt that I were somewhere outside. Suddenly, everything became purple and started spinning. I was wondering if that was a dream and actually remembered to do a reality check INSIDE the dream. Took me a while to get that far. Anyway, so I try to pull my hand to my face to look at it, but some force sucks me up and spins me around really forcefully. I actually manage to look at my hand it looks like... strangely deformed and purple. I still wasn't sure if it's a dream for some reason, but something knocked me awake pretty soon. Damn! I really wanna get lucid dreams. I don't even like the color purple...

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>Teeth falling out

Well since you mentioned it...

I have a recurring motif in my dreams where somehow the outer covering of my teeth gets pulled off, leaving little stumps of what looks like coral filled with blood. They don't bleed by themselves, but if I touch them my fingers come away bloody.

How this outer covering comes off varies. Sometimes I pull it off, sometimes it gets caught on stuff, sometimes it just randomly happens. In some dreams these coral stubs being exposed hurts, it others it only hurts if I touch them or suck in air hard, and sometimes it doesn't hurt at all. In all of them, though, I know it's a pretty serious dental emergency, but there's not much anyone can do, I just have to not mess with them and let the covering come back on its own and hope they aren't permanently fucked up.

>> No.1130   [Delete]   [Edit]

p.s. Old folklore says that teeth falling out is a symbol of a dear person to you dying/you dying.

/0.02 $

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File: 1298502335715.jpg -(432.9 KiB, 1771x1433) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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To reach the Dreamlands, a sleeper must find an unusual stairway in a conventional dream and walk down the Seventy Steps of Light Slumber to face the judgment of powerful gatekeepers named Nasht and Kaman-Tha. If judged worthy (i.e., able to survive the dangers of the Dreamlands), the dreamer is allowed to descend the Seven Hundred Steps of Deeper Slumber and emerges in the Enchanted Wood. When a person enters the Dreamlands in this way, he leaves his physical body safely in the waking world. Should he be killed during his travels, his corporeal body will only suffer a shock. Sometimes, however, this can be fatal; "dream death" of this kind makes return to the Dreamlands impossible. Waking up causes a person's "dream self" to disappear, and the individual may have difficulty recalling anything learned or experienced during his time asleep (similar to conventional dreaming)

The Dreamlands can be entered in other ways, including physically. This usually requires passing through very dangerous areas of both the waking world and the Dreamlands. Consequently, "real" death becomes a risk. However, the visitor does receive the prolonged lifespan of a native of the Dreamlands, and the traveller's time there is no longer limited to the duration of a night's sleep on earth.

Though the term "Dreamlands" typically refers to the dimension accessible by human dreamers, other inhabited planets apparently have their own dreamlands. Reaching these other realms from the terrestrial Dreamlands is possible, but difficult.

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