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Sometime in December

I was lying on my couch, staring at the ceiling. Felt like I was floating - but at the same time, like I was being weighed down, held down.
Cold hands, spread out, pushing down on my hollow belly.

There was static in the background, too - I was skyping with Chrono, I think. He was telling me something, but whenever I turned to face the monitor, the colours would go wild and jump from behind the screen, screaming almost, ready to scratch my face open.
And his voice - so distorted, but happy and lively and with such a nice melody. Felt so wrong, as well. Felt so cold.
The hands pulled me down even deeper, deeper, deeper.

Whenever I stared at the ceiling, though, the hands would let go of me and I'd spring back to normal.
Chrono's voice would go back to a static, too.
Everything was so grainy.
Black and white.

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Lying in my bed, as usual.
Breathing - very shallow.
Felt numb, almost.
The air was dry and cold.

I heard a rustle - beside me. Beside the couch.
Turned my head, slowly, and there she is --- pale as paper, with long, black, flowing hair --- and she was so thin, as well.
Her face, that of a child. So pretty. So empty. So devoid of emotion.

Her eyes, the purest black I've ever seen.

Her eyes, that stared right into mine. I stared back. We stared, for a long time, and we didn't know what to say. Or we just couldn't know what to say? She was silent, so I copied her, I went back to my former chameleon self.

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your dreams are very interesting. out of curiosity, do you mind posting the part you left out?

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I'm afraid that is too personal.

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There was this gape,
like I wound I think -

it was throbbing, and bleeding a bit,
but mainly it was
steaming, I suppose


. Somehow. Well, it was that and
there was pus all over, if I am not
mistaken, and lots and

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A few moments ago I had a dream that involved this girl I like. Me, her, and two of my co workers had to go to medical together. While we were there one of my co workers were just bugging the hell out of her. I don't know why, but it just upset me the way she kept on telling him that the subject they were talking about was bothering her and that she didn't want to talk about it. He kept bringing it up anyways, and she was getting really annoyed by it face palming and whatnot.
After a while I just go "Just shut up about that shit man it's bothering her!"
He looks really hurt by what I said for a moment, but after a few seconds just continues on like I didn't even bother him.
I say to myself "I'm gonna kill this guy..."
She looks at me and shakes her head and we just leave together.
After a while of walking back together I realized that I didn't get the paperwork that I needed from the medical personnel that everyone else had. Everyone else got one as well, but me it just felt so weird....

I woke up at around that point, and for some reason I think that dream was trying to tell me something, but I don't know what?

Anyways I just thought that I'd type up this dream online, it was one of my most tamest dreams in a long time, but for some reason this dream bothered me a lot...

Last edited 11/05/09(Mon)04:40.

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I had a real life situation like that.
It was at the zoo field trip for my zoology class. This one guy (huge black dude) was harassing this one girl who was really short never talks much.
I really wanted to say something but I didn't, and I still regret it.

Moral of the story is DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE.
Feels bad man.

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I seem to like to lurk around a lot of the off topic boards. ANYWAYS.

I keep having strange dreams about great accomplishments, then I completely forget what they entailed when I wake up. One was even about dearest Ubuuchong. Someone posted the most truthful, hilarious post in the history of *chans, to the point where one of the mods even stickied it.
..And yet I can't remember what it was in the slightest.
Another one would be when I wrote a classical music piece that was world renowned and brought tears to people's eyes due to it's quality, but I can't remember a single note.

..Any ideas what this means? It's confusing. :<

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Have you tried writing it down as soon as you wake up? It "usually" works for me.

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Not really, which is kind of sad because my mom bought me this really nice diary thing that I was going to use as a dream diary..orz
But yeah, I'll try that.

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Well don't give up if you can't remember what you dreamed at first it takes a lot of dedication to do that stuff.

Hell I forget to write my dreams down a lot due to just being tired, and when I finally realize "Oh crap I need to be writing!" I've usually already forgotten at this point lol.

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I had a dream today, it's not too exciting but, yeah. So from what I remember my family had a competition. Us siblings do all types of activities (working TOGETHER) and at the end only one person gets the prize at the end. There was the oldest brother, me, and 2 younger sisters. As time went on and we started to lose some of these activities due to one of the younger sisters illnesses. The older brother got angry wanting to win all of them and punched one of them. Well the other cut in yelling at him to stop and he pushed her...off a steep hill. We hadn't saw her since. After that we continued the competition, him showing more greed and selfishness. One day when he was playing cards with the people who made up the competition I approached them, angry. He didn't give me as much as a glance. That smug smile on his face just pissed me off and I slapped the cards out of his hands. I turned and left because in truth even I was a bit scared of him. When I come back into a different room she was sitting there, the one who fell off the hill. I ran to her and hugged her with tears streaming down my face, then I woke up with tears in my eyes...

Yeaaahhh don't know why I'm posting this but I forget dreams fast so yeah.

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Well, I began playing Yume Nikki at around the same time my psychology class started talking about lucid dreaming and freudian theory. At first, it was cool but now I've begun having lucid dreams myself. I'm not very good at it yet, and if anyone else here has lucid dreams, you know what I mean. At first it's hard to form a new image or plot for the dream. Anyways, I've also discovered that I can open my real eyes in the middle of a dream if I'm conscious that I'm dreaming. All of my dreams have been starting out weird, and I'm not too sure if some of them aren't hallucinations instead of dreams. Has anyone else experienced anything like this since playing Yume Nikki?

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I always have to imagine drowning in order to sleep. I have the imagine sinking in some vast ocean, unable to breathe, unable to 'surface', in order to sleep. Whenever I am unsuccessful, I become awake again, and 'resurface'.

Is this at all odd?

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I used to get the feeling that I was sinking down into my forehead or something then falling backwards down a pitch black abyss when I was falling asleep, and if I didn't manage to fall asleep I felt like I was getting launched thousands of miles forward/upward. So probably not, sounds like a variation of exactly the same thing I had.

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Hi, everybody! I've been trying to get lucid dreams for quite a while now, and even though I didn't actually get them so far, I've managed to have some... very strange dreams. Like the dream last night:
I was walking to my old school, through the whole city. Suddenly though, the way was leading me through some kind of department store, wich isn't really there. But there were some strange looking humans, who were threatening me. But suddenly I saw that they were actually pretty cliché looking hippies, who were protesting against something. I was walking up some stairs and suddenly neo-nazis appeared from everywhere. They started to fight against the hippies in the store, so I quickly ran away. I then saw that there was suddenly a ring there, in wich they all fighted. As I spectated, a middle-aged black man appeared beside me, and started to talk about his daughter. I can't really remember anything from that point on.
This just seemed to be a good place to write this. I heard writing your dreams down is a good way to remember new ones and if I wrote it down on some sheet, I would just lose it.
Sooo... yeah ^^

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Pretty much, you could create your own dream journal here or use a website like LJ or this one :

Fun dream btw.

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Hey guys did you ever dream up TV shows?
When I was younger I had a few reccurring dreams about these four cartoon cats who liked to hang out at the mall, escape getting grounded/curfews from their parents, etc. Very American, very 90s. I was sort of interacting with them in the dreams, but it was like watching a cartoon really. They all had different personalities too, like one was the thick clumsy one etc. Sorry about the horribly written sentences, I'm insanely tired.
Kneady cat because it's cute.

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Let's have an adventure dreams thread!

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Oh man, a lot of my dreams are adventure dreams.

The one I remember the best is the one where I was a knight or something and I had to find the Red Dragon King to save the princess of this big fantasy country. It was me and some other guy, and we recruited a wizard called Gilgamesh who floated around on a magic cushion and wore a magnificent purple robe. Then we found the Red Dragon (who was in human form), but he couldn't remember who he was, so we had to retrieve his dragon jewel to help him transform. hen he turned into a dragon and led the other dragons on a charge against the army who was threatening the princess. It was boss. :D

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Oh, wow, where to begin....
My most recent and memorable dream took place in a rather peaceful looking city blanketed in snow. After wandering for a bit, I came to a suburb- like area... eventually coming to a glorious flasing maze like structure... I had aplaza like enterence.... then I was lost and woke up.

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File: 1302233123267.jpg -(105.3 KiB, 500x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Epic fantasy RPG hero :D
I once had a dream that I had to rescue a girl who I was meant to be like a bodyguard to. Then somehow these kids started to throw stones at her, and chased her to gallows that floated on water. They then hung her and hung themselves, and I managed to rescue her before she choked to death. But the children's parents started blaming us for raping and killing the children and we ran away while they threw knives at us.

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Just wondering.
People say sleeping on your back gives you sleep paralysis, and I usually sleep on my back and get normal sleep.

What other positions does /yume/ fall asleep in?

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You had. You're just not remembering them.

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If you've slept for more than an hour, you've dreamt, 100% guaranteed. You go into REM every single night after your deepest sleep stage. When you go into REM, you dream, and REM is the longest stage of sleep, longer than all the others combined depending on how long you're asleep. Unfortunately, our brains are designed to automatically start forgetting our precious dreams as soon as we wake up. If you don't train yourself to remember, your dream memories will be rare.

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I sleep on my back, I would sleep on my stomach or side, but my arms almost always lose circulation if I try to.

That picture is so cute. <3

>> No.1191   [Delete]   [Edit]

your doing it wrong...?
I can't sleep on my back without having some sort of hallucination or bad trip.

You have to let your body relax and your mind still thinking...
err, I will try again tonight or next afternoon and explain how it works since I havent slept on my back for a while, but there is a distinct feeling when you can tell you about to fall asleep/paralyze...

Also I usually have the light on, or some music playing, but something there that prevents you from falling asleep but also doesnt make it difficult to... Whatever sooths you but doesn't completely lull you to sleep.

Ive actually fell asleep listening to the UBOA TERRORIZE track in the Yume Nikki Remix Album, its actually a bit soothing... point is, you got to set conditions right for you and I should stop posting so late in the night.

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