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Have you guys ever had a dream in which you returned to locations from previous dreams? Not like, the dream is repeating, but you go back there and you remember the place from a previous dream.

I just woke up and I had a dream that me and my dad were on a road trip , but our car broke down. It's pretty misty and dark outside, and our car broke down right next to a bunch of people that were either smoking drugs or using their laptops.We stop there for a while before my dad says that something doesn't seem right about this place, so we grab our bikes from the trunk of the car and just leave it there as we bike off.

Eventually we find this fork in the road, but one direction leads into train tracks and the other way is a dirty path. We take the dirty path first, but it only takes about a minute for us to get to the end where the trees around us fade out and ahead I can see a big stone castle that's dark in colour and looks pretty ominous, and I can remember it from one of my dreams and immediately say "That place is a hellhole, turn back around"

It made me remember a dream from almost two years ago where me and the rest of my immediate family are entering said castle and we're greeted by a guy with greying hair and a bit of a hunchback, and after he welcomes us in he hands us maps around the castle and then vanishes into thin air. The rest of the dream was kind of boring but I think you can see how it goes.

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Something similar to that happens to me all the time.
Sometimes I get dream déja vu or slight variations on the same dream, but I also clearly remember one set of recurring dreams where I and two dream characters would go around exploring different parts of the same area (giant wooden platform with small buildings on it in the middle of black empty space, only accessible by roller coaster.) We'd always start off in the same spot, and discuss what happened last time I dreamed about that place and plan our expedition for this time and stuff...it was really fun, too.

"Well, we're not ready for giant wasps, so we should avoid the classroom in the middle this time...we've already seen most of this edge, so let's go a bit further in and try that building over there." (that building was a big haunted changeroom...not much better than the wasps.)

"Wait, the roller coaster isn't here this time. Oh well, we can go see a movie." (That time we left the area and the dream was completely different except for the same characters being there.)

"The roller coaster has "DK" written on it...careful, it might explode" (I had been playing way too much Donkey Kong Country before bed...no idea why the dream guy thought it was explosive, though.)

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Methinks that'd make a good LSD-esque game.

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I had dreams that kind of gave me that "returning" feel.

I usually had reoccurring dreams as a child about going to a sort of amusement park. It was pretty amazing. Years later, as a teenager, I actually went back to that park. Except there were more "adult" things for me to play with. Like, video games and shit. Since I was older I wasn't limited to some bullshit play pit with tons of soft balls and some water slide I didn't want to ride anyway. Shit was so fucking cash. I think I got arrested though.

Then in another dream, I went to this store and immediately recognized it as a revamped version of another reoccurring dream I had when i used to climb into a flat, wide painting and fly around in the location the painting depicted. Like, it just had... the FEEL it was that place. I entered and there was a huge fucking stack of gift-wrapped boxes on display with a "WELCOME" sign. Me and my parents shopped there until I ran off and it was painting time.

Last edited 11/07/18(Mon)04:44.

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Yes, I believe that's happened to me. I can't think of any really specific examples right now, but a number of times I've had things/known things/been places that were only from previous dreams.
Though I had one dream in which I was riding in a carriage with a friend of mine and I was telling her about a dream I'd had.

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While we wait for Rozencrab to fix this mess, how about a revival of the old "Dream Creatures" thread I made way back when?

Essentially, post descriptions of various creatures from your dreams.

All I can remember at the moment is one creature.

Scientists: Seem to be part of a hive mind. Work at computers in most dreams. They have eyes on their palms, but none in their eye sockets.

I would draw something, but I don't have the time.

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Bonzae de Raymi: Appeared in a dream I had recently. It's the first time my dreams overlapped. She's sister to Lia de Raymi, and they look pretty similar; however, Bonzae is younger (around 14-16), shorter, skinnier, and has a more impish face than Lia. Her hair is light-blue, and is rolled up in a bun on the left side of her head. She wears skin-tight clothing so I assume she's some kind of spy, in the same way that Lia is a soldier. She's very annoying and likes to steal things.
We met in a car tunnel on some highway, which for some reason had been converted for foot traffic. She tried to take my hat, and I took her DSi. Then she got really angry with me.

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File: 1301590351352.png -(142.7 KiB, 360x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I suppose this'll fit in here, from one of the more vivid dreams I had, never had one like it since.

First of all, I feel I must set the scene, I was wandering around some sort of complex in a linear fashion, like you see in games. Inside, the buildings would be populated with unusual and strange things that I can't really remember. But to move between different levels, so to speak, I would have to go along a walkway that was situated out in the open.

Just to the side of every walkway, there was a sort of automaton that would run along a rail at some speed then stop, turn it's head, and just stare until I went through the door to the next section.

The automaton had a sculpted face, quite like the ones you see on Samurai masks.

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I had a dream, but it seemed so real... I was laying n bed and smelt smoke... But when i tried to get up i couldnt move, not even my fingers.... Then a shadow startexd to form, and it turned into a tall tan black haired man with horns and blue blue eyes.... At first i was scared he started walking towards men again i couldnt move or scream, as he was about to climb ontop of me i was kinda turned on then he smiled and his mouth was bloody which freaked me out more i tried to stuggle still nothing then he whispered n my ear u r mine and raped me.... When it was done i got up and ran out of my room... When i went bck in my room thecovers were wet n there was blood on them... This happened bout 4 years ago but i have dreams of this thing watching me sleep whispering in my ear but i can never undertsand what he says

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A rotten mushroom beast that appeared in my Zelda ALttP dream (which turned out to be very different from ALttP)

It was a cross between a bubble slime and funghouls. It grew ever more hideous and twisted, too. Luckily, I could fly, but it remained in pursuit...

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I had such a dream last night.

It was somewhat in the style of Neon Genesis Evangelion, except it was in an unnamed city, and instead of EVAs, it was some sort of GUndam/Super Sentai cross robots. Anyways, I was in some dispute between some Asuka look-alike, she was all mad at me or something.

I kept asking her why she was mad at me, but she gave me no answer, and kept attacking me. It was so real, I actually felt pain.

I asked her one last time why she was attacking me, and I finally got an answer:


I don't remember the rest, but I woke up soon after.

Last edited 11/07/01(Fri)17:25.

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Others being violent towards the dreamer because they are special seems to be a common theme. It's as if the dream characters are jealous or something. Have you ever had to go under for surgery in the past?

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Let's discuss your best dreams, with nothing sad or scary in them. the kind of dreams that make you angry when you wake up, because you would rather stay inside the dream.

I just woke up from the most awesome dream. The beginning is kinda fuzzy, but apparently mom won the lottery or something, because we were in the process of moving into a mansion. When I got to my bedroom, oh god...It was already pre-decorated and filled with stuff. First thing I noticed was that the walls had really colorful and awesome looking pictures of Batmana and other comic book characters painted on it, which was pretty cool, I would have preferred something a teensy bit girlier or maybe video game characters or something, but beggars can't be choosers. Anyway, then I started looking around my new room. STUFF. EVERYWHERE. There was a mountain of manga, videogames everywhere, figurines of my favorite anime characters, awesome headphones, but what really made me go nuts was a bunch of Daft Punk action figure sets placed against the wall. There was a set that had giant figures of Daft Punk themselves, another that was all the main characters from the Daft Punk movie interstella 5555 (incidentally, this is the only set that I think exists in real life, I've seen it but it was like 500 bucks on ebay), another set from the movie that had some side characters and the spaceship, and the last one was more daft punk. I was freaking out over them and I was just so happy and excited, and then....I woke up.
Tl,Dr: I had a dream that I live din a mansion and had lots of nice things and some Daft Punk merch

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File: 1310225334328.jpg -(1.3 MiB, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Gah I had the cutest and happiest dream ever last night!
In the dream dream I was watching a movie on the couch with Mom and my niece Gwen, and my dog coco was sitting next to us. I think it was some kind of Monty Python movie, and there was a King dude dancing all derpy. I look over at coco, and she was sitting straight up and wobbling back and forth (basically caramelldansan if you didn't use your arms at all), she was dancing exactly like the dude on the movie! and she stopped when he stopped dancing. me and mom saw it, Gwen missed it. Mom and I started saying stuff like "good girl coco! dance! dance coco!" like we were trying to teach her a trick.
Pic related, it is coco looking really derpy.

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Better than what happened to me. Some dude walked up to me and pretty much told me I was dreaming. I was so shocked I actually woke up before I had a chance to do anything. Then I was ticked 'cause I was that close to a lucid dream.

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Last night I had a dream that I was a frog. As opposed to dreams of flying, dreams of leaping through the air present a limitation that which you feel good about belittling. It's gonna sound silly, but it was one of the best dreams I've had in a while.

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ah haha, seriously? That's so weird, I had a dream last night that I found a tiiiiiny baby frog in my yard! We both had happy frog dreams on the same night! It's telepathy, I say!

Really, being a happy jumping frog sounds like a great dream~

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I'm considering depriving myself of sleep for around 3-5 days....

Will this give me an awesome dream? Or will it make me not dream at all?

Or is it just better to have a semi regular sleep schedule.

I really enjoy dreaming, and I'm just trying to make it so that I can get to the point of lucid dreaming alot. I mean I'm not an expert on the subject, but I'm just wondering what you all think from your experiences.

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I really want to write a creepypasta with this premise of photographing hallucinations now.

Anyway, I really wouldn't deprive yourself of sleep. It's hell. I've never hallucinated, I just feel like ass every single day and have no motivation to do anything when I don't sleep.

My thoughts are that you'd be so deep in sleep when you finally rest after that long no sleep marathon that you wouldn't remember your dreams, even if they were lucid. That's one thing that I heard mentioned regarding lucid dream stuff quite a bit; that heavy sleep impedes your ability to remember dreams.

Best way to get lucid dreams is to start dreaming consistently and writing it down. One absolute sure fire way to get a dream is to sleep in some way that is different from your usual schedule. Just sleep in a different position or go to bed at a different time and you'll be sure to have a bunch of dreams.

>> No.1400   [Delete]   [Edit]

What if you were to go to bed at a different time every day of the week, and set your alarm to wake up at a different time every day of the week? You think you could recall dreams almost every time that way?

>> No.1411   [Delete]   [Edit]


In theory, yes! I've never done specifically that, but feel free to try it. Different things work for different people, sometimes. A little note about alarm clocks, though. When you wake up to an alarm clock, it's generally not a very peaceful thing, and that makes it harder to recall your dreams.

If you lay in bed for a little bit after waking up to just sit and try to remember your dreams, you'll find that you can recall dreams easier. Also, starting a dream journal is also really useful so you can recognize patterns in your dreams and begin to catch them in your dreams so that you know you're dreaming and can become lucid.

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File: 1311524659657.png -(883.7 KiB, 4000x3758) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here, this may help you

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So I'd like to hear some stupid/illogical dreams you've had. Here's one.

Last night I dreamt I was eating breakfast, nothing out of place there you may say, but I was eating this with Hatsune Miku at the opposite end of the table, as you do. This was all well and good, but as it happens the table is in the middle of a road. There's also a functional toaster on the table with no visible power input.

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File: 1308870412877.png -(18.3 KiB, 534x710) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

one of my favorite dreams is titled "dog-boy". in my dream, there's this kid who got into a terrible car accident and he was gonna die so doctors put his brain inside a chihuahua (ILLOGICAL: human brain is bigger than an entire chihuahua. why not use a bigger dog?) so now he was a talking dog. After recovering, he started going to school again (my school!) but he was being bullied by the jocks for being a cute little wimpy dog and junk. I remember just watching and feeling bad but wanting to pet him because AWW PUPPY! also, there were constantly news teams following him around and trying to get interviews, but strangely they sounded more concerned about dog-boy's bullying issues rather than the amazing fact that he was a frakkin' chihuahua with a kid's brain. best dream ever.

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I had my first WILD today, it was the clearest dream I've ever had, but still short, it's also the first time I've ever recalled the beginning of a dream (in your face, inception). Fading into the dream, I was already lucid, I was in Walmart behind the cashier's counter loading up some groceries for some old lady. "I'll play along with this until I'm fully asleep." I thought, because the dream was still hazy and there were shadows around my line of vision. So the old lady kept asking me dumb questions, and about a minute later the dream was crystal clear. "That should do." I dropped whatever food item I was holding and flew upward. Just as I was about to start spinning and transport myself to whereverthehell, my brother screamed in the other room and woke me up. Fucking fuck. I wanted to go in there and backhand him.

Oh I also had a dream where some red-haired loli was dropping tiny people into her boots. Patchouli Knowledge was by her left heel, making a ":<" face. M'kay.

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I had another weird dream. My shop teacher from high school was in my house. He was holding a wall fan and saying something to me. At some point he disappeared. Later on I was the size of an insect again, and suddenly a green-haired, animu girl (starting to see a pattern here?) stomped over to me as I was looking over at a television screen, looked down, and said something along the lines of "How DARE you, I was going to sit on you now, and you just had to look at someone else in the middle of it!" Apparently she was planning on smashing me with her ass, but now she's pissed at me because I glanced at a television screen. Makes sense. Oh yeah, and take a guess as to how this dream ends.

I get stepped on.

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I'm sensing a fetish here

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So hey lately I've been able to time travel in my dreams!! The first time was in this dream: http://pastebin.com/2kuN9m5n . The second time was a week or two ago, where there was a truck/car hijack and crash in the town I live in (after finding and leaving the area to go back home, the three men who hijacked the truck were idling in a back street I take to get home. They started chasing me, and as they were about to catch me I went back in time, to a point where I'd discover the crash in a later time of the day, in hopes the men wouldn't be there). Another was a couple of days ago, where I was in the restroom and saw this fuck off huge spider, and being super frightened, the dream implied I went back in time before going to the restroom and told myself not to go in. And then in last night's dream, I can't remember much but something horrible happened between my fiance and I... So in attempt to fix it, again the dream implied I went back in time, only to find I went back a bit too far/somehow managed to get into a different timeline?? As he didn't know who I was etc etc.. So some things happened, maybe I tried to return to a different point in my normal timeline? Either way, eventually my fiance and I were reunited before the shitty shit happened between us.

Either way, is it common to go back in time in dreams?
Or for you to have dreams that almost always have a certain thing in them (for me, that would be trains/train stations/airports and teeth)?

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I have a strange feeling that my summer boredom has caught up to me in my sleep. Whenever i drift off into a dream early in the morning, I'am under the covers of my bed napping. I then begin to feel someone grab at my leg, but not in a death grip, more of a soft touch, not even trying to attempt something, almost as if it was too lazy to give a damn. I didn't either. I usually jolt into action at that moment but i hardly even moved! Worse part, it went on like that for a gosh damn minute! :(

Has anyone else experianced boredom in their dreams even if you didn't feel that way in real life? I'm desperate to get my euphoria back again.

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"Did you ever have a job that you hated and worked real hard at? A long, hard day of work. Finally you get to go home, get in bed, close your eyes and immediately you wake up and realize... that the whole day at work had been a dream. It's bad enough that you sell your waking life for minimum wage, but now they get your dreams for free."

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File: 1310146144848.jpg -(64.8 KiB, 700x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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hey /yume/ I just had a horrifying dream, from what i remembered, I was in a Caribbean style town, near the ocean, and for some reason, the touhou characters were there, and one of them was sent to jail, now I was heading through a boardwalk, attempting to get through the trees and whatnot.

>> No.1378   [Delete]   [Edit]

now, this is where it gets weird, as I eventually got to the jail, which had been rundown and filthy, but In order to get inside the building, i had to climb up to the rooftop, and walk the edge of the building till i got to the other side, which took a long time. When i finally got there, i opened the door, and nobody was in there, so i walked down the halls, thinking this was unusual for a jail, when i went down a level, there was nothing in the room with me, other than the way I came, and the door, so i decided to open it

>> No.1379   [Delete]   [Edit]

upon opening the door, I was greeted by 3 apparitions of army-men and a pregnant woman, with long dark hair, all of the beings were bloody, which shouted at me that if I touch her, "my fate will be sealed" I decided to ignore them, and help the woman, i walked to her and held her hand. as soon as I did, the room changed, upon one wall in "doom" style, was a horrifying thing, a unnaturally slender humanoid with a broken torso that had no skin nor organs on the inside, just blood and muscles, its "head" was a infant's head, and it's face had a triangular mouth on it, with the side edges moving out and in. the next scene is the last

>> No.1380   [Delete]   [Edit]

The abomination was sucking me, and the poor woman towards it, luckily we weren't pulled very far, when something horrible happened, there was a flash of light, and as i stood i noticed the "infant" that the woman had. now imagine, a baby with a "Alien" head, and a weird chitinous coat armoring it's body. a 4note nightmarish song played, and i got up and ran through the halls underneath the jail, shooting at the horrors it spawned as it toyed with me, warping in and out of my melee range. after a short while, I pulled out of my field of vision, and saw it was playing on a t.v. even though i had "paused" what i had seen, the creature was warping around, laughing and sometimes clinging to the "pause". i turned of the game system this was "playing" on, turned of the t.v. and woke up

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Last night, I dreamt that I made a contract with kyuubey. I was in my living room, and I had this huge stuffed animal keychain tied around my waste. Suddenly, Sayaka bursts through my door, and says something.

Her mouth was moving, but no sounds came out. We go out to my front yard, and the scenery starts changing into a witch's labyrinth. I dont know what witch, but it vaguely looked like Charlotte. Sayaka and I transform into Puella magi together I don't know what my outfit looked like, but my weapon was this huge ass axe.

Sayaka was staring at my waist, and I look down to see that tht huge stuffed animal keychain was still there. We we're about to attack the witch, but then the stuffed animal on my waist started to move, and detached itself from me it walked towards the witch and they started hugging. Apparently the stuffed animal was it's child or something. The scenery started to change back to normal until we were back in my front yard.

I had defeated the witch without even trying, and the dream ended there. Sad, because I didn't get to show off my mad axe wielding skills ;c

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