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Once I had a dream that I picked out a piece of flesh above my eye, and ate it. It had the taste and texture of cooked lamb. The gap it left caused my eyeball to fall out later on.

Point is, does anyone know what eating yourself means in terms of dream symbolism?

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But seriously. Eating generally represents satisfying your needs, whether it's physical, emotional, sexual, or what have you. Eating unpleasant things suggests dealing with an unpleasant experience. Eyes are symbolic of the soul or how you view the world. Handy book says the right and left eyes are relevant to your environment and your self, respectively.

That help?

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Thanks! I'll have a good think about it, then maybe it will make sense.

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I have dreams like that all the time!
My hypothesis thus far is that it is symbolic of a bad habit or something in your routine way of living that you don't generally notice but subconsciously know is unhealthy. It could also represent a habit that perhaps you don't WANT to quit, eg. smoking.

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Recently, I've been having trouble remembering dreams. Does anyone have any advice on how to remember them better?

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  1. Dream journal. Just having one and having the will to want to write something in it, can help you remember your dreams. Write anything you remember, in any order you remember them, this might help to remember the rest. If you don't remember your dream, you can still write in your journal a dream you would of liked to have, as if you just had it. In some cases, that dream might just be the next one you have.
  2. Willpower. You need to focus on wanting to remember them and associate an importance to them or else your brain will more likely classify them as "not important to remember" and you'll most likely forget them. Dreams are one of the few things that the only thing you need to do if believe that you can and you do.
  3. Patience. If at first you don't remember them, try again next time. Discouragement is probably your worst enemy, unless you have memory problems, that's something different.

This, of course, doesn't change your dream recall all at once, but within a week you should probably notice you're remembering your dreams. Then more and more, until you're able to remember your dreams every night, or even more the one.

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Number one tip I can give that has really helped me: Wake up slowly.

If you wake up in a hurry, you'll forget in a second, but if you stay in bed a while and take it easy, it'll be much easier to remember.

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Thanks for the advice

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I pulled an all nighter last night and when I eventually went to sleep my dreams were fucked up.
Normal after an all nighter or coincidence?

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This never happened to me. At least I don't remember it happening to me...

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could be normal.
thigs like your surroundings and stress levels effect are most likely to effect your dreams.
then again the last time i pulled all nighter i didn't get any dreams.

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I will occasionally continue a dream from one night to another.

There is a recurring house in my dreams that doesn't exist irl. I've explored different parts of it in separate dreams.

Around 80% of the interesting dreams I have contain zombies. In one dream, the zombies attacked people based on height. In another dream, I jujutsu'd a zombie despite the fact that I don't actually know almost any jujustu and I can't usually punch people in my dreams. Another zombie dream ended with my father being eaten by a pterodactyl. Shrug.

As a bonus, here is a picture of me wrestling an alligator.

Also, you people should watch a little film called Waking Life.

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Seriously? There's a house in my dreams that doesn't exist irl. I've been to the town where it is several times in recurring dreams to have different excursions I guess. Nothing that interesting, it just was sort of like being a tourist through this nice little town.
Most recently I go into this house and I'm confronted by this blond lady not much older than me, maybe mid-twenties, saying she "was my mother" and that she "kept my room just like it was." (It was a fucking wreck, which actually convinced me it was mine.)
Back in the living room were people that she said were my brothers and sisters, which was weird seeing as how there was like, a black dude, asian lady, and a couple of white people. It was like the Planeteers up in there. As hilariously awful as it was, I almost wish it was a real town and a real house. If it was, I'd love to find it.

On another note, I don't dream much about zombies.

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it's considered by most a sort of parapsychological problem. there's been a couple of studies on it, but there is no known cause or cure.

i have nightmares almost every night, sometimes it's hard to shake the icky feeling after wards during the day. they're everything from threats to my personal life, things from my past, end of the world or disaster situations, etc. a little bit of everything bad. what doesn't make sense is that right now i'm happier than i've been in my whole life, i have a job, a steady relationship, etc. what can i do to stop the nightmares? i'd been through a lot throughout my life that wasn't so great, but things are fine now, just the nightmares keep coming back.

it was suggested to me that i write them down, as cliche as that may seem, i think it may help. i don't know if it will, but it's worth a try right?

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You might want to try seeing a professional if they really bother you.

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First this.

but writing down your dreams may help. (and then post them here)

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I had a somewhat bizarre dream last night.

I was in this shack in an eerie forest with some folks I was not familiar with. I was a guest, I suppose, and they treated me with warm welcome. Night seemed to fall fast, they fed me and offered me a place to stay, and warned me not to go out when the moon was high.

Of course, I asked why, and they told me this: there were tales in those parts of a strange man who would come up to anyone who went out at night, when the moon was high, and sat still for a few solid minutes. The man was supposedly very frightening, and he would mimic any facial expressions you made -- but they would always be much more exaggerated and, as a result, a lot more terrifying. If you made a frightened, sad, or angry face for too long, he would murder you, and the last thing you would see was his horrible expression. But if you managed to look calm and somewhat happy for long enough, he would let you be -- and as he left, place a number of nuts into your hand.

At that point I found this pretty rediculous, but they told me that I still needed to listen, because this part was still important. Apparently, you were supposed to eat all but one of the nuts -- this one, you were supposed to bury where you were standing. A new tree would grow rapidly there. Supposedly, the nuts were tasty and would leave you feeling well for some time, but if you ate the last one your stomach would turn sour for an entire day. If you did not plant one of these nuts, he would know -- and the following night, as you lay with your stomach in knots, you would die.

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That sounds like some kind of urban legend. I like your dreams.

>Anyone have bizarre dreams lately?

Ohhh yes. My thread is/was below yours. I have them almost every night.


Last edited 10/04/08(Thu)13:02.

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I've always had trouble remembering dreams.

Any tips to help remember them?

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Basically, it just advises you to keep a dream journal.
I'm 308 days into mine, and I don't seem to be remembering my dreams too often.

Thanks for the help, but is there anything else?

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>been keeping a dream journal since November
>only has two dreams written in it

I hate you

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Look at your hands or do other reality checks throughout the day.
Dream journal.

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Okay, I don't have it that bad, sorry Mobling.

I'm gonna try doing reality checks more often, see how much it helps.

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tonight i had a dream that i was in some kind of deathmatch. after fighting and pissing about in some kind of empty swimming pool. (in witch i was masada with a pipe)i whent back. my leader was a very evil regular monoko with her shirt undone (but nothing showing) and a cat chair that claws you when you feel scared of her. she wanted me to get the legs, clitoris' and eye's of the three colours. (i had flashbacks to playing horror games mainly my mind thought it was silent hill.) which was basicaly three mado's that are red green and blue like the rave effect or something. i couldn't get back since the match was over and i saw allot of people filing in for the next match (most of them being my friends) in some sort of harry potter thing they were levatating a dead deer or something alike. and i watched on tv playback of the match and monoko useing her five arm effect as a wepon and she could levatate and be all posesed and shit. same goes for Poniko and madotsuki.

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Ohhhh, I am not happy right now /yume/ D:

I had a TERRIBLE dream this morning that my cat got stabbed by some good-for-nothing teenage shits. I saw it happen from a window, in the dream I lived in this horrible, ratty apartment complex (for no apparent reason) in a really bad area, right beside a junkyard. I was trying to call her back inside because I didn't know the area yet and wanted her to stay in. But this punk-ass fucker just grabbed her and stuck his pocketknife into her, and she howled. And then two of his buddies came from seemingly no-where, and they were just passing her around and stabbing her. At first I was just too horrified and shocked to move, but as I fought myself awake I remember thinking I should go get the b-b gun (that I don't own) and shoot the fuckers.
In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea, because they probably had real guns or something, but I wanted to fight fire with fire at that moment. I was just very upset.

It was an all-around shitty dream (ate something that could have done real damage to my intestines at a party I was dragged to) but that was the worst, seeing my cat get stabbed. I woke up staring at my bedside table, breathing so heavily... First thing I did was go get my cat and make sure she was fine. She was, of course...

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I used to have a lot of dreams in which tragic and horrible things would happen to my dog. Oddly, I haven't had any involving either of my dogs in a long time. Which is good, considering something negative usually happens.
I don't remember most of my bad dreams. I guess that's kind of lucky. Next time I have one though, I'll be sure to write it down. Just because.

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Okay guys, /yume/ disappeared. The tables just vanished from my SQL database and I've got no idea but I'm working on bringing it back. No ETA, it might take a while. Stay tuned.

Sorry for the trouble.

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It's not really believing so much as it is knowing that Rozen is lazy and a fgt. :3

Last edited by moderator 10/03/05(Fri)13:22.

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I sense paranormal activity in this board.

Perhaps the tables were merely a dream?

Last edited by moderator 10/03/05(Fri)13:23.

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File: 1267932621289.jpg -(20.1 KiB, 356x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


This is a shame.

Last edited by moderator 10/03/06(Sat)19:30.

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All of you people are like, really bad at this.

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