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So last night I had this...sort of weird but sort of retarded dream. A whole bunch of my friends from school were there--there being some sort of open-field away from the city at dusk, including my boyfriend. I recognized my friends, they were all the same, but there was something weird about my boyfriend. My dreamself didn't really seem to notice anything, and I acted the same way I do around him, but he didn't look the same.

In fact, it didn't look like him at all. So in my dream, this guy was my boyfriend, and all of my friends where alright with it, but I have no idea who this guy is. He didn't even remotely look like my boyfriend, and I don't even recognize the guy's face from anywhere.


Btw, nothing bad has happened between my boyfriend and I.

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No, it isn't a sign, dreams usually don't mean anything.

Look at my dreams, they're crazy. If they were a sign about anything for me I'd be some crazed pedo-rapist or something.

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For me, i once had a dream that was scarily true.
It was the night before my first day at secondary school, and i dreamt i was in a room.
In this room (It was a small room) were rows of tables, two walls were full size and two walls were half size so you could see the corridor that went around the room, and in the ceiling was a dome, the room appeared to be made of stone. There was also a woman stood at the front.

Now, when i went to my new school the next day, i was put in a class, lo and behold, it was the same as my dream, same layout, same desk layout, and most importantly, the structure in the ceiling, which wasn't a dome but a sort of pyramid (Which is a unique feature of that school. It's getting demolished soon lol.)

brix were shat.

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Okay, so, I was dreaming, and hanging out outside my house when it suddenly occured to me that I was dreaming. At first I was like OMGYAY then I srs'd because it my just the town I live in. Only minus all cars and most people.
Anyway, I was a bit annoyed, then I thought; "Wait a minute, this is my town. I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT."
So I streaked down my street for the lulz and headbutted some guy in the crotch. Then I woke up. :c

Related; can you guys tell me how to lucid dream again? And, while dreaming, how do I wake myself up?

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Usually when I want to wake up during a dream... and I only tried this during horrific nightmares and was left in sleep paralysis afterwards.. it's hard to explain, but what you have to do is jerk violently forward with your head and shoulders and.. mind?
If you did it right, it'll feel like the jerk you get when falling asleep sometimes, and you'll wake up.

Also, I lol'd at your dream.
Nudie headbutt effect.

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idk but I know that if you die on purpose in a dream it's the trippiest shit in the world.
I was stuck somewhere running from a creature (I couldn't see it but I knew it was there), I had tried every way and though about if I die what will happen. I whispered kill me and felt a horrible sensation on/in my back. Everywhere became rainbow/static television background, I felt my body had no define shape and I was looping through myself. I ended up being teleported to my room but I was made of putty. I woke up soon after.

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File: 1277337033616.jpg -(30.2 KiB, 188x233) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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When I lucid dreamed last night it was really strange. I turned over on my back in my sleep, then I just... realized I was dreaming.

One Piece's Luffy vs Usopp decided to take place on my school's yard. Chopper sided with Usopp, fucking traitor... And I had a boyfriend, also clams with teeth. What. (Flying was hard, it made me hold my breath)

What I did was turn over on my back in my sleep, like I said earlier. My fingers were intwined, kind of like...

<<<<<<<<<<<<< This... cept I was laying down. I'll lurk this thread so I can perhaps do it again. Idk.

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Hello /yume/ I keep having dreams that I'm at school. Yesterday I dream that I accidentally heard that the principle is going to kill everyone in school, so he can sue the goverment and get alot of money. I got this flash of me being in a classroom and a number 1 written on the white board. Then there's this sort of red gas gushing out from the aircon and I woke up.

Another dream is related to the previous dream. Only this time, I was in a homeroom party. I dono why but I got my memories from my previous dream back so I remember that everybody is going to get killed, and that aircon thing. . .
And I saw that number 1 on the white board. If I pretend to go to the bathroom, I might get killed outside, so I grabbed a blanket. Inside the homeroom was everyone and a weird looking DJ. Suddenly that DJ said that we all have 15 seconds to escape and he suddenly dissapear through a trap door below him. Everyone rushed to the door but obviously the door is lock. I just sit in a corner and cover myself with the blanket.

It was dark and quiet and I heard gas gushing out.

I heard screaming for about 10 seconds, then everything was quiet, I think it was safe now, so I open my blanket. But My right arm got exposed to the gas and it was red and blistering. I didn't feel pain and that moment I know that I was dreaming [you cant feel pain in your dream] but everyone else was all read and deformed. A girl next to me was trying to break the door by using a stick. I feel so weird looking at everyone suffering while I have only a minor wound. But then I woke up D:

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File: 1277106074288.png -(3 MiB, 1447x2046) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Alright, so I'm a person of very seemingly random dreams, to the point that I often wake up laughing and thinking "what the heck was that all about?". They are often very long and I usually remember them very well in the morning but then start to forget things as the day proceeds. My dreams are not often frightening but rather very adventurous, like something taken out of a video game or a movie.
So, I saw someone else doing this so I decided to also keep a record of dreams here... if that's alright. I don't know how often I will be writing, I guess we'll see.

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Sounds like how I dream. Most excellent, I'll be looking forward to reading.

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File: 1276644353376.png -(551.8 KiB, 1729x1082) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hello /yume/

Is there any sort of event in your life that you think affected you on such a level that it has influenced your dreams? I don't mean for a single night, but has become a theme that pops up on a fairly usual basis?

For me, it's drowning. When I was very young, 4-5ish, I almost drowned in the deep end of a pool. But I was at an age that while I knew drowning was an "uh-oh" situation, I didn't really understand that people die. So, being the goofy child that I was I pulled a Looney Toons-esque move of counting down 3-2-1 with my fingers just above the surface with the last of my strength before starting to black out. Luckily I was finally spotted and pulled out of the pool.

This has lead me to have many, many dreams in which I'm drowning/being submerged in water. But it's not scary. I can wake up from any scary dream, even if I'm not specifically lucid dreaming (learned that handy trick after a strange rash of me-gettin-murdered dreams). But these are different. I know drowning is bad, and generally try to avoid it, but in these dreams if I fail I don't feel scared, just resigned to my fate.

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I have a few recurring themes.

Most of them always almost involve some sort of change over me.
This started to happen when I was about say... 8 or 9, when I learned that all life dies eventually.
Basically, i always dream that i become something more, something immortal, something I know I want to be, but dare not want to do because it may anger whatever higher being exists in the afterlife. Yet, in my dreams, it happens.

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When I was younger (10 - 14 years old-ish) I owned pet hamsters, and a recurring theme in my dreams around those years was owning hamsters and not being able to take care of them. I often dreamed that I had to carry a cage of hamsters across a very big river, always drowning them in the process, or their bulging, beady eyes would start coming out of their heads and I could do nothing to help them. I guess I was worried as to whether I was caring for them well enough? I don't know. Either way those dreams were very uncomfortable.

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So...after listening to a lot of people (both IRL and on this board) talk about trying to do lucid dreaming/remember their dreams, I thought of something.

Do most people not remember their dreams at all when they wake up?

I remember all of my dreams when I wake up. I know I dream every night. I might not remember specific details, but I definitely know I dream every night. Is this uncommmon?

Last edited 10/06/15(Tue)22:44.

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Nope I'm exactly the same. Sometimes I feel like I did something in my dreams for hours even if I can't remember what. I feel like a memory's missing of what I did during the night of my dreams, although I know I did do something.
That happens very rarely because I usually remember at least a little bit of what happened. Unless for some reason I go on a "blank" streak.

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Agh, I keep forgetting my dreams.
Sometimes I remember my dreams in so much detail it's scary. Like how I remember that my dream last night had me eating stuff that had children's teeth on it and I remember how it felt to chew on it.

But sadly, most of the times I only remember I had a dream. Sometimes I know I had an awesome dream but I can't remember anything. It's frustrating.

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If I wake up from an interruption I'll often remember a good chunk of a dream, but otherwise I almost never remember anything. Even if I do remember stuff, it is entirely forgotten within an hour. I spent a really pleasant year remembering absolutely no dreams-sleep felt higher quality.

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Mine come back to me sometimes months after the fact if I don't remember them straight away.

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Who here is keeping a dream journal? If you are and are posting it online, do you have a link to it?

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I do, but I don't post it online. I know that some forums for lucid dreaming keep a place for that where anyone can see it. Some of them are really interesting and give good ideas of what to do if you ever get a lucid dream, or just read crazy stuff.

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i kept having nightmares so i kept a dream journal, but then i started not to dream any more. i was thinking about starting a crazy dream blog, but i was only able to write down a couple in my notepad before they started not happening as much.

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I keep a separate one which I sometimes chronicle in a thread here, but I tend to be a lazy fuck.

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I was keeping a dream journal for 2 weeks, when I realized that my writing sucked so bad after waking up, I could barely read anything.

Going to start another dreamjournal tonight, and start uploading it online.. maybe in this really convenient site : http://dreamjournal.net/

Last edited 10/06/13(Sun)19:32.

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File: 1270155791990.jpg -(134.2 KiB, 760x626) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Quick question, anyone here ever feel pain in
your dreams? There was one time when I dreamed
that I lived in some sort of house with briers.
I got my leg caught in one of them and couldnt
get it out, it hurt like a bitch. There werent
any scars on my legs when I woke up.

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I've never actually felt PAIN in my dreams, but I can feel things.

One time I was sleeping in a dream and I felt this immense pressure on my entire body. I couldn't move or speak or open my eyes. And it kinda hurt a little when I tried to, I guess. Sounds more like sleep paralysis to me though.

>> No.100   [Delete]   [Edit]

I remember being strangled in a dream and I could still feel pressure on my neck after waking up.... no sharp pain though.

>> No.177   [Delete]   [Edit]

i've felt pain in a dream before. that shit sucks. one time i tripped over a tree root that was sticking up out of the ground and hurt my leg and could feel the stinging in my hands when i caught myself. another time i was shot in the shoulder. another, stabbed in the arm.

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I've felt pain in dreams a few times, the most recent was one where I stubbed my toe and woke up

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File: 1275100643396.png -(114.6 KiB, 582x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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It was strange, I was at the movie theatre when all of a sudden I was transported to a city with grass everywhere and vines wrapped around buildings. I wandered for a while when all of a sudden I was chased by an army of zombies. I just shut my eyes and just kept running.

After a little while I opened my eyes (the scenary still looked the same btw) and saw Masada, he turned to me and smiled. I was still scared shitless from the zombies so I jumpedhugged him. He politely asked me in a quiet voice if I was okay. I nodded in response and we had a stimulating chat. In the end he held me until I was ready to leave.
Coincidentally I read To Kill A MockingBird the night before.

Pic related: he looked kind of like that

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File: 1269320084189.jpg -(961.3 KiB, 1300x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Clean board, time for a Yume Nikki related dream thread.

Just had this last night. I was in some kind of city where apparently all the monsters and shit from Yume Nikki lived. I actually have a lot of dreams with a city-like thing like this, but one thing stood out:
I got to meet Masada.
I met fucking Masadaa.
He was really cool and nice, but was missing the regular super soft voice I always imagine him with. Whatever, he's still awesome and MASADAAAA.
I don't remember much, in all honesty, but I remember us (Masada and me) going to some kind of cafe, and I had to hide under a table for a while. When I got up, some other people were there and Masada was outside smoking. Because he smokes. Anyway, I stepped outside as well and heard him saying that before he came to live here, he knew someone. I asked if it was Shitai, and he said no. Thank God, Shitai x Masada is terrible. Instead, he points down the street to that Uboa-like thing that lives in the sewers. It notices him pointing and goes over. They talk for a while and I just stand there in some kind of amazement.
Then Masada took his jump suit off and revealed a T-shirt and jeans... And I woke up.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I wish I could meet Masada in my dreams, you're so lucky.

Instead I have to dream about Durarara!! characters, and I do not like it at all.

>> No.72   [Delete]   [Edit]

Awww. You've just made me very jealous. ;A;
I had a dream about Uboa once. I'm not scared of him usually, but in this dream, I found him fucking terrifying. It was one of those things where everywhere you go, he's just THERE in the background, hiding. Kind of like in mindfuck pictures. The second I saw him, he just started slowly getting closer and larger.
I woke up and discovered a rather large pile of brix.
Other than that, no Yume Nikki dreams for me. D:

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I met him once as well. It wasnt really meeting though, he happened to be at the beach. I waved and said hi, he waved and said hi. I also see Uboa in my dreams sometime, but like some other anon said one time, he's always doing mundane tasks or acting like some kind of boring neighbor.

I did dream about pyramid head once, though.
We sat around, talked about stuff, and I went
on my merry way.

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Once, I had an Uboa dream. Like #72, I was never really scared of him until the dream.
My family and I were playing this video game, but it was a game you actually went into. The point of the game was to get through all these levels without seeing an Uboa face. They were EVERYWHERE, and almost anything you did would cause one to pop up in front of you. If you saw it, you died, and had to start the level over. While waiting for the next life to load, you'd see a person with an Uboa face that would start making these unGodly sounds and become twisted and distorted.

Fricking terrifying.

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