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i dont know if this is normal lucid dreaming, but this has happend twice. i was sleeping on my really comfortable basement couch on my side, and i think this was my first time lucid dreaming. it was wierd becase i was like hey i can cantrol my dreams but not all the way, like if i wanted to fly i could only jump like 3 feet higher. and it was set in a oddly large playground, and for some reason i was running from a group of people. but then i just woke up from my dream, exept it was a dream inside a dream if that makes any sense. but then the real dream started and it was even less of a lucid dream, i could control only myself in the dream like i could say what i wanted and control my movements. the dream consisted of zombies breaking out, and i was trying to survive with only my machete, and for some reason i was a foot taller and i didnt have a cast on my left arm, even though in real life my left wrist is broken. so after doing that for like a dream day, i woke up. this was kind of random. and this might be a fail post because i kindof got off track....uh... but opinions please?

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Do you guys ever have dreams with people in them who were part of your life and then died? What happens?

I just woke up from a dream where I was with my grandfather, who died almost ten years ago. I remember we had to go somewhere and inform someone we were going, so I remember helping him post a message using a laptop letting people know we'd reached a checkpoint (or something). We were in his van and were parking at a bus terminal, and for some reason he tried to park really far from where the buses stopped. I told him to park closer, so he tried, but his driving was really haphazard, he almost ran into a few parked cars and a moving truck.

I think I remember making an offhand comment like "I assume you're rusty because you've been dead for so long" and he just shrugged and said "probably".

(I have no related pictures ffff-)

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I never had a dream like that (most of my dreams have nothing to do with real life anyway), but I loved the pic. :3
My grandmother have a lot of dreams about her deceased husband, though.

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I had a dream where in my living room I was talking with my grandfather (Who died before I was even 1 year old, I only knew what he looked like because of pictures). We talked about how he wished he could of met me and spend some time together. At the end, he wished me to live a happy life and was happy that he had a chance to talk to me.

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About two years back I had dream that involved walking around the interior of this completely white house. There were old-fasioned telephones with those wind-up dails everywhere, girls assembling blank puzzles, and loads of secret passageways. The weirdest thing was that it felt really normal, as if it was my own house. Eventually, I walk out into a small, a-typical grassy back yard. My grandmother suddenly grabs onto my ankles from the behind, and keeps telling me "Don't let me go." I'm kinda freaked out, so I... erm... Well, shake her off. The dream ends.

Now, it's worth noting that she had been in hospital for quite a while beforehand... but it's just plain strange that she ceased to be on the very same morning as this dream occured.

Last edited 10/07/07(Wed)16:18.

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I had a dream where I woke up in a room full of doors, and each took me to an event of my path, but everything was out of texture of context, but I could tell they belongs to my past

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I had a dream i had a dream about having a dream.

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what are you doing here xzbit

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last night i dreamed i got raped by a crazy!toriningen

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You... thats not good, sir.

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what's worse is that i enjoyed it.

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I wouldn't mind.

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that TONGUE, let me tell you, that tongue.

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This happened to me a few days ago.
You see, after all sorts of Sinusitis complications etc, I ended up taking a 25mg pill called Elatrol, which in Wikipedia leads to "Amitriptyline" so I guess that's what it is. It's not an anti-depressant, as for it to be one, about 10 times or more than what I'm taking is needed.
When I don't take the medicine, I get horrible headaches through the day. When I do, I get incredibly tired when I wake up (something I only discovered yesterday when I didn't take it and slept "only" 5 hours).
So I forgot to take it one day, and this happened.
I only partially remember the dream, and it was hallucination-ish. I remember someone carrying me on my side, and having some trouble with carrying me, as every so often my legs touched the ground.
I remember being carried through a corridor. Now the weird thing is, the colours seemed to be inverted or something. The walls and ceiling looked blue. I remember feeling something pass through when I wasn't looking too. Now, in the middle of it, I remember feeling a very strong headache, much, much stronger than usual. After a while it kind of blacked out as it got even stronger, and then I woke up.
This intrigues me...
Any thought, /yume/?

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Last edited 10/06/30(Wed)18:24.

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do it again.

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Namefagging for great justice, and now going to use ubuuchen as my personal dream diary.

There were these parasites similar to Fleeches from Abe's Exoddus, if anyone's ever played and or heard of that. Except, instead of physically feeding on you, they feed on your mentally and emotionally.

They were these pink, jello-like, translucent blobs, more like worms or slugs than anything. They attached themselves to the back of your head and released a hormone that caused depression, which they feed off of, or, to be more specific, the wavelengths your brain emitted when depressed. It left you feeling really mentally drained and pretty much eliminated any chances of willpower, but somehow had the physical effects, like fatigue and a faulty immune systems.

The strange part of it was that it was invisible if attached; only the host could see it. I remember walking around and people kept staring at me, that is, more than people usually stare at me. I asked them what was wrong and they simply said, "I dunno, something seems... just off about you today."

So I went home and looked in the mirror, giving myself a quick up-down, when I saw it. Something like a massive, pulsing blister hanging on to the back of my head. I screamed and held onto it, and it was soft, like... like a sort of thin-skinned piece of flesh or whatever. I squeezed at it, hoping it would die or something, but nothing happened, save for a pang of pain rolling off in waves throughout my entire body.

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File: 1277670802091.jpg -(50.1 KiB, 836x577) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It was Holocaust-esque, except instead of stripping Jews down and gassing them, they stripped down seemingly random civilians and pushed them in some sort of pool. It was all tap water, seemingly, because it didn't smell like any familiar chemicals. There was a sort of barrier placed around the pool that didn't allow anyone to get out. We were all intended to drown.

Some people drowned instantly. A few got really scared and soiled themselves. The rest tread to the best of their ability in this disgusting concoction of rotting-people-shit-piss water. Some swallowed water and got horridly sick; most died almost instantly.

There were other forms of torture reserved for those of us who tried to escape the muck; they tied you to a chair and put a spider-gag-esque device into your mouth that stretched the corners of your mouth out impossibly wide, while you watched someone close to you get beaten before you. Another one wasn't used hardly as much: a machine that slowly tore the limbs from your body.

After awhile our captors got bored of watching us be frivolous over "mere water" and tossed in some bugs, some living and some not. Cockroaches, grasshoppers, cicadas, oh God, worms upon worms upon worms upon worms. Carcasses, some swimming and wriggling and wriggling and oh God.

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tl;dr. your first picture looks perverted, and the text looks depressing.

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Ever since earlier this year, my dreams have been controlled by playing tetris. If I don't play tetris, my dreams become weirder and weirder each day I don't play it. I stopped playing it completely for a week, here were the main weird things I have seen and has happened to me.

*Big fat white guy with a black guy growing out of his stumach.

*Shark with man legs.

*Torso with legs for arms and feet for wings.

*Boxy robot with a strangely sexy woman voice trying to date rape me.

*Chased down by killer caterpillars with tiny knives.

*Decided to play music backwards; summoned a bird-like thing with a completely human head, arms, and legs, but the size of the body and torso was like a bird's, gave me a creepy ass look because it's eyes were completely black.

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the first dream I remember, I was in a Mario Kart game.
I usually dont have any dreams to do with my real life (except one time, I dreamt I went through a whole day of school, and woke up when the final bell rang... I even had the same classes), and my dreams mostly end up being.. kind of like a video game. theyre fun.

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Herro, everynyan. I played Yume Nikki. I currently play Yume 2kki and .Flow. I enjoy .Flow. It reminds me of myself, but in a lower level. Thank you, whoever made it.

Well, back on topic.

I dreamt of my dream journal.
It opened up and I began dreaming deeper. It soon became dark for a while. Then it got brighter. And brighter. And then I found myself flying. It was amazing. Then it started to rain.
I've always been a melancholy child. Rain was not much of a problem to me, as I enjoyed watching it on Summer days. But... Then it hit me. Literally. I was hit by thunder, and I began to fall...
And fall... And fall... It felt like hours.

I saw the ground below me as I fell. Standing there, was my mother. She was reaching towards me, as if she wanted to catch me. I reached for her as well. But...

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File: 1277888477820.jpg -(174.1 KiB, 1024x828) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Sometimes a sandwich is just a sandwich, and sometimes a weird dream is just a weird dream.

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Deepest sentence ever.

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okay guys, i've been sleeping on my back as uncomfortable as it is but i've gotten no such result as of now. i'm gonna keep on trying but is there any other simple tips to help me lucid dream? i used to be able to do it but i lost it...

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There are plenty of other ways to lucid dream, this is just one.

>> No.144   [Delete]   [Edit]

Me too :< I miss being able to change peoples gender at will in my dreams...
Someone know any other way to lucid dream cuz the back thing doesnt work for me anymore...

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On order to help others lucid dream lets tell how we realize we're dreaming.

I always realize I'm dreaming the same way, by finding something that doesn't make sense. Example, I will realize I'm dreaming by chocking but still able to breath, mirrors show my distorted reflection, and to double check I always look at my hands.

Also, another thing worth mentioning is when I wake up in the middle of the night and fall back asleep and sometimes in an afternoon nap. I will feel my upper body fall through or off my bed. When gravity stabilizes and I can tell where I'm facing, I wait for me to land on my feet and the scenery to stabilize to. I enter the dream world knowing it's a dream. Although I noticed those tend to be extremely short.

>> No.304   [Delete]   [Edit]

This is the first time I've heard of somone having the falling sensation and actually landing softly.
Teach me your ways.

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Sometimes, my dreams are really realistic, detailed in every aspect. And when I say "sometimes", I mean rarely. But one day I noticed something : if I pray before going to sleep, I will have a long, detailed adventure-like dream.

I noticed this when I was little, but I completely forgot about it. After playing Yume Nikki I decided to try Lucid Dreaming, and yesterday I reminded of this theory I had.

I'm not very religious, I do have a religion, I do believe in God, but I'm not a fanatic. Some might say that it's a placebo effect, if I pray with the intent of having a nice dream, I will.. but I don't think that's the case since there were times that I did not remember about this, and prayed before going to sleep out of sadness or something wrong with my life, and still had detailed, long dreams.

I've been putting this theory to test, and writing on my dream journal.. and the one time I prayed before going to sleep I had a ridiculously long dream.. I couldn't remember how it all connected, but I can remember about 4 different parts of it.

Anyway, does this happen to anyone else? Anyone tried it? Anyone willing to do so?

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Just woke up, tried it again tonight, I woke up thinking "heh, it didn't work.." then started remembering a huge dream, again.

Something about that series, "my wife and kids", then me going out to buy something. I even remember the number of the bus I was taking (4050), what it looked like, the people on it and the places it went through.

Last edited 10/06/27(Sun)03:42.

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Do you think praying through any religion (at least to God, not...other stuff) would work? I might try it.
PS I'm not religious at all, but have come to the realization that god exists, among others. Might post all my beliefs (because it's not a theory) in /lit/ sometimes, as I'd not like this thread to shift there.
(I'm Jewish btw)

>> No.296   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm agnostic but I pray sometimes. And by that I, too, mean rarely. Not to any diety of any religion in particular, just... to whom it may concern.
It's a very good way to feel at peace and empty your head of negative thoughts, which I suspect might have something to do with you having good dreams.

Kind of like a worry doll.

>> No.301   [Delete]   [Edit]


Probably, yes. I don't think it has much to do with unknown forces, maybe it just triggers something inside me that makes me more relaxed before going to sleep.. like >>290 and >>296 said.

Well, off to bed.. going to try it again right now. Last few times it worked, and even when I wake up thinking it failed, after some time I start remembering the whole dream..

Last edited 10/06/27(Sun)20:45.

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