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I don't dream much.

BUT when I DO dream, it's weird as hell.

I'll sometimes meet people I feel intimately familiar with, even if I've never ever seen them before. And then I wake up and I'm like "..>Who was that person."

Has anyone else had a dream like that?

Just a little thread. Not much sense. |D

Picture related. Sorta.

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I don't have dreams /yume/.

Well, I do but I don't remember them. ;_;

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Listen to music and/or draw right before you go to sleep.
Also, try to find a really comfortable, warm pillow to sleep on. (like a really plush one) I find whenever I lay my head on something really plush and soft I have the most vivid dreams, possibly cause it warms up your head (like fever dreams kinda) might just be me though.

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An occasionly recurring theme in my dreams is one of/all my teeth suffering irreversible damage and/or being pulled/falling out.

Does this happen to anyone else? Does it mean something?

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remember reading somewhere that it's a common element in dreams.

On a somewhat related note, i sometimes have dreams of my limbs locking up or suddenly being amputated/falling of/pulled off.

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oh yeah, i remeber my front 3 teeth rotting off on my right side quite vividly.
i carried them around with me for a bit trying to put them back.
i don't often get it but it stuck out in my mind allot.

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This occurred to me once where I noticed 2 of my teeth missing, then another one fell.

Something that happens to me more often to me is seeing my skin rapidly disappearing, like it's being eaten by some kind of bacteria and start seeing my flesh and bones.

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Had a rather interesting dream, where my grandpa had to go to the UK for his job and took me along, and I ended up getting lost there.

At first I was bragging on facebook about it, like "I'm in the UK, bitchez!"...but after it became apparent I wasn't coming home anytime soon, I was like "...I'm stuck in the UK. Halp."

I did get home evntually, though I don't know how. The dream just sorta shifted focus to me being home.

It was still fun being stuck there though. Got to explore the countryside and eat lots of fish n' chips.

When I got home, it was Halloween and there was some kinda party going on at my old high school. So I dressed up as a lady...

I met a friend who is currently dating my ex girlfriend there, and he really thought I was a girl at first and was flirting with me (my ex was nowhere to be found).

When he found out who I was, he was kinda shocked at first, but we talked for a while and we got into my car to go somewhere, and some other kids got in with us for some reason and we all just sat and talked for a bit.

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Taking this thread as a chance to get a dream off my chest, with your mention of crossdressing elements in dreams.

You see, in tis dream i was being forced into some sort of fancy uniform. It consisted of a red blazer. a white shirt/blouse, a long skirt stopping just above my ankles (It was Brownish like Poniko's, hnng), and white socks.
After i was placed into this uniform, i ran from the people/person, i came across a mirror, and after seeing the admittedly nice uniform, i come to a conclusion.

I liked it. It was comfortable.

So then i wake up left to rethink my life.

That is all.

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Funny dream time

Last night i had a dream where i was on "robot pirate island" as sly cooper. Almost everything was water and i had to eat raymans foot to fly to a different island with a giant bowser on it. I then dropped a box on my head and bowser drowned

The end.

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Here's a slightly revised entry out of my dream diary, and by revised I mean the original narration was even worse. March 8, 2010. Skip to the second paragraph if you just
want the crazier parts.

First, we (though I don't know who 'we' is supposed to be) were all sitting around a coffee table on these lovely red couches. We were in a mansion-like place, complete with
a maid and butler. I'm a girl for some reason. Some friends were with me while the maid and butler were standing in the doorway looking suspicious. The hostess (for what I
don't even) was carelessly wandering around with a cup of tea. Everyone was discussing the murder, though I know none of the details. I simply knew that someone had
died. Hostess leaves, maid pulls out a knife. I pull out a flute and start playing at her, and she walks away.
Here's where it gets good. Meanwhile, at the entrance of the mansion, there's a small tunnel. The entrance to the said tunnel is a sort of hologram meant to conceal the
tunnel. At the other end were two large wooden doors. Inside this tunnel is a tall, distinguished business man, complete with monocle, mustache, and top hat. He has a

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So, since I've discovered the ability to remember my dreams I'm going to write them down from now on in order to learn more about myself. I asked Rozen if it was okay to post them here, because I have some strange and controversial topics in my mind all the time.

Note that I have no intention of acting on any of my thoughts, unless I directly say so.

Added tripcode, realized I was just asking for it.

Last edited 10/06/14(Mon)07:15.

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Sorry, but I have no new dreams for you.

Some reality though.

I've been pretty lonely lately, I'm only here in this dark basement. I don't do anything; no gaming, no television, no fapping, nothing. I just lay here on this couch, staring into nothing, contemplating suicide.

Death is like dreaming forever, right?

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You when to see inception didn't you?

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no i didn't.

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teot is dead. thread locked.

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I was just talking to a friend of mine, and happened to mention my first TOTALLY lucid dream. She's mentioned before that she lucid dreams (or at least, her dreams are crazily vivid), so I asked what she dreams.
As it turns out, every night, she suffers from horrific and vivid nightmares. Examples?

-Bathing, when the water in the bath becomes blood and the walls acid. A person in the wall screams for help.
-A young man rips out his fingerbones and/or eyes
-Ghosts rip her apart in graphic detail.

They're so bad that she's avoiding sleeping too much. She's been having them for around 3/4 years, since she started having anxiety issues, and she takes no medication.

So, /yume, a challenge- why does my friend dream this way? And even better - can she stop?

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Ugh, im having alot of trouble with lucid dreaming. I cant even manage to make my body fall asleep! I even put a quartz under my pillow. I ignored all of the impulses. But when i started to get the heavy feeling in my chest and opened my eyes and closed them again nothing happened! What should i do? I really want to control my dreams!

Last edited 10/07/21(Wed)03:50.

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The method I posted is the hardest to master, but if you keep trying you'll eventually do it. You have to wait more time, you'll feel your body going numb, but if you can still move it, you're not in sleep paralysis..

AFTER you get to sleep paralysis, then you can start dreaming. I'm not sure about this part tho, I tried this for a month and after figuring everything out my life got busy, and everytime I tried having a lucid dream I'd wake up in tired as fuck in the next day. It did help me remembering my dreams tho, keeping a dream journal also helps.

If you really want to try lucid dreaming, here are other techniques :


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In my opinion, the most efficient way seems to be reality checks. But I guess it changes from person to person.

Also I've only had 3 so far ;_;

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read here

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Post test

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Last edited by moderator 10/02/18(Thu)13:19.

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Last edited 10/02/18(Thu)13:29.

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Last edited 10/02/18(Thu)13:32.

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Maybe it's the fact that the helmet is made out of tinfoil and you can see her bra.

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Im suprised there isnt a thread on these little guys.
My mother bought me one the other day... I have alot of Night Terrorz, and she thought that a dream catcher would stop my screaming at night.
Anyone know anything about them? Origin, uses myths. Im too lazy copy/paste something off Wiki.

Pic is the Dream catcher I got. My mother knows I have an unearthly obsession with Wolves...

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File: 1279013565039.jpg -(135.5 KiB, 800x533) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have an unhealthy obsession with them too!
But you already knew that, Demon.
What? Stalker? I have no idea what you're talking about

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It's a Native American thing. The idea is that dreams are given to you/come to you from an outside source (in some tribes personified as the Dream Giver. Remember Pocahontas mentioning him?)

You're supposed to hang them above yourself where you sleep. Bad dreams get caught in the web, good dreams slide down the feathers gently and come to you.

Supposedly they work better if you make them yourself or someone close to you makes it for you. Especially using things that belong to you.

>> No.379   [Delete]   [Edit]

I had a pink dreamcatcher when I was a kid, but no particular reason. My mother just wanted to put something cute in my room.
I wanted to get a green one to match my new wall color, but I guess keeping bad dreams away from me wouldn't be satisfactory, since most of my not-so-good dreams end up becoming stories.

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Explained it best.

I had more than one as a child but they never did anything for me. I still had very intense nightmares, but not night terrors.

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