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I wonder if this is worth an own thread, but I guess I'll do it before going to bed now.

Have you ever dreamed of a non-existing person that was entirely awesome? Someone you made up in that very dream you dreamt and they were just great?

I once dreamed that I had different parents. Two people who replaced my father and my mother. We had a lot of fun together and while I'm not sure why I liked them, I felt sincerely happy to be around them. When I woke up, the guilt of such a dream was killing me, haha.

The other dream was more recently, like a year ago. I dreamed that I was working for an old boss of mine again and we drove somewhere to meet a partner of his. She was a woman well in her 40 or even 50, not too attractive but just seeing her in her workplace or apartment or whatever was just so incredible to me. She seemed like the most respectable person in the world and talking to her, though I can't remember what I talked about with her (if it was anything at all and not just the "idea of talking"), was the most amazing thing, really. I never dreamed of her again and I actually don't think I really felt that way about many people - or rather, about anyone at all.

That's what this thread is expressing. Any similar experieneces, /yume/?

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"I revert to my earlier statement"

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I had one of these once.

I remember in the dream, I became trapped in some kind of... I dunno, I guess the best way to describe it would be like a trick room. It was a cube-shaped room that had multiple high platforms and a couple of visible exits, but the exits would usually lead you straight back in.

There was one other person in the room with me, a guy. He had red hair and a black piercing on his lip, he also wore tattered and kind of punk-looking clothes. His eyes really stood out, too, they were a really bright lime green. Almost glowing.

Anyway, we were trapped there together so we started bonding while trying to escape. I remember getting to know him and maybe even falling for him, but before that could happen he found an exit and let me escape. That's when I woke up.

I remember I had drawn a picture of him, maybe I'll see if I can find it even though it's old.

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Shit, I forgot about this. Thanks for replying, everyone, super-interesting!

That'd be great. Really, if I could, I would totally try to draw the woman I encountered. Sadly, it's been too long.

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i just had a dream like that today.
i can't remember it well, but i was in a party and this girl appeared and started talking with me about some random things, but then for some reason she had to leave. and i stood there watching her fade while she ran away.
it was so sad x.x

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Okay, yume.

I had this dream where I was with this tribe of people, eating this really crispy yummy meat stuff. Some of it was like.. pepperoni with really crispy bacon fat around it, and some was big chunks of meat, cooked until it was almost black. It was all delicious, and I asked them what it was.

"People! :3"

After a pause, I run off to vomit.

The next day, by coincidence, I ended up having pepperoni and bacon.

what's happen

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Inb4 Soylent Green: Bacon Flavor.

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that sounds delicious...

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I learned about the Donner Party the day after I read this. Oh dear.

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I dreamt that i was walking on my neighbourhood streets peacefuly. Then i saw two kids who wanted to steal my phone. I still remember their faces, clothes, and the bike they were wearing on my dream, but i never saw them before .__. ...

Next day, i saw them... same bike, same clothes, same kids. WTF, man? ._.
They didn't steal anything.

No pic because... T_T was lazy to get one.

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In my dreams I'm always at ease nothing rly ever causes me mental stress and i never feel negative towards something, however i still disapprove of things, and approve of things as well...infact i act exactly how i do in the real world...I have a tendency of sometimes appearing at random in places, so i'l ask others how i got here and they'll usually respond with some sort of reasoning that is satifactory to me. Actually i almost always inquire as to where i am at the start of a dream.

There's always someone in my dream, and it's always a normal person sometimes someon i don't know or someone i do know but most of the time i don't know them, they treat me with preoper respect just as i treay them with it, however there are no voices to be heard in my dreams but we do talk, and we understand eachother without having to go into deep description, and the only time anyone ivery elaborate in what they say is when they feel the urgency to because something has happened to someone they know. Which usually ends up with me doing whatever i can to help.

Akmost akways some sort of an event occurs...however, everyone acts about as surprised as i might act, which usually isn't very much, and i unfortunately tend to apply normal world logic to things, usually once i do i realize that i'm actually dreaming, in which case i make one of three choices,
A. 33% of the time I go find just some random person of the opposite sex whom is usually very pretty (since most stranger girls in my dreams are pretty) and do "stuff" with them, they're usually game, and the whole time I am always aware it's a dream but i'll get pretty into it since i know this is a dream And there is no need for restraint...

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... de javu?

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Well, I've been lurking for a while, and I've noticed a pattern. Just about everyone here (and everyone I know IRL) has these weird, interesting dreams involving freaky dream creatures, unearthly locations, impossible actions, etc.
For some reason, I just can't relate. All my dreams are so realistic and non-dreamlike that I often wake up wondering how the hell I ended up in my bed before realizing I was just asleep. Does anyone else feel like this, that your dreams just don't feel like dreams are supposed to?

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Well, my dreams mostly take place in a "real" world as well, although they're different in some ways.
For example, sometimes i'm unable to control what i'm doing - like, standing on a street, but i can't just walk down the street, i have to wait till the scenery changes. Or until something else happens, once i was unable to dodge a car, then i woke up lying on the floor with a stupidly aching head.
Also, mostly i'm just a spectator in my dreams, and unable to interact with other people/animals/living things.
And sometimes, the dream is just... somewhat distorted. Idk how to describe it... not just that i'm unable to decide where to move, but even unable to turn my head/look somewhere else, rarely combined with a fear of something out of my field of view i don't even want to see.

Well, i guess this relates to my life pretty well, if i think about it...

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I have had dreams on both spectrums of the exciting.

Normal dreams that I usually have are simply recalls of mistakes/events in life that I want to simply fix and most often I do.
Another type is simply my creative scenary/toyroom dreams were the place/objects are very much real and I just experience.

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I am very much the same, and I'm glad I'm not the only one. Every so often I will have a dream that's a bit far-fetched, but most of the time it's simply the scenarios I've been in over the past month replaying in my mind.

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My dreams aren't normal, but they're usually not crazy (unless I ate something before bed or whatever) Most of the time I only remember fragments of my dreams, and no matter how crazy my dreams are they always seem real. For example, if I can't walk but can only jump walk I don't question it for a second.
Only time my dreams are extremely weird and memorable is when my writing ( I write a lot) mind is on in my dream and while sleeping my mind makes this waked up story that I'm usually watching, or playing a character in. That hardly ever happens though... but I had a dream like that last month I can still remember it to detail.

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Hello /yume/. I feel nervous about starting my own thread but here we go.

Does dreaming about living in another house with a totally unfamiliar family mean anything? This is a common thing in many of my dreams and I was curious. It usually starts out like any other day, me doing things in the house as if it were my own. But as the dream progresses, it gets weird or I wake up before anything interesting happens.

I usually have very strange dreams and I'm willing to share.

Picture unrelated but it's epic so yeah.

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So it's a recurring dream? Or are the houses different from each other?

Could have something to do with your past life, if you believe in that.

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The houses are usually different from each other as far as I can remember.

That's a pretty good explaination for it.

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Would anyone like to try and connect to each other through dreams?

Set similar conditions and goals?

Just a thought.

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There was some movie I saw on tv that was about dying in dream. These two people just happen to both be trying to access the afterlife in a way they could still live by killing themselves while lucid dreaming. They found they could not kill themselves in a dream without waking, and would therefore, need to connect within the dream realm to kill each other. As away of avoiding the mind waking itself during self projection of pain. One of them actually dies and has to fight to live

>> No.641   [Delete]   [Edit]

No would want to kill anyone else if we actually did this. Right?

>> No.642   [Delete]   [Edit]

Care to explain how this is possible?

>> No.644   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'll apolagize first since I'm mobile right now my spelling and grammer might be bad.

The Internet is very much integrated into a persons life. We share ideas, connect, recieve feedback and so on and so forth.

My idea is that the human mind is like a webpage People view it and respond accordingly. On the physical aspect people respond to what we say and the emotions we emit.
So perhaps if out mind is a webpage then the entire human race is the Internet. Therefore we are all connected. And together we could all make a website.

A website consists of similar topics and etc. that appeal to people and have a significant purpose.
Taking that to my idea, what if...

Subject A,B,and C try this out.
Subject A would act as Moderator for B and C
B and C agree to A's idea of going to Taco Bell and get 3 Tacos. Concrete ideas and specific goals would be the key point here to ensure safety.

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But seriously, what the fuck. I had this one dream where I was doing some average shit like helping out my little brother. Few days later, my brother asks me to help me with his work. The part that bothered me was that in the dream I was wearing the same exact cloth as in my dream AND the fact that my bro said what he needed help with exactly as in my dream.

So guys, what the fuck is going on here?

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i dreamt about mario galaxy back in 2004.

It was not the mario galaxy we all know.
It was more like a mario flying from floating islands to floating islands.
The first time I saw mario galaxy, the beta stage looked exactly like said dream.

>> No.600   [Delete]   [Edit]

These kinds of dream are called 'Precognitive dreams', where you see into the future.
I have had this happen to me many times, some are accurate, but the rest do not happen.

>> No.622   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, my mario galaxy dream was different, as i said.
Not a precognitive dream actually.
It's more like a coincidence.
It's like the time I dreamt about a "second" wind waker game two years before PH's announcement.

>> No.636   [Delete]   [Edit]

This happens regularly to me too.

Most as you said OP were small and not that life changing.
In my opinion I like to think that youre not really have a precognative dream. But that you're subconcious has an idea and shows you it in the dream. Then subconciously in events that lead up to the main event your mind makes desicions to create the desired result.

In esscence very much like any other video game you would play.


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Copypasta'd from MSN, where I was telling a friend about it.

I was going to school, which kinda looked like a cross between the high school fron K-ON and that skateboarding level from Spyro, and there was this new girl, who was asian (which is notable, because my dreams dkn't usually have people of a specific race). I was with this.. girl who was my friend, only I dunno her irl LOL-- and while my friend was there, the new girl was really sweet and polite but as soon as my friend left, she gave me a really hard shove and hissed "I'll get you later." Obviously, I'm all "what the fuck are you doing you stupid bitch" but just ignored her and went inside.
      ★ ~«--Monocle Claire;;» ~ ★             says:
*I ended up sitting at the same table as her in class, which was my year 6 class from primary school, only set out differant, and my teacher was Masada from Yume Nikki, wtf. Anyway, we were talking and we got onto the topic of using PBs for original characters, and I mentioned that I did it occasionally if I didn't have an image. She went fucking crax
*--- LOL enter key fail
**she went fucking crazy and started ranting about how wrong and immoral it was and started really freaking me out. I tried to reason with her but she told me to shut up, and kicked me really hard in the leg and said "In a minute, your bone will shatter and you'll be in agony." Of course, I'm like "Yeah, sure, whatever, nutjob." Then, a second later, my leg like, seizures and I freak the fuck out. Masada, who somehow knew what was happening, takes me to the hospital, where he's talking to this doctor. Meanwhile, I'm in this... cold alley. Which is outside. But in the hospital. Yeah..

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File: 1283228083644.gif -(1 MiB, 480x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

...Deeply suppressed spider fetish?

>> No.604   [Delete]   [Edit]

...Whoa bro. That's fucked. Congratulations!!

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This board had the list of drugs that gave me trippy dreams!!
fix it nao

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HOSNAP! I was just about to order some zacatechichi too... Thanks for the warning.

BE MOAR SPECIFIC PLZ! If you havent noticed, there are many 99cent stores here in California ;^; The cat nip thing has me unsure though...


>> No.486   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's just called "The 99 cent store" I think. It's in Redlands or Colton or some shit. Inland Empire area. I don't fuckin' know my brain has a hard time dealing with directions and large areas and shit.

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I have something very similar, and, not only does it not help my insomnia at all, but I have not seen any difference in my dreams.
Then again, I have some pretty weird dreams to begin with, so it could just go unnoticed or something.

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When I was 11, I took ritalin for my ADHD.
Created some weird-ass dreams I admit.
I don't take it anymore, but some of the dreams I had I remember most of them, but not all.

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It was all a blur before the garden.

Garden, in this case, constituted a massive, sprawling courtyard. I recall sunlight before that point, but the courtyard had none-- the pine trees that stretched endlessly up to the sky blotted out all but slots of moonlight. I looked up: the trees distended endlessly, with an alien perspective that did not give the sense of an ending, but still I could see patches of sky. Occasionally, something glowed amidst the branches, but I ignored it. The glowing point was always a different colour.
I wandered aimlessly. Though I saw walls upon entering the courtyard, in actuality it had no end, and when I turned around I realized that the beginning had also vanished. Eventually I came to a clearing.
There, a table was set... no, not a table. More the suggestion of a table, with two chairs. The tablecloth was a dark violet, though sometimes it was black. The china was stark white against the dark backdrop: A teapot, two saucers set with dainty cups, and a tray of biscuits; which, for some reason, didn't seem anything like biscuits at all.
Most peculiarly, there was a man, or something shaped like a man seated in the left chair. He was dressed in pinstriped pants and a tailcoat, both about the same shade as the tablecloth. The coat had two rows of buttons, and silver embroidery along the hem. His shoes were wingtips, very shiny.
With one hand gloved in the same stark white as the china, he gestured at the righthand seat. I stood there staring at him for a good minute or two, trying to make out his face before realizing that he didn't have a face. He didn't really even have much of a head, the suggestion of a head perhaps, but the face was nothing but a yawning black void, loaning the distinct impression that he was either generating or sucking in everything around us.

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Dude, this is like only a fraction of the shit I remember. I wish I had someone to sit with me and just remind me of my dreams with prompts and record them.

I don't actually try to lucid dream. My mind has free reign when I'm asleep, so it shows me whatever it can put together. I remember them depending on how my day goes after I wake up and how intense the imagery was. Sometimes it's like I'm living it, sometimes it's grainy like an old film. They usually come back to me in bits and pieces.

>> No.180   [Delete]   [Edit]


I figured. It's just that I can't remember any of my dreams so well, like you do. Well, I do, but not as often... Ah well. It was worth a shot to ask.

>> No.213   [Delete]   [Edit]

I noticed that the more creative/cognitive/intellectual mental stimulation I have during the day, the more lucid my dreams get. I had one you guys are really gonna love, but I'm still trying to make enough sense of it to write it for you.

>> No.586   [Delete]   [Edit]

You guys. Ugh. This dream...
It was so epic, but it was so stupid.

I entered a flower shop on a rainy day, the door made a lovely little chime. It was oddly dark. The flowers were kept in the type of glass-front freezers you find in grocery stores. There was a young, beautiful woman behind the counter, with a kind face and bright eyes. She looked to be closing up the store. She smiled at me, and walked into a back room, leaving the door ajar. I wandered the shop, looking for nothing in particular, and found myself gravitating towards the door.
Boy, what a mistake that was. Past the door was a hallway bathed in a red diffuse glow, such as a dark room used for developing photos. I walked a few feet, clearly disoriented, noting the hallway slowly beginning to change. Red illuminated walls turned to flesh. Flesh began to pulse. Pulsing produced sticky, vile fluid. I came to a fork in the organic hallway, and a gunshot broke through the silence. I turned around to see... myself?
The flower shop girl was a doppleganger, and now it took my form. Presently, it was pointing a pistol in my face. I took off running, and a chase ensued through the repetitive hall of flesh. My doppleganger never seemed to run out of bullets. Finally, another door appeared before me, and I burst through it with gusto, slamming it behind me. I ended up in an airplane, flying over miles of beautiful, pastoral landscape close to sunset, which I could gaze at through the wide open door. It was characterized by big, open fields, trees, and little farmhouses dotting the land. What a change. I reveled in it until a bullet hit the back of the plane. I was trapped. Well, what was I to do?

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