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I apologize in advance for this lengthy post.

I had a strange dream today. The power went out early in the day because of the recent tropical storm in the area and I didn't really have much to do. I had about 7 hours of sleep, but I decided to sleep a little bit more to wait out the storm.

I recently purchased some vitamin b6 to help with dream lucidity and recall. I read online that 100-500mg was sufficient enough to affect dreams, so I took 300mg. I think that it worked.

I'd like to explain something before the dream, as I believe that it will help to explain it. My family has a history of mental illness on both sides, specifically schizophrenia. Recently I've been having hallucinations with some frequency and they made me fear that I was developing schizophrenia as well. It's possible the dream is based around my fear of developing schizophrenia myself.

I can't quite remember how my dream started, but I found my way into a friend's house, which was down the street from me for some reason. Instead of the house I remembered he had, it was more like a mansion. The house was quite strange, as it had a mix of characteristics from my house, his house, and other houses I've visited (such as furniture or rooms).

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Last edited 11/08/29(Mon)01:10.

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I tried to have a WILD. I read a few articles and saw some videos on how to do it. I originally tried it in the middle of the day but I didn't get very far. I just tried it when I was really tired and I think I got to the vibrational state. Basically, I didn't move, focused on the lights, and after I started to feel slightly relaxed (I guess sleep paralysis isn't that bad for me or something) I tried to imagine myself lighter.

I read that the vibrational state varies for different people, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I stopped seeing the lights, all environmental sounds like my tv faded away. I felt well... vibrations. My heart started racing uncontrollably to the point where I waked myself up out of fear.

I woke myself up again, read some more articles on the vibrational state, and tried again. I reached the vibrational state in half the time as before. I tried to hold out longer but I was still very worried about my heart racing that badly (it was as if I had run a 5k or something) so I woke myself up again.

I'll try to have a WILD by the end of the night, but I'm still scared/excited and the experience left my shaking.

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Sorry if I interrupt you in your writing, Plant, but I have a question and I hope you don't mind.
Do you need any sort of doctor recommendation in order to get some B6?

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After reading this, I remembered I wanted to try this for some time, see if It'll make any difference.
I bought vitamin B6, Choline yesterday and no you don't need a prescription.

I didn't dream anything unusual after taking 3 100mg of B6 and 1 500mg of Choline.
The only exception was my dream was outside and filled with light blue butterflies, things like this never happen to me, although I got hit by lightening. Maybe it takes a few tries to get something better.

When I WILD I usually don't do so on purpose but I get a lucid dream out of it. To me it happens in the morning after I woke and and I'm to tired to get out of bed. If all you do is wake up, look at the clock, go back to sleep the same way you were and concentrate on your mind and body, I find it somewhat easier.
By mind I mean saying a mantra in your mind or trying to focus on something you want to do in your dream.
By body I mean for myself I noticed that I feel like my right arm and hand are in the shape of my left and vice-versa. Like that I know my body is falling asleep from how my body feels.

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Hi guys! I had this one dream like... last month, and I don't really know what it means. I wrote it all up like a story, so I hope it's easy to understand! c:

For some reason, I didn't feel as happy as I thought I would. The words tumbled passed his lips like it was no big deal for him, so I let my face sit straight as if it were no big deal to me. I shrugged and responded with a dead-toned 'sure' and from that emotionless agreement, we were a couple. I'll say it again, I thought I'd be happier, the boy I've secretly been admiring suddenly coming up to me and asking me out should have made me feel extremely excited and special. But, no, it was like we were both already done with each other before it began, right?
We walked past gaga and into the tennis court where he began to start a conversation with me. What he'd said, I don't recall, but I was surprised. It was much less intelligent and fulfilling than I imagined, it was very dull and small of him to say. I don't think that makes much sense, so let me say bluntly that he was just plain dumber than I thought he'd be. I felt a bit disappointed. When it was time to get on the buses and leave camp for the day, I waved to him and he waved to me.
After stepping onto the bus and walking down the aisle whilst ignoring the blunt-faced and quiet children, I sat with my friend who shouldn't have been there and yet he was.
"How was your day?"

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I enjoyed your dream alot especially the last 2 sentences, made me feel normal I guess...it was kinda like watching an independent film that was black and white, had no sound, but alot of crazy shit was happening and people just went on with their lives, ignoring it....cool dream.

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There was a bit of color, like... in the resteraunt and when I was at home. The bus was always yellow and people's skin was always colored. But other than that, everything was really pretty gray... I'm glad you enjoyed it C: it was such a weird dream, and when I told people about it, they were so confused

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Tell me /yume/, do you dream in black and white or colour and what is your opinion on this matter

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No. But yes from the trailer I saw, it's kind of like that.
She came from a monochrome world (that was in like WW or WW2) to one filled with colour while she was still in black in white.

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do you see when you dream? it seems like half of the time my brain just doesn't bother to imagine anything visual, or maybe i just don't remember it when i wake up. o___o

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I've once dreamed in black and white. It was dark and stormy and my room was empty. I thought that I was about to have a nightmare so I tried killing myself within the dream by a car crash and jumping off buildings and neither of them worked.

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My dreams are in full colour, sometimes even High definition.This is a problem when they're actually more like nightmares...
This morning I was treated to 2.5 corpses, their red blood spilling onto the green grass under the overcast sky.

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Every night, if I can remember them which I normally do, I have long and detailed dreams. Often they are very strange, but normally very pleasant and vivid (although all hell breaks loose if I have a nightmare.)
Many people that know me closely have told me I should try lucid dreaming.
Sometimes I'll have a bit in a dream where I think, "I've dreamed about this before, I won't do this again. Let me do this" but otherwise I am unaware that I am dreaming.
For me, dreaming is an escape from a rather boring world.
If you're aware that you're dreaming, does that take away from the fun of it, if there is any for you?
Opinions and stories! I'd like to hear them. Should I go for it?

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I've only lucid dreamed once and when I was aware that I was dreaming, I had imagined some things and immediately woke up. So yes, I guess it takes away the fun.

Oh wait no, another time I had lucid dreamed, I tried waking myself up by killing myself with a car crash or jumping off buildings but I never woke up. The dream was eerie and all in black/white.

I think you should try lucid dreaming at least once! Go for it! :)
Just make sure to not look into mirrors because your face might appear disfigured.

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I'm kind of a similar dreamer. I never become kind of truly lucid in that I gain all my waking mental faculties, but I kind of am in this sort of dualistic state of mind where I am this character in a dream, and where I also am simultaneously watching the dream, making mental notes on what to write down when I wake up, avoiding things that might wake me up like falling from heights.

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Okay, so I figured I'd mention my dream that I had while I was additively into Yume Nikki.
It was quite weird and I'm hoping someone would tell me if it actually means anything or if its just random things my brain picked up, haha!

Okay so, my dream(s) were really Inception-ish (never watched inception but I know what it is) in the sense that in the dreams I would awake from my bed, everything would be normal until nightmare-mode, then I'd scream and wake up again in the dream to repeat what happened before/something else.

Anyway, it started with me waking up from my bed in my room, everything was pretty normal in my house, I went ahead into my backyard (its not exactly a backyard, just a little cubicle place outside with lots of pots and vases, and the walls and floor are white tiles, no roof) and from that point, lucid-dream mode ensued (I think this was my second lucid dream, because on my first one I was so excited that I just spend it all rolling on the grass because in the dream I wouldn't get lice XD! ) because it looked like some sort of Nexus.

There were a bunch of floating mirrors around, if I remember correctly they all had a different frame (old-fashioned frame, modern frame, colorful, golden, etc...) and some sort of symbol/sigil on each one of them in a different color.

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Hi everyone. Long time lurker of /yume/ first time posting. Okay, so last night I had a dream, and I actually remembered it after sleeping some more. Anyway, in my dream I was in a tribal camp type thing, and I was surrounded by natives. All the natives either ignored me or scorned me, because, y'know, I'm white. So, /yume/ do you ever have dreams in which you are being excluded because you don't fit in?
Sorry for the short post, I just wanted to ask about.

Picture not at all related, I just wanted to post it. A friend took it a while back.

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Do you have those romantic dreams that make you feel all nice and warm and fluffy
Then you wake up?
Yeah, discuss yours.

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I had a dream where I had a boyfriend who could transform into a a dragon.
We had so much fun going to lots of different places, having fun, feeling the joy of being in love, but he told me he had to go.
I tried asking him but all he did was kissed me good bye and vanished in thin air saying we'd see each other again.
I woke up just after that, it felt nice, I felt happy and then sad knowing I'm alone and that I never get dreams like this.

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File: 1313065375200.png -(3381 B, 184x172) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I don't think I can actually like real people as much as I love the people in my dreams.

>> No.1487   [Delete]   [Edit]

me too. or any emotion for that matter.

>> No.1489   [Delete]   [Edit]

i once had a dream where i was in a pool with a beautiful girl that had silver hair. i hugged her, and then i woke up.
thats right, i woke up inside the dream without actually waking up irl

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may as well post this here, just to see what you guys think of it
i'll post more dreams in this thread too when i have another good one

i remember standing before my bedroom door. that's when i (somehow) realised i was in a dream so NOW I COULD CONTROL IT, YAY
i used my magical lucid dream powers to make my nexus appear on the other side of the door for shits and giggles

when i opened the door
my nexus was almost exactly like sabitsuki's. it had the cracked intersection, except the door was at the north - i could see where the paths met from my door

then the world suddenly started melting around me and i woke up. i don't even know if i was properly awake - i didn't bother to check my clock (if you look at a clock, then look away, then look back at it again, the two times will be different if you're dreaming), but i went back to sleep anyway.

i reappeared before my bedroom door again, but i wasn't lucid so i couldn't control my actions. i went through the door and i was on fucking

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File: 1309199991135.png -(147.6 KiB, 784x3386) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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Your brain be trollin'.

>> No.1363   [Delete]   [Edit]

GPOY. All the god damn time.

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(copied from dA~)

OKAY so i had this dream last night (that's unimportant to this matter) but when i woke up, it was like 5AM in the morning and i cba to go back to sleep (i'm too lazy to consistently keep a dream diary so if i have a good dream but wake up early, i just don't go back to sleep so i can remember it). i eventually took a nap at about 9AM, but what i 'dreamt' of was...freakin' weird.

basically i've been training myself to 'get up' while pretty much asleep (i think it's a kind of astral projection or out-of-body experience? idk) but yeah, when i took that nap, it freakin' worked (FINALLY AFTER ALL THESE MONTHS). i opened my eyes a bit and instantly i knew i was still asleep 'cause my limbs felt all tingly and weird. i tried to move my hands around but they were still paralyzed, so i did this trick where i wiggle my fingers, then it kinda sets off a chain reaction so i can move my whole arm. each time i moved the am, the tingly feeling got stronger, like i had pins and needles in it.

after i had control of my arm, i opened my eyes properly and looked at the wall i was facing. every little dent and uneven paint smear was on the wall, exactly how it is in real life (i checked the moment i woke up). damn, my subconscious is powerful. i used my arm to push myself up. this is where it started to get weird.

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Hey guys, I've started having lucid dreams in the last few months, and was wondering if anyone else here is familiar with the experience? (: I figured it would be cool to start a thread on cool lucid dreams, how they affect you, etc. Also, to give anyone who's interested some pointers on how to train their brain to dream lucidly.~ <3 I didn't think I could until we went over it in psychology this year.

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I'm not the expert here and even I know that step 1 is dream recollection training. It's vital. You could have the most incredible dream of your life, but if you don't remember it, you might as well have had nothing.

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I personally think reality checks in real life are only necessary until you have associated that if something weird happens that you need to do one.
I used to check my hands and count my fingers all the time but now I don't. But in my dreams I always look at my hands when in doubt.
But yeah the very first step would be to keep a dream journal to help you remember them.
Besides that I don't know what to say because what usually happens to me is, I'm in my bed, I fall through or teleport somewhere and I enter the dream lucid. Either that or I realize that what's happening makes no sense so I check my hands just to make sure.
So I guess you can try being awake while you fall asleep (I can't really put it any other way...)

>> No.1440   [Delete]   [Edit]

yeah, I'll try to be better at dream-journaling. I kinda do it now, but I always use a computer to keep track of my dreams because I'm paranoid mom would read a diary if she sees it lying around, but I don't think she'd go through my computer files. I keep a document titled "yume nikki" to keep track of my dreams, so nobody would open it anyway, they wouldn't know what it meant. I don't know why I'm so paranoid about that. But, it kicks me in the butt because my computer takes a long time to load up and by the time it's done I've forgotten something. I guess I should just keep a physical diary by my bed.

>> No.1481   [Delete]   [Edit]

An easy way to have a lucid dream, I've found, it to got back to sleep when you wake up. I don't know if it's down to the method, but I don't have much control in my lucid dreams.

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I'll try to make this as brief as possible.

A little while ago, I had a dream which involved me dying. This isn't uncommon, of course, but the way it happened has actually rather disturbed me. In the dream, I took a bullet to the head. I knew it should have killed me from the way it hit, and it had gone rather deep, but dismissed it as my luck and went along. The odd thing about this part was that I could feel the bullet wound, which hurt like a total bitch and is probably the best estimation of such a feeling that my mind could create, and from the point I had received the wound onwards, I could feel myself slowly bleeding out through the wound and eventually dying. Now, while I have experienced bleeding out to the point of unconsciousness twice in my life, I've never taken a bullet to the head, obviously much less one that would be fatal. The vivid sensory experience was very disturbing, since as far as I can know that's what dying would feel like. I'm nervous going to sleep every night now - who knows what horrific means of death I might experience?

I don't know what to make of this, honestly, and while it excites me that I get to "experience" different kinds of death, it also disturbs me. Has anyone else here had something like this happen?

>> No.1462   [Delete]   [Edit]

When I die in my dreams, I seem to mysteriously skip past the actual death, and I just end up as a ghost. But I have felt the sensation of extreme pain in my dreams.

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File: 1312415390495.jpg -(48.9 KiB, 639x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

oh hi makoto

>> No.1469   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1312423942300.jpg -(223.1 KiB, 574x2532) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I don't die if even if I'm killed.

>> No.1477   [Delete]   [Edit]

I usually end up waking up when I die, but it's never something I'm afraid of experiencing in a dream.

I once took a bullet to the head too. I learned an important lesson from it, don't joke around with your dreams, they'll take it seriously.
I did something wrong and at some point said something an expression I never say "Well then shoot me cause I tried to help then" or something like that.
I fell into my friends arms, I felt myself bleeding, dying and being on the edge of consciousness. She just told me it was ok, that all would be over soon.
I close my eyes and die when I wake up to the morning light.

I even asked for death to come to me in a dream since I knew I was going to die anyways.
(what happened to me once)
I even turned into a ghost/spirit once and continued my dream in that state.

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