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Oh hello Uboachan, I have a very particular question for you today.
I see that a lot of people cried after finishing Yume Nikki, or even just watching the ending on youtube.
Tell me why.
I can't understand why you cried for a character whose you don't really know anything about, even if you are exploring her mind.
Why did you guys cry?
Is it because you guys created an idea of what Madotsuki's like in your minds?
Or just empathy?
Look, I really love and enjoy Yume Nikki, it scares me to death and I love every single pixel about it, but I didn't cry at the ending.
I didn't even feel sad, and that's strange because I usually cry a lot in sad scenes.
I can't understand.
Explain it to me, Uboachan.
Why did you guys cry at the end?

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I didn't either.

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I don't cry but I sure as hell felt sad.

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I didn't cry, but it made me feel depressed. as did a few other things in the game.

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I have a feeling that it's either because of her fan depiction/whatever created image you have, or alternately empathy, as you said.

I'm not quite sure what you're looking for from us when you put the answer right in your post.

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Mado is weird. She seems so... detached.
I was just confused by the ending, 'cause she seemed so happy to do it.

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I shed but a single tear... :'(

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I didn't cry. I didn't even feel any sympathetic feelings for Madotsuki either. In my head, I doubt I even realized that that was the ending of Yume Nikki.

I didn't accept it to be the ending, and thus I didn't cry or have any feelings towards it.

I dunno, I guess it's just too fun to wander around the dream world for me :d

>> No.975   [Delete]   [Edit]

A lot of us probably because we can sympathize with her complete aloneness and suicidal desires.

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I fucking see what you did there.

Anyways, if I didn't cry when I watched Serial Experiments Lain's game ending in Jewtube (PROSPOILER: she blows her head off!) which was depicted in a more realistic way, I sure as hell wouldn't cry over a pixel girl jumping off a bulding. The game itself was more depressing than the ending.

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Some people seem to be attached to the character they play as. Games rarely make me cry and sometimes when they even come close the only reason is because it's over and there is no more to see.

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I always somehow found Madotsuki relatable, the only thing we know about her for sure is that she was a shut in, and so was I for the period I was playing this game. The ending I expected was for her to go outside. Throughout the course of the game I was developing courage to go outside myself, then I saw the ending. I cried my eyeballs out for a few days, then I finally went outside, not wanting to end up like Madotsuki.

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After the ending, I just went "oh" and went on with my life. It didn't hit me until a few days later that I used to be a shut-in who passed the time sleeping and made a few suicide attempts myself (I'm better now though). It hasn't stopped bothering me since then, really.

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I got really attached to Madotsuki.

I even get attached to nameless generic units in strategy games. "No, don't go Peter! NOOOOO! YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED ON THAT TILE! WHY PETER WHY?"

And now you see why I bother restarting 100 times in Fire Emblem maxing supports and stats out for my characters without getting them killed.

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The entire time I was playing, I thought I was helping a messed up little girl make sense of her dreams. I didn't make up a personality for her or anything, but somehow I got really attached to her, even if she's just a cute little sprite. So the ending comes, and I expect her to go outside and be happy, but no, she still won't leave. I try going out on the balcony and notice the one thing that's different and then realize what's going to happen and I get a really unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. Going through all that thinking it would help, but then finding out that all the player does by playing is THAT.. was just really sad. I do think it was the perfect ending though, I wouldn't change it given the opportunity.

Last edited 09/06/14(Sun)00:20.

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You too? Tell me, have you ever gotten full supports between Lute and Ross in FE8?

So tsundere~ :D

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You would expect that after all that wandering for effects in creepy places, the game has a happy end.
I went "OH SHI-"

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I didn't cry or feel sad at the ending.
This might sound emo, but I can relate to Madotsuki. I'm a 17 year old shut-in girl and I've had some really shitty things happen to me, I get nervous when I'm around other people and I don't see any value in life, but I don't have the courage or the means to kill myself.

That makes me happy for Madotsuki, because imo it's better to die than continue living in misery.

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Nobody cares what you have to say or about your opinion.

We cry because we cry. Because we can. We had a connection with Mado throughout the whole game.

Either that or just because.

We cry because we have a heart.

Just because you didn't cry doesn't mean you have to post about it, nobody cares.

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Oh darling, please, don't get angry.
I just wanted to know why a lot of people cried.
I didn't cry, and usually I cry a lot in this kind of scenes.
Also, it's nice to share opinions about the game, don't you think?

>> No.992   [Delete]   [Edit]

No, I got the Vanessa/Lute support. THEN I got Ross/Lute B support.:|

>> No.994   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's because you've become attached to the character. You've been through a lot together.

And when someone dies, you can't have any more experiences with them.

Also, it's human nature to care for another person. She may not be real, but she's a representation of a human being.

>> No.996   [Delete]   [Edit]

Too many Disney movies.

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I didn't cry.
In fact, I still believe that was part of her dream, because there's no way that a stepladder, staircase, ladder or whatever is that thing's name may have appeared out of nowhere.

>> No.1005   [Delete]   [Edit]

This in itself makes me feel bad. Suicide is always an option, but maybe it's my own experiences with that kind of feeling that make me think it's never the answer. I really hope your life ends up turning around or something...

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In that logic,this whole site should be gone.

On topic,though,I felt like I should have been sad,but I really wasn't.I knew I could just load the save and keep exploring,pretend like it didn't happen,I guess.

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I am assuming the people who said they cried are lying.
I mean, come on.

>> No.1679   [Delete]   [Edit]

Or, you know, they can relate to Madotsuki a lot and aren't dead inside.

>> No.1680   [Delete]   [Edit]

I didn't cry, but I don't like seeing people I like dying.
Do you?
Or did you not like Madotsuki at all while you were together with her, exploring her mind?

>> No.1681   [Delete]   [Edit]

No, I don't like to see people dying. But Madotsuki is not a person, she's a made up character in a computer game. I think, but none of you will agree with me, of course, that it doesn't show particular emotional stability to go around crying about made up characters. Maybe if it was a character you had come to love over months or years, but this is, again, for me, clearly not the case with Madotsuki.

But hey, it's nice that you are all in favor of expresing your opinion. Unless it's not the same as your opinion, of course ^_^.

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>I've never seen people cry at a movie.
>> No.1689   [Delete]   [Edit]

After finishing I was like "THAT WAS THE SHITTIEST ENDING EVER."

I'm serious. D:

>> No.1690   [Delete]   [Edit]

but you guys know Joshua and Natasha's supports are where it's at, right

But I'm not just posting because I saw some Fire Emblem talk going on (I mostly am, but not really). I didn't cry at the ending. I felt kind of bad, but I didn't really cry. To have any sad feeling at all about the ending is probably a case of fan depictions, relating to her supposed situation, etc. OP has the right idea already

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noctambulism is always what I imagine happened there...

>> No.1700   [Delete]   [Edit]

That makes sense, being that Mado's eyes are always closed

>> No.1709   [Delete]   [Edit]

I didn't feel "sad" at the end of Yume Nikki because what happened was so sudden. It didn't really give me enough time to be sad.

All it really left me was uneasy. I think that's what the main drive of Yume Nikki is. It's not scary, it's unsettling.

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