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What is this? I found it in the game files under the /Picture directory.

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Personally, it seems to be from the main fc world that you can get to through going to sleep while asleep.

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Location: The empty basement room of the dungeon in FC World A.
Description: Whether or not this event is available is randomly determined when you go to sleep, with a 1/3 chance of it being available. If the event is accessible, you can talk to the top wall tile of the left wall of the room. The tile makes the same noise as the numbers people, but no numbers are shown. When you keep talking, the room starts corrupting, eventually freezing the game with a nasty sound before waking Madotsuki up.

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Thanks; I haven't found that location yet, which explains that.

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This is one of those things you HAVE to be using a guide to even know exists.

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I found it on accident. Who would ever use a guide for a game like this?

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people who want to find more than just half of the stuff this game has to show

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more like people who don't like to explore in games

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Yeah I like to spend my day trying to interact with every wall tile in this game

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>He didn't bomb every wall in zelda
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i played the oracle games and Link's awakening, there are hardly bombable walls that aren't marked with cracks.
There are a few ( let's say 3-4 ) bombable walls but they are placed obvious.

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>He's only played a couple of zelda games

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