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If Kikiyama updated Yume Nikki, what would you like to see?

Personally, I'd like for cosmetic effects to stack with other effects that show them, and I'm talking about Long Hair, Blonde Hair, Fat, and Nopperabou. I'd love to see long-haired Mado on a bike, or faceless Mado with a knife. Blonde Severed Head? Fat Buyo Buyo could be funny.

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That would be nice (takes notes). If he doesn't add those features, I'll do it myself. :3

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It came to mind because I liked those effects but I never used them because I would rather use bike.

I would also like something different if Mado activated no-return-without-Medamaude events twice because of Medamaude.

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Like, for example, you know how Masada's ship comes back if you use Medamaude and come back there? And going back to a Poniko with no grudge after hitting Uboa, and hitting Uboa again?

The place where you get the Triangle Kerchief was creepy but it wasn't really a place I could see myself going again, considering how little there is to do there. It's because unlike the other dead end realms in Yume Nikki, there wasn't a reason to go back. The Shoal had Uboa, Mars had Mars-san and Masada, the rooftop had the witch event, the tile place in Lamp World had Mado in a closet, Guillotine Room had the Uboa music and Toriningen and proximity to Mado's ghost, Eye Room was just weird, and the Swamp Grove even had a random event of a Mars-san-like creature.

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I'd also like something to happen in the game if you get max score in NASU. I used to think that that was true but then I doubted it.

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