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I'm pissed. I need someone to explain me this ok? I played Yume Nikki, and found a little gem, unique obscure game. But when it comes to the fanbase I'm like "what the fuck happened here". It's frustrating to see this game being raped by anime-cutely doujin stuff everywhere. Seriously, what the fuck? Like the game was not abstract and obscure enough to avoid its misinterpretation? It's all about that, misinterpretation: when some takes a dialog-less subconscience exploration game and turns into a vortex of cuteness, anime openings, shitty fangames, and thousands of theories that make no sense at all. Yeah, I could be days complaining about the theory stuff, but there's just so much to say.
At this point you must be either agree or hating me, but really, think about it, Yume Nikki has nothing to do with the stuff the fanbase does. Look at the fangames. Oh let's put a cute looking anime shemale in a bunch of creepy situations. That's not what's about! Look at the fucking theories!! OH MMM SHE WAS RAPED SO SHE'S LIKE TSUNDERE AND SHY AND DOESNT WANT TO GO OUT OF HER ROOM. Well, I exagerated a bit there, but it's what theories are in a nutshell. The game ain't even finished, not everything has to have a meaning! It's like...doorgghh!! I mean, really, there must be someone out there who understands my point.
Oh, and the hack with the "good" ending, cut me a break, was it too much pain for your sugar soul to see her commiting suicide "OH WE WERE MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS" seriously, fuck that

Maybe you'll see this thread in more sections than this, because this is a slow board and I don't really know wich one is the most active, I really want to know how much fucked up the fanbase is

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I agree with you 100%. It's nice to see someone else that shares my beliefs around here and remembers what yume nikki is really all about.

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Oh thank GOD, I'll send you a brofist... I thought I was the only butthurted about the fanbase

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I'm really getting a strong hipster vibe off of you. You know, the whole "No one except me seems capable of understanding the DEPTH of this game, you're all RUINING it with your mass-produced kawaii bullshit!"

Yes, all the theories are shit and mainly thought up by 13-17 year old kids. I suggest that you just don't visit /t/, and warn interested friends against going to sites like the yume nikki wiki or mado's closet.

as for the "good" ending... shrug some people just really like happy endings, I guess? I just didn't download it. I don't care if they want their own AU version. I like the original, I play the original, end of story.

I've never played (and likely never will play) any of the fangames. But to say that they're all just "let's put a cute shemale in a bunch of creepy situations!"... well, someone could make that same claim about Yume Nikki, even though I believe they'd be dead wrong. Don't hate on the fangames just because they're fangames. Hate on the shitty ones for being shitty, sure. But seriously, novels will have fans who write shitty fanfic, manga will have fans who draw shitty fanart, and YN has fans who make shitty fangames. I'm sure there has to be one gem in the turd pile, considering that is usually what I observe about fandoms.

Creepy!Cuteness and GOOD anime openings earn points in my book, because I love dark/surreal/haunting artwork but also love girly shit, because I'm a girly girl. And really, it takes tons of dedication and talent to make a good fanmade anime OP, and I respect dedication and talent. But I understand some people don't like what I like. So, whatever floats your boat.

Really, why are you getting so butthurt over it anyway? It doesn't stop you from starting your own no-cute-allowed threads, or your own website where you discuss whatever random stuff about the game (minus stupid theories) that you want to. Or try going over the /t/ and blasting holes in the bad theories, that could be a fun enterprise. Put on your big boy undies and quite bitching about what you don't like about the fanbase. Do something to IMPROVE the fandom. Make a grade-A fangame, draw some disturbing/surreal art, or just do anything to show off how you WANT the fandom to be. And while you're at it, start your own /t/ thread where you explain to the kids WHY all their stupid "theories" are shit. I'd join you but I think it's a waste of energy to even look at that board.

Oh yeah, I forgot: Welcome to Uboachan. This is the most active board here, usually. And well, our fanbase is no more fucked up than any fanbase I've had the... pleasure?... of interacting with. Enjoy your stay.

Oh, and have some Kawaii Desu Yo Mado before you go, isn't she so Kawaii with these Kawaii Nekomimi and the kawaii ~nyan~ pose, like a kawaii little chibi neko desu yo ne? <3

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I won't say jack about the pick, nor I'll make a long comment,(whoa, yours surely took a long time uh?) my butthurt fuel burned with the OP.
It just pisses me off this game's misunderstanding and the distorsion of it the fanbase made. I don't mean I'm the only one hurr durr I'm special, if thought that "hipster" way (you called me a hiptser? I hate that shit) I wouldn't wonder why everyone's so fucked up (kinda "am I the only normal here?" that's exact oposite to the hiptser thing, whatever, no more parenthesys)

by the way

>Do something to IMPROVE the fandom. Make a grade-A fangame, draw some disturbing/surreal art, or just do anything to show off how you WANT the fandom to be

I'm actually starting a fangame, a real tribute to the original, with some friends. I don't know if we'll end it, but it'll be fun to try. You'll have notice if we get far.

Euh, nothing more to say but Thanks? That was a huge post with pros and cons. I kinda liked it.

Well, what else can I say

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> I won't say jack about the pick

It's called desensitization, my good man. Now that you've seen the kawaiiest nekomimi nyan-nyan mado tan pic, you have seen the worst of all.

And I do tend towards tl;dr sometimes. Apologies!

Last edited 11/07/19(Tue)22:59.

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well uh
calm down holy shit, people are being creative with theories, people want to make yume nikki look kawaii and cute, and fan games really are opinion

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most of the theories are pretty over the top, though. I mean, you have to admit that.

also, 6666 get?

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Fuck you, fuck the whole thread, the whole /yn/, go to hell. I don't give a fuck about your arguments - they're all invalid to me, as any argument is invalid to anyone who's dead set on his opinion. The whole damn SITE shouldn't have happened. YN is a once-in-a-life thing and you make a goddamn CLUB of it. Misunderstandings, theories, fangames - I don't give a fuck. How much more awesome it would be if the info about YN was scattered 'round the net in tiny pieces which made you A FUCKING GOLD DIGGER. Instead, what do we got 'ere? A foul-smelling PUBLIC TOILET where everyone's covering themselves with shit with "100% Yume Nikki!" label on it. Shitfaggots.
Fuck you, OP.
Fuck you, deep meaning.
Fuck you, theories, fangames, fanart, shippings, WHAT-FUCKING-EVER ON THIS SITE.
Say whatever you want, even if I give a fuck about it, you won't be glad with it.

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Who the fuck are you to tell people what the game is about, or how to enjoy it?

Yeah, a lot of the shit is dumb IN YOUR OPINION (and a lot of times, mine too) but that doesn't mean you know any better.

YN is something different for everyone, for me it was this cool, trippy and ambient game that I still believe doesn't have a story. To others, it's more than that apparently.

You don't know what yume nikki is, you couldn't, you're just one person. Quit being a child and telling people not to have opinions that you don't agree with.

Maybe it's because I don't really participate in the "fandom" much other than taking care of the site, but you don't see me bitching and moaning about this shit, despite the fact that I actually agree with most of your points.

You do not know what Yume Nikki is, and there is no "correct" way to enjoy it.

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Just because there's a bit of fan dumb (like anything else) it doesn't mean the entire fandom sucks.

Would you kindly go vent your rage somewhere else, please? I have better things to do than dealing with being blamed for someone else's own fault.


Nice get.

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gracias compadre

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I do not give a single fuck, OP.
If you have a viewpoint on the game post it in /t/ and disguise your BLUH BLUH opinion rant under a sheet of half arsed conclusions.

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It's basically a David Lynch movie. I disagree and say the fangames are entertaining in their own right, but obviously are seperate from Yume Nikki. Fangames = pure fanfare, more anime styled. Yume Nikki = David Lynch style

I'm not even commenting on the fandom aspect. There are retarded fans for everything...

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I don't see why people get all in a rage because of a work's fanbase. I really don't. So what if someone wants to draw Mado with breasts and anime eyes? Why do you feel offended; it's not your game. You aren't kikiyama, so the only way it can be wrongly interpreted is if deviates from what you believe in.

In other words, let people enjoy what they enjoy. You don't have to be angry that someone sees something differently than you do.

basically this

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that's just like, your opinion, man.

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Fuck quarrels, this is now opinion thread.
My opinion is MADO WAS RAPED FANART KAWAII DESU, what's yours?

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>game being raped by anime-cutely doujin stuff everywhere

Japanese game having japanese doujins and various fanfics? PREPOSTOROUS! HERESY, EVEN! THIS CANNOT BE POSSIBLE!

What did you expect, man? I'm pretty sure that you'd ignore a large chunk of fanbase if there were no uboachan, and you know why? Because you don't visit any japanese chans. I'll take a wild guess and say that fanbase there is even bigger than here. But noooo, when it's moonrunes you're okay with it.

What did fans do to you anyway? Are they tying you to a chair and making read their theories? Calling you and screaming "MADO IS A SHEMALE FURRY FUJIOSHI!" before hanging up? Or perhaps every morning you find a couple of suspicios-named e-mails in you inbox? Doubt it.

It's more likely that you just act like a smelly hipster and trying to force you opinion on everyone. There's a nice word in russian for such behaviour, "вкусовщина", which, when loosely translated, means "expressing your dislike of something just to show off and demonstrate the size of your ego."

>Maybe you'll see this thread in more sections than this, because

And don't try to justify your dickery, friend.

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Sage and hide

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called the cops

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Look at yourself before complaining about others, OP. You pretty much just showed up here with your own theories about YN and Kikyama, and then complained because not everyone agrees with your ideas. Hypocrite.

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Anything Japanese is going to get raped by KAWAAAIIIII DESUUUU stuff. That's just the way of it. I mean, I'm waiting to see a cutesy manga drawn about the hiroshima bombing.

You know, the A-bomb with cat ears, a little :3 face and blushing cheeks saying 'Explodu desu'.


But, I know what you mean. I don't see why all Japanese media has to be reduced to 'cute' anime and weird octopus sex, but whatever.

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I think the cute fanart is a way of metabolizing the horror.

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File: 1312817917454.jpg -(206.9 KiB, 680x473) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

deal with it, op.

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File: 1313085044721.png -(34 KiB, 1000x1040) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>You know, the A-bomb with cat ears, a little :3 face and blushing cheeks saying 'Explodu desu'.


Anyway, read the 7th chapter of this copypasta.

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