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I wasn't sure were to post this, since there isn't a // for kikiyama, but he/she emailed me back.. I just can't understand it! >.< Translators all butchered it. Help?

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Nice to meet you, I am Kikiyama.
Please excuse the Japanese.
Thank you for playing Yume Nikki.
I'm very happy just that you enjoyed it.
Thank you for your mail.

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Thank you very much (: I just wish he would have answered my question, (Which was about his inspiration) though he probably had just as much of a language-barrier problem as I did. >.<

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I could attempt to translate something into Jap (making no promises though, it's easier to translate J->E than E->J).

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You wrote Kikiyama to only ask about his goddamn INSPIRATION?! Go ask him about updating. DO IT.

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And also ask him to make all effects have a purpose like in Yume 2kki, when he does update.

Also ask him to make a Yume Nikki app for the iPad, and to have a donations thing on his website if he needs donations to do it. If he can't, at least make a NASU app.

Also ask him if he is a boy or a girl. (What dialect/pronouns did he use in that email?)

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Why don't you do it yourself? His e-mail address is right there in the picture.

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'Cause we cannot into JApanese

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'Cause we cannot into Japanese and you are now /yn/'s messenger to Kikiyama.

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>What dialect/pronouns did he use in that email?

Standard, polite Japanese. No "dialect". Also, no pronouns used, so we can't tell from that. Darn you Japanese and your ability to function without pronouns...

The sentences are very simple and straightforward, so I imagine s/he wrote them with online translators in mind.

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>>6645 I think his or her inspiration should be our first question as <appreciative> fans. Plus, if you don't like what I asked, go make your rude and pushy demands yourself.

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