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There will never be an update for Yume Nikki.
There is no deep meaning to the game or its ending.
Kikiyama has forsaken the game and his fans.
How does this horrible truth make you feel?

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has anybody here even played yume nikki in the past 6 months

nobody gives a shit about it anymore at all

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i haven't played YN in a while
but i still care about it ;A;

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so do I. But indeed, Kikiyama has forsaken us all.

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I haven't played it in a while but it is still extremely relative to my interests... Which is why most of us whore out on fangames, since there are always new ones and old ones being rapidly updated.

I feel kind of sad at this realization but accept it anyway.

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This is now fangame thread, screw OP.
But there are no fangames but .flow out there. Kudaranu mousou no was good, but since melth asked me to delete the last remaining copy on /fg/... Hope he'll finish it soon.

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So, you were hoping for an update and you realized these things recently?
The game hasn't been updated for 4 years... 4 dead years and you come to say "hey, there won't be an update, guise"...
The game and the ending don't have to have a meaning at all, but the theories about them keep the fans amused, deal with it.

Also, Yume Nikki has too many fangames to keep us playing around.

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I'm counting the ones that aren't finished, too. Y2kki is pretty big now, if not even finished.

And the smaller fangames, such as Dream Graffiti and Merula just to name a few, may not be complete but are still fun to explore.

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Why do you bug me by putting a garbage bag in the sewers (that you can stab) as a WIP obstacle??

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>there are no fangames but .flow out there

Where the hell have you been? If you mean to say that .flow is the only fan game that has been regularly updated, you must not be looking hard enough.

ontopic: I still love Yume Nikki and if it isn't updated, it's only just a "Meh." for me. I'll love it regardless if Kikiyama decides to leave it static as it is. It's still a pretty large game for someone who hasn't played it. In terms of fan games, there's a plethora of them out there, so even if YN isn't still under construction, there's always the option to see another *tsuki's reality.

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I mean good fangames, finished and accomplished. If you count all the rubbish out there, that's a lot of shit.

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>Kikiyama has forsaken the game and his fans.

Not quite sure on this one. He may still intend on finishing the game, and possibly worked on it some, but we can't be sure. Do note that it it took about two years for Yume Nikki to move from ver. 0.9 to 0.10. If Kikiyama decided to not release another version until completion, we could be waiting a long time. We really have no idea what Kikiyama plans on doing when it comes to those updates. I, personally, find the fact that he still has the site up to be a sign that he has not given up on the game. It takes time and money(?) to keep the site up, and he isn't getting any money off of ads, so why does he keep it up?

Although I feel an update may never come, I wouldn't say the chances of a future release are 0. When the site goes down, all hope can be lost.

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you can only add so much meaning to it as your character is able to...

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SO TIRED hiding threads. Seriously.

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Didn't you really realized that before?

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There could be more interactions and scenes, but imo the game is complete and I greatly enjoyed it.

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I love the game as it is, and I don't really care if there are no future updates.
How does this make you feel?

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