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How was the music made for yume nikki? Anyone know

Im curious

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When I was visiting an ex of mine last year, we discovered that the soundtrack could had been played on this silver Yamaha keyboard(I don't remember the brand all too well, i'll ask him when he gets online). We even found the "stab" and "death" noise on it. They both use two keys, but the death sound was low pitched "scream" and the stab noise was a low pitched "punch". Some of the instruments sounded like it was used in Yume Nikki, including the train/bus ride to the place where you get the "witch" power.

(Sorry if my english is broken, it's like 5:31AM right now and I barely have a brain. I might retype this if no one understands what the fuck i'm talking about.)

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It's possible the 8bit music was composed on a tracker of some sort, and the same is true for the pure 16bit sounds, however it's more likely it was all composed in some sort of MIDI sequencer. Due to the large amount of sampling and ambient noise, it was probably the easiest method.

Google "midi sequencing" or software like Cubase or Reason if you're interested in more information.

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The title and save music were definitely recorded on a MIDI making software, and maybe a few others like the dream porch (possibly made by using the chorus or voice instuments). Like Zeak said though, it is also possible that Kikiyama used a keyboard that had all of these sounds.

The Famicom world music was likely made using an 8-bit music making software like Famitracker or the Japanese equivalent of it.

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Silver Yamaha Keyboard, you say?

I own a YPG-235 (pic related) and tested the scream and punch things you just said. And you're right! It's absolutely the same.

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Take a look into GSXCC for turning MiDis into 8-bit .wavs

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Use a tracker if you're planning on making 8-bit music, "fakebit" midis tend to sound like shit.

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