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I was playing NASU, thinking "is it even possible to get past 300 or so points in this game?" and all of a sudden, "BONUS 1000" appeared in red text, and my score suddenly rose (by 1000, duh). I SHAT BRIX. So, now my hi-score is 1420.

Has anyone else gotten this? I was actually playing it over and over non-stop just because I had nothing better to do, but holy shit, didn't see that coming. I didn't even get time to take a screenie of the actual event, it was just so quick.

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yeah, apparenlty when you manage to catch one of those bouncing pinkish eggplants AND a normal one at the same time, you can get an extra 1000 pts.
It's hard to do though, you're either lucky or really good at NASU to manage to snatch both at the same time.

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