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So, uh, I was playing Yume Nikki, going through the severed eyeball room. I found a thing that goes to Hell, and then I took a staircase down, and I found this place. I've never seen anything about it, and wanted to know if 68752 actually had any significance.

</newfag srsness>

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oh, yes, that's there.
pretty sure the numbers are random.
catchy 8-bit tunes, though.

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Ohhh. Okay. :D Thanks.
And they ARE catchy.

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So... eyeball->footprint passage->hell->helldocks->wilderness->barracks->FC-B. that's the route you took, there are quicker ways.

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I thought that there was only one route to get to FC world B, which is the way you just described. I could be wrong, in which case ignore me.

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Besides getting to hell via Forest, Neon or Candle, you could just go straight to Wilderness via the Dark World.

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