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one day...

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December 31, 2011?


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Top right corner, that person is suppossedly Uboa, which is why I wouldn't want to see this.

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More like December 31, 2079

This one is the original.

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i don't know if i'd be into a yume nikki anime if it was drawn in such a typical anime style..

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i want this so bad -gasm-

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This a thousand times.

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Don't worry, you guys. SHAFT would be animating it and Shinbou Akiyuki would be the director, so it's ok.

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If this WERE going to happen, I would want it to be similar to Serial Experiments Lain. Just enough dialogue to keep the viewer interested(this mostly applies to people who haven't played YN), but enough creepy/disturbing shit to make it true to the original game. If whoever makes it turns it into some moe kawaii desu garbage, I'll be very disappointed.

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although whoever made the PA for those pictures is very impressive.

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cough cough it's Urotsuki.

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That's even worse. Fangames should not be mixed with the actual game.

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i find this persons style a lot more fitting than the others mentioned in the thread, of course, if they make an anime/movie/whatever, colour needs to be in it, colour is pretty vital in many areas of the game (like neon world)

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really? i find it far from the 'typical anime style'. it's simple but clean, it has an appeal kind of like the game has with it's pixelation

just sayin' i'd rather have a proper studio animation (which would inevitably look more like this) than some internet artsy thing (see touhou anime project)

tl;dr just get SHAFT to do it.

preferably in the style of Zetsubou Sensei

Last edited 10/12/29(Wed)07:22.

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lets keep wishing people

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looking at that stuff, yes. I don't like how the characters are drawn. The backgrounds are cool, but the characters are too typically done. Especially Uboa being OMG BISHIIIIKAWAIII under a mask :/
A professional studio would be awesome, yes, but there are tons of pro studios that are artsy and have styles way more fitting. I think Studio 4C would be a good one. I like the style they used for Tekkonkinkreet. Since they have a lot of different talents at the studio they have many styles to work with.
I also think something like that would be nice, different styles in the same show. Like Waking Life, they used all sorts of different styles in that movie and because of that they really captured the feeling of dreams.
but yeah, using a typical MOE MOE DESU style like that, is kind of like if the studio that did sailor moon did Berserker and used the same style for sailor moon to do it.

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THIS. WAKING LIFE. a changing art style would only add to the mindfuckery.

but there's a small part of me that wants to see yume nikki in a kind of ironic stereotypical moe style (maybe as an extra) like the two frams in the OP pic

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i agree.
the style is unique, and it doesn't look all 'kawaii desu' in my opinion
i would actually look forward to seeing yume nikki in this kind of style.

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Best studio ever, best anime ever, best OP ever, etc.

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