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Wait, I just translated Kikiyama HP with Google (STFU, I'm a weeaboofag who doesn't know moonspeak). It says there's no set story or anything.
# 特にストーリーや目的はありません。 There is no particular story or purpose. 歩き回るだけのゲームです。 The game is just walking around."

So, what's with all the theories if it's just exploring dreams with dark atmospheres? It IS fun to come up with shit about a game with a pole-rubbing penis, but...

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This is old.
People still come up with theories because it's fun or they rationalize some excuse to.

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Everywhere on KIKIYAMA's site, it says the game is just for exploring.

Though it's hard to have all that content in a game with no inspiration.

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Here is something helpful for dealing with all sorts of works: Regardless of how the author sees the work, there is no set meaning. All meaning is given through interpretation, and anybody is free to interpret. Obviously the author may have an interpretation that fits very well, but there are always other valid ways to look at something.

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No, I'm pretty sure the author is the god damn authority on his/her work.

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why you do this

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I recall this site being more pleasant.

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