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Is there any way to play this game on PSP?

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I had made a similar thread awhile ago, and naturally the only way would be if someone made it specifically as a homebrew game, which to my knowledge, nobody has done yet.

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Actually, we MIGHT get Yume Nikki for PSP and Nintendo DS.

EasyRPG is basically a cloned RPGmaker2000/2003 in SDL, so it can run on PSP and other platforms like Nintendo DS.

Check this:
(this is a very old version of EasyRPG)

I'd try to run Yume Nikki with the newest version.
Unafortunately, you have to compile the program yourself. I've some programming experience but I'm not able to do this.

So is there any anon around here able to compile it for the PSP and try to run YN for us?

This is the EasyRPG web, you can find the source and documentation.

Meanwhile, I'll try to compile it for Windows, to see if YN works.

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I'm compiling it too. But just realized that along with a lot of SDL libraries (which I already have), it also needs the DirectX SDK (so I'm downloading it).

Edit: So I found it also needs a lot of other libraries, some of which have to be compiled from source themselves (and some which I can't even find on the web). Fuck this shit.

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Thanks for trying, bro.

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>Yume Nikki on the DS

Do want. How can I help out?

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by trying to compile this bitch for the DS, of course
I suppose we just need to invest some time to make it work.

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easyRPG is still plunking along.

maybe in another year or two

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With this version of easyrpg:

works to the menu of the game and menu music sounds, but when you press the button the psp freezes...
Sorry for my bad english, i'm spanish =P

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I would die to know a way of doing this.
But have a wallpaper, anyway.
it's about the ideal size for a PSP wallpaper.

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I would love to play it on the psp!! has to be some way!!

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I'd do whatever it takes to get this shit on GBA.

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That's farther than impossible.
It may look like it could work on Gba format just because of the style but that doesn't mean it will.

Someone could completely build it from the ground up using a pokemon Emerald rom maybe.

But time and effort are the key factors here.
other than that all of the sounds would need to be redone as well.

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You could play the ROM with an emulator, but how do you get it onto a GBA?

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I understand you could play it on an emulator
it's the fact of how much time it would take to completely remake the game and sounds to just put into the GBA format.

They make flash cards for gba so it can run roms and homebrew applications.


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