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So, I started playing the game today, since all my friends are playing it. And I decided to keep a diary, and write it like I'm Madotsuki.

I began to write on paper and I already wrote three pages about my first 'dream'. But now I'm going to open a blog. And each time I go to sleep I'll post up a new diary entry. I'm creating the blog right now.

I'm not going to base it on a theory really, my idea here is that the game is backwards. Or so that's how she thinks. It all begins with her game system missing.

I'll post up the link for the blog in a bit, if you guys feel like following, I think it'll be an interesting experience and I encourage you to keep a diary as well, just write down what you see.

Every single diary entry will be written by "Madotsuki"


Here's the link:

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I find it odd that Madotsuki would think that she's riding up and down on her bicycle, and that she's apparently writing her diary in her dream room.

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It's not supposed to make sense

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