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Does anyone legally own Yume Nikki?

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(um.. it's freeware.)

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There's the question of intelectual property as well as it could be plausible that RPG maker technically owns it because it's their software.

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Kikiyama owns it and every resource used in it save for a few RPG maker resources and the engine.
How does this affect copyright laws? Oh yeah, it doesn't.
RPG Maker is a product from enterbrain. They do not own the rights to Yume Nikki. They do not own the rights to say, Madotsuki's sprite or the flute noises. They own the engine used to create the game and the engine let's the user know the game was created with it. Doesn't mean they own it.
Epic made the Unreal Engine. Batman Arkham Asylum was made on the Unreal Engine. Epic does not own that game or Batman. They own the engine used to create and process the game.

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Thank you sir. I was just curious as I don't know how Japanese copyright laws work.

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Copyright laws are more of a global thing. Japan doesn't have exclusive laws, but there are rights issues occasionally between countries.

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(C) 2004-2008 KIKIYAMA. All rights reserved:

EDIT: wait, is that talking about the website or the game? he really should copyright Yume Nikki... he technically owns it now though, no?

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