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Hello. I am a very concerned 17 year old Yume Nikki fan. I am aware that the game presents some mature themes, but some of these themes are just innuendos. e.g. Kyukyu-kun. But on Uboachan people tend to post sexual images that are so blatant, I feel very uncomfortable here. I know you may say, leave then. But this is the only good Yume Nikki forum, and I think we should realize that and learn to respect each other. So if the website moderator person could please think of the younger or more conservative members of this community, and have people put some sort of warning on their images so we don't have to see it, or have them just eliminate it all together, then that would be super spiffy. There are some very helpful and kind people on here. I would hate to leave just because of some inappropriate jerks shoving hentai in my face.

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>By browsing this website, you hereby give up all rights to a worksafe environment.
>NSFW content is allowed on all boards.
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> posting on a _____chan board
> doesn't expect there to be tons of porn

Welcome to the internet? I'm not that big a fan of hentai or yaoi either but it really isn't that big of a deal. Keep scrolling bro.

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There's no way you're 17. You are way too inexperienced on the internet to be that age. Fuck, I started browsing 4chan when I was 15, I was completely desensitized to most hentai by 17. I honestly can't think of a Chan that DOESN'T have porn.
Butthurt aside, why does Uboachan have so much underagedb&? It's almost as bad as fucking Gaia.

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wow, I hate to look like a troll, and a bad one at that.
deal with it or gtfo, it's as blatant as that really, they are minute amounts of porn in relation to other chans, where quite civil.
you can always hide threads and rozen is making some kind of filter, but you might want to turn off the internets and go back to your colouring book. Yume nikki is just that type of game.
I don't care for the younger or more conservative fans, it YUME NIKKI on a CHAN, its grotesque and sexual, deal with it, where not shoving it in your face your just over reacting to it all.

get over it or go back to Gaia.

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Jeebus fucking-christ. You're (supposedly) 17, and you're getting all bent out of shape over porn? You ARE aware that there is a 'Hide Thread' button, right? Maybe that can shield your little virgin eyes.

Go back to f***ing Neopets or Gaia. And also, we all respect each other, and we show that through giving each other lovely Yume Nikki-centric porn. Also, remeber: there's nothing saying you need to look at the Hentai. That, and it's a -chan. It would be unfair and demanding of you to request that all of us act proper or civil.

Good day, ma'am.

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>self-censors the word "fuck"

also hi troll haven't i seen you before perhaps just a little while ago
yawn etc

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I'm 14 and I can handle the hentai/pron. Meanwhile you're 17 and still in your basement?

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I've been watching porn since I was 11. So I win.

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I started browsing 4chan at 15, and desensitized to most hentai by 16.

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Cool story bro. Does that make you feel better about yourself? I was trying to illustrate a point, not have a dick measuring contest. It doesn't matter when anyone first started watching porn/4chan, it's the fact that by 17 you should be able to handle it.
Sage for shit thread.

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Wait, either I just got trolled by an anonymous supporting "OV Jane", or a certain someone forgot to fill in their name.

And, really, are the cats necessary?

Anyway, at least I can properly spell and capitalize. The self-censorship was for "Jane", as they cannot even deal with hentai, so they must not be able to deal with cursing.

But, really, how sheltered are you? I mean, I understand the wanting to not see it, but, really, are you that uncomfortable with your own body?

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>implying i support the faggot op

you just mad

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I started at 9, so I win.

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